Testiesac brings you liquidrone (sponsored AMS)

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  1. Testiesac brings you liquidrone (sponsored AMS)

    First off, i would like to thank AMS for this opportunity to log their new product, LIQUIDRONE.

    If you havent heard, liquidrone is a new sublingual ph that produces lean, mass gains that does not convert estrogen or dht. This ph enters the bloodstream via the tissue under the tongue, which allows better bioavailibility and less harsh on the liver.

    I will be logging their new product for the next month, and followed by a pct. I will post before and after pictures, and update stats throughout the cycle.
    Follow along fo the ride!!!

  2. good luck man!

  3. got home from the movie watchmen. not so good was thinking something different. anyways got my start measurements:

    waist(at belly button)- 36
    calf- 16.25
    thigh- 24.5
    chest- 43.5
    shoulders- 54
    bicep- 16.75

    As far as my routine goes. i basically work out a muscle group a day. Sometimes i add in arms with certain days or i just give them their own day. I switch up my reps depending on exercise.

  4. just waiting on the shipment now. ive preloading coq10 and milk thysil just for precaution. i believe my bp was a lil high last time i went to the docs but it might be some of the pre wo supps im taking.

    also its been a couple of weeks but my maxs are:
    Bench- 315
    Squat- 405x5 (pretty deep)
    Military press db- 100x5

    For pct i have 6oxo which i will taper down, igf2, and activate xtreme. hopefully thats sufficient enough.

  5. D@mn i must not have any friends...

  6. Word. Subbed.

  7. Heres a little update on pics. I guess shipment is goin out thurs. And i was a little pre mature with my log.
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  8. hey, im watchin ya man. i will be loggin it myself. Good pics, you gotta good body to start with, your results will be worth waiting for.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigironkiller View Post
    hey, im watchin ya man. i will be loggin it myself. Good pics, you gotta good body to start with, your results will be worth waiting for.
    thanks bud. i gotta feeliong this is gonna help me get more definition. Its what im hoping for.

  10. im in test!..goodluck!
    board supporter

  11. Ive been sick the past few days and took today off from gym in hopes to get well quicker. And be all rested up when i hit the weights on liquidrone. Ive been preloading support supps for the past week so im just waitin for its arrival to my front porch. Also ill be able to write up on how the endurance is with liquidrone aswell cuz i joined a semipro football team in my area.
    Ive also been layed off for 5 months and today was my first day back, and well work hasnt got anybetter. good thing is, is that ill be within 10min from home and workin 5 8s. So it wont affect my gym time at all.

  12. Good to hear. Soon enough my friend!
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  13. Well... I recieved LIQUIDRONE in the mail today! Right when i saw it i ripped the box open, and well, i have no patience to wait till tomorrow so i took some today. It had a wierd mint or peppermint taste to it. i let it sit for 30-45 sec then gulped it down.

    I just recently got over a cold so i felt a little weak today, but it was still a decent workout. I also heard that there was 3 people that go to my gym got mersa staff infection. Apparently thats one of the worse and possible limb loss, not a pretty site. it actually got me a little irritated cuz i would have liked to be notified from the gym. Anyways back to the workout

    5 min warm up, just to get muscle loosend up
    Military- 10x65, 8x75, 8x80, 8x80
    Lateral raises- 8x25, 8x25, 8x30, 6x35

    (never really done heavy on those, this was heavier than i am use too)
    Rear lateral raises- 8x25, 8x25, 8x30
    Arnolds press- 10x30, 10x35, 8x40 pyramid down twice
    After this my shoulders were killing me, so i did some burnouts
    Shrugs- 10x90, 10x100, 10x110, 8x125 ( Almost dropped those last ones)
    Then did 10min of abs.

    I planned on running but had a few other arrangements i had to deal with.

    As i proceed with Liquidrone i will log
    Body composition and Look
    Quality of Training
    Overall Sense of Feeling

    At least once a week unless asked.

    I can also post my meals and macros nutrients if anyone thinks i should or would like to know whats on the menu.
    Im excited about Liquidrone and have high hopes, i plan on eating clean as i can and work my @$s off at the gym. Feel free if you have any comments...

  14. Also i forgot to add current supps,
    Protein, Animal pak, fish oil, saw palmetto, Coq10, milk thysil, p5p @morning, igf1 @night, bulk bcaas, xtend, and i think thats it.
  15. tattoopierced1
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  16. Cool info on the taste. We were going for cinnamon flavored.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Cool info on the taste. We were going for cinnamon flavored.

    Maybe thats what it was cinnamon. Its not bad though, i was thinkin it was gonna taste like $h!t and poop mixed. I think it might actually whiten my teeth too. lol

  18. good workout testiesac. i liked the taste also, it did have that cinnamon flavor.

  19. damn, I wish I didn't have to wait to run this! good luck bud, I'll check in whenever I can!
    Iron Legion Rep

  20. Well today was a killer leg day. I had class right after and almost fell down the stairs. My workout buddy didnt show so i got in the zone quick, had some disturbed and pantera playin in my ears.

    Front squats- 10x135, 10x155, 10x185, 10x225
    I like front squat compared to reg squats cuz reg ones hurt my shoulders.
    Leg press- 10x410, 10x500, 8x590, 8x680
    Hack squat- 10x120, 10x170, 10x220
    Extensions/calf raises (back and forth)- 15x110/cr, 12x130/cr, 12x150/cr, 12x150

    This has to be the most ive ever done for legs in a day. lot of big lifts. It was a good workout, within an hour or so. So far everything is good, definitely placebo effect. I just get this crazy urge when i take Liquidrone, like im :bruce1:

  21. quads look good from the pics above...but do you work on hamstrings and glutes?

    front squats really work on developing your quads but neglect your hammies and glutes...are you focussing on those when doing your leg press?
    Iron Legion Rep

  22. Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob View Post
    quads look good from the pics above...but do you work on hamstrings and glutes?

    front squats really work on developing your quads but neglect your hammies and glutes...are you focussing on those when doing your leg press?
    Yesterday i did, I still do reg. squats, just not as often, and add in leg curls and deads. And yeah i was tryin to foacus on them yesterday, i think my hammies and glutes are good, from what i can see, my legs and @$s get to big for my pants, im always changing sizes.lol. I do need to work on them more.

  23. Are u dosing with food or emphty stomach?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20 View Post
    Are u dosing with food or emphty stomach?
    I dose when i wake up at 6- 6:15, then when i get home from work at 3:45. I have an empty stomach when i take it then i have a protein shake. How do you recommend?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by testiesac View Post
    I dose when i wake up at 6- 6:15, then when i get home from work at 3:45. I have an empty stomach when i take it then i have a protein shake. How do you recommend?
    What your doing is fine.

  26. Today was a good day. Work was good. Good mood, i was busy busy. As for the workout, it was just the same. I got a great pump and felt like i could lift more.

    Flat- 10x185, 10x205, 10x225, 8x255
    Incline- 10x185, 10x205, 6x225, 4x255
    Incline cable flys- 10x50, 10x60, 8x60
    Cable flys- 10x45, 10x50, 10x50

    (not sure on the weight with these cables)
    Dips- 3x to failure

    For ten minutes i ran and jogged at an incline from 6-15%.

    It was a great workout, I started a little off cuz my damn workout buddy was late. Overall ive just been in a great mood, i just wanna be in the gym at all times, ive been tryin to get up in the morning before work and run, but 5oclock comes early. i havent checked my weight for a week or so. ill get that posted asap. Ive been eating good, approx 300pro all clean with exception to shakes. I tend to neglect to count basically everything else. Just days i work out itll be a lil less fat with more carbs surrounding gym time, and calories, i just try to get healthy and anything with alot of cals i stay away from. Its a d@mn art counting those things. dont know how all you guys do it.

  27. Today i had a different timing with Liquidrone, I went to the gym half hr to hr later and needless to say i still had a great workout, so there wasnt a real noticable change.

    5min run
    Db curls- 10x35, 10x40, 8x45, 7x50
    Rope Pull downs- 10x80, 10x90, 10x100, 10x110
    Hammers- 10x25, 10x30, 8x35, 8x35
    Reverse tri pulldown- 10x80, 10x100, 10x100, 10x110

    Preachers(slow pausing)hammer strength- 10x60, 10x75, 8x85, 8x95
    Skull crushers- 10x85, 10x85, 10x85, 8x85,
    after each set was a close grip bench burnout, same weight
    After this i did chinups till failure.

    HIIT cardio for 15min

    Since Liquidrone i havent had a bad workout, right when i get to the gym im ready to hit the weights. It doesnt take me time to get "in the zone" you can say. So far Liquidrone gives me the drive to keep going, gets me to push that extra weight, so far no help with recovery as im still sore from a few of this weeks workouts. Im getting pretty nice vascularity in shoulders and arms, which is a plus. Got acne on my face prior so cant blame it on Liquidrone. Lol! So far so good.

  28. Today was a rest day. And im unable to proceed with the semipro football due to my apprenticeship classes. Those d@mn get in the way of everything. But everything else is kosher. Today felt good to rest, i dont think i rest enough, so it was good. I still ate fairly well, just felt hungary all day, even after i ate. It might just be what i eat. Might hit up some back and lats tomorrow.

  29. Great log so far, I'm really interested in your results. So keep up the good work we are all counting on you haha. Subscribed my friend
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  30. D@mn today was an awesome workout. Well when i got there i was waiting for a trainer to check my bf% but they had app. today so i just started working out and il try to get that up tomorrow to show progression.

    5min run
    Pullups- widex8, midx10, closex10
    Wide grip rows(hammerstrength)- 12x185, 10x235, 10x255, 8x255
    Close grip rows" "- 8x235, 10x255, 7x275, 8x275
    Extension underhand row combo- 8x60, 8x70, 8x80, 7x80
    I do this back extension underhand row combo, it works great and gets me pumped. So i grab a bar bend slightly at knees and do three rows and thats one. Not sure if its got a name i just do it. It makes me sweat like a .
    Lat pulldown wide- 12x120, 9x135, 8x135, 5x150
    Lat pulldown close- 7x150, 7x165, 6x180, 8x150
    Tried to do some pullups but got about 3 halfs.lol! i was beat!

    After that i ran 10min HIIT.

    I gotta say, something kicked in today. Now i know what thaO and ironkiller were saying about quicker recovery between sets. After some sets I felt stronger and focused. I dont take anything besides Liquidrone that would make a difference on my workouts right now, and i gotta say it is starting to make a difference.


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