Intra-Aid (Citrus Burst) review

  1. Intra-Aid (Citrus Burst) review

    The day i got back from the Arnold Classic (monday) i walked into my room and there was a package on my bed and so i opened it immediately and inside was my Intra-Aid.
    I tried it yesterday for my back day and....

    The taste was AMAZING.... it tasted a lot like Tang.
    The mixability was great too... it disolved very well.
    The drinkability was great... it went down smooth and didnt bloat me

    Overall i would give it a 10/10

    I think the taste is better than the blue raz which is saying something cuz i love the blue raz....

    Thanks again Universal for the opportunity to let me try this... you guys know how to please ur customers... im proud to say that i use Universal and im always trying to tell others about Universal/Animal...

  2. Great review. The taste is definitely a winner.

  3. Thumbs up

    Good stuff sf. I look forward to hearing more about your experience with it after you have used it a bit.

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