First log!

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  1. First log!

    This is my first sup log. I have been doing a bit of research on pslin and yellow gold and REALLY wanted to try them to lose a little, ok, a lot of bf. YG has been out of stock for quite a while so this log will only be on pslin.

    236 (This morning)
    bf 20% (According to tape measurments)

    EAS 100% Whey- at least 64 grams from this source.
    No Fury- I needed a pre-wo and it was cheap and available. I normally use NOShotgun or Jacked.
    Genera Adrenaline- I am looking to burn fat after all.
    Diet is pretty clean but not perfect. I have been having trouble keeping the carbs down. That is why I was interested in these products. When I say "trouble keeping them down", they are normally between 150 and 200 cals.

    My gym time typically look like this.
    Monday/Thurs- Legs
    Tues/Fri- Back & Bi
    Wed/Sat- Cest & Tri
    I do 1 mile on the tread mill everyday. and work abs at least everyother day.

    I recievedthe pslin yesterday and was way to excited not to start today. Probably not the best decision as I got very little sleep last night and what I did get was not very restful. But I shall endure and press on.

    I woke up, for the fourth time, at 5 to be at the gym before 6. Part of the rough sleep was that dinner did sit well with me. In fact it didn't sit at all. IT RAN STRAIGHT THROUGH. Yet I digress. I took 400mg of pslin in sugar free koolaid. That is the dosage on the bottle and pretty much what I found from looking at the pslin dosing guide here at AM. 15-20 minutes later I blended up some oats in the NO and drank it down. I was going to go with WMS of Dextros but in the threads oats was suggested for additional nutritional value. I used about half a cup which is around 50 cals. of carbs. I then headed to the gym. I also took 1 Adrenaline. I did not want to take in to much caffeine.

    Today was back. Since I did not feel well I went ligher than usual. Even with the stims I was a little lethargic and a LOT tired. I pressed through. I cna't say I felt much of a pump, but like I said, I had a rough night. I did not want to short the product as it seems very popular and that it works for many people. i will say that I did not seem to get the burning, lactic acid in my muscles. They just got to weak to move teh weight after 12-15 reps. i enjoyed this because i did legs yesterday and they were burning.

    When I returned home food just did not sound good. I made chocolate milk with 2%, 1 scoop of protein, 1/4 tspn. of pslin (about 400mg)wer and another 1/2 cup of oats. I did not feel a HUGE pump difference but I am blaming that on not feeling well. Tomorrow is chest day and I expect to feel better and have a GREAT DAY!

    If you have ANy suggestions on dosing, do not fear. I would appreciate the help.

  2. Told you I didn't fel good today. I forgot to say how the w/o went. The body was a little run down as the Adrenaline and the NO did little for energy. I went Low weight/higher rep (12-15) on back today. I didn't feel like doing bi's because, well I didn't feel well. I did my mile in 15 on the tread mill but did not want to chance abs either. Squeezing in that area would not have been good considering.

    I still felt like I got a fairly good w/o considering.

    Close grip row- 170
    Lat pull dn- 160
    wide grip row- 130
    Up Right Row- 100
    3 sets on all with about a minutes rest between and 12-15 reps each set.

    Not much of a pump but I did notice that there was very little lactic acid burn which is nice. I got back home and mixed 1 cup 2% milk with protein, 400mg pslin and 1/2 cup oats. The rest of the day I drank green tea and ate ginger snaps to keep my stomach under control. My calories will be WAY low today because I can't really eat. Tomorrow will be much better.

  3. I got to the gym saturday a little later in the day than expected. I did the ritual of NO, plslin and then the carbs and headed out the door. It was chest day and i was feeling a little better that the day before. I started off with incline and felt pretty darn good. My chest felt very hard after 4 sets and by the time I was done with dips and flat bench I felt like my chest was stretching my skin. Very nice. I did tri's also and they were very swolen as well. Went home for more pslin and carbs. So f
    So far everything is going great with the psiln.

  4. I am finally starting to get over the intestinal thing I have been having. I did not get to the gym until the evening so my day was a little off but here is how it went.

    Leg sled 310x10,8,8
    Leg curl 150x8,8,8
    Leg ext. 170x10,8,10
    Cable Crunch 130x85

    Again, I only left the gym because I had to get home. I can't wait until tomorrow.

  5. Today started pretty good. Today was chest day and I was feeling good before I even got there.

    Bench 210x8,8,7
    Dip 12,8,9
    Incline 135x6,6,6
    Cross over 45x9
    Tri ext
    Cable 45x8
    Machine 70x8,8,8

    Left the gym feeling very hard and swollen across my chest. I am enjoying pslin so far.

  6. I have been working like mad lately and not been able to log what is going on. i will tell you that I love this stuff! Because of teh carb requirements for the supp I have started eating them on purpose. I usually try to avoind them like the plague but they seem to be everywhere. With pslin I am learning when to eat them and seeing benefit from them. I am even starting to loose a little around the mid section that has been VERY tough for me to get rid of.

    For the most part the diet has been pretty static accept for the past two days i have not been able to get the calories or protein I have wanted to due to work. Things are begining to slow down again and I will get back on my regular schedule.

    The workouts have been going really well. The pumps while at teh gym are great and they seem to last all through the mornign now. My wife has even noticed how I look bigger when I get home fromthe gym. Now that YG has returned I will be adding that into the supp list. I am excited about keeping the pump all day and losing more BF.

  7. Saturday was back day and it was GREAT! When I leave the gym my muscles feel hard for hours. Today was back to legs. My morning ritual is still the same. Up aropund 5am, take Pre-wo drink with pslin, take 15-20 minutes getting ready, eat 1/2 cup of oats w/banana and head out the door. It has been working pretty well so far. I was afraid that adding additional carbs to the diet was going to puff me up more but it hasn't. In fact I am about to get rid of a belt because I am running out of holes. I keep track of my diet her at AM and have noticed that my proteinhas dropped off quite a bit since I have run out of protein powder. Time to get more. Even though this works with carbs I see no need in over doing it.

    I weighed myself today and I stayed at teh same weight I was a month ago. That is fine because like I said, one belt needs a new hole (on the skinny side) and I was able to put an old one on this w/e. I am very excited about adding the YG into the mix to see how much more BF I can get rid of. If I get the right I may have abs by June or July!

  8. I did not get to the gym this morning so I went tonite. I was/am worked up from the job today and had a LOT of nervous energy. Luckily I was able to channel that into a great wo. I hit chest hard tonite. i went heavy on everything. i did not have the time to do cardio as they gym was closing but I will hit it hard tomorrow also.

    i hit the gym without the NO but I still took the pslin and the oats. All my suscles felt full before I even got to the gym. i also got the YG in the mail today so I took it after the wo. I was expecting the worst as far as taste from everything I have read. Now I am not going to say it is good or that I liked it but it wasn't THAT bad. It is kind of like eating a grapefruit rind. Plus, if it works does it really matter what it tastes like? Put it in some strong kool-aid and shoot it down. Unless you like the taste of grapefruit rind. If so, stir it up in some water and savor the flavor.

    BTW-I have my workouts and diet on my AMspace...if anyone is looking.

  9. Got to the gym this morning and had another great WO. I used the NO with the pslin and once again the muscles felt full before Igot to the gym. I hit back today and went a little heavier on all my lifts by 10 to 20 lbs.

    I took the YG when I got home and ate about 15 minutes later. It has been about three hours since I worked out and I am still pumped.

    My goal with these products is to recomp. I need to get rid of the belly. It is going away slowly.

  10. Looking pretty good for a first first log was pretty hard to follow

    Cool that you are enjoying the YG and P-slin keep up the good work...they should help with recomp along with correct diet
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  11. I did not have time yesterday to log my w/o so I will do it today for leg and chest.

    Thurs-leg. I got to bed late Wed. night and was a little tired when I woke up. I popped two Adrenaline and that got my eyes open in about 15 minutes. I then downed th NO and pslin. By the time I ate my oatmeal I was readyto go. Got to the gym a little later than normal so I had to cut down the cardio to 10 minutes instead of the normal 15-20. I use HIIT on the treadmill or the bike to get the most out of the warm up/cardio. I will go as fast as I can for two minutes and then slow down for two. I wasn't to upset about cuttin cardio a little as it was leg day after all and saw no need in using a bunch of energy on cardio before hitting the weight. I do leg sled to save my back. I am a little older and taller and have missed at least two weeks in the last year to give my back a break and time to heal after straining it and not being able move. Sets went like this:

  12. Oops.
    I had a pretty good burn going on after the fourth set.

    Leg curl
    All three sets 130x8
    I will up the weight next week since I squeezed out eight all three sets. I will move up to a weight were I can only get six or seven, then move up weight again until I hit eight all three sets.

    Leg ext.
    All three sets 170x8
    I will move up weight just like leg curls.

    Overhead press
    I actually moved up weight from the previous week. I was at 90lbs. before and went to 100lbs.
    It should not take long before I go to 110 on this one. I have experienced shoulder pain before from moving up weight to quickly but I feel more confident in my shoulder strength now. moving up weight: Good. Gettin hurt doing it: Bad.

    Diet is about the same. I am sure I could clean it up a bit more though by cutting out mexican restaurants but they are so GOOD. When we go out to eat I cut down on the appetizers. Especially the tortillas and queso. I ise more salsa now as the place we go makes theirs fresh and I am eating more vegies now. I was up later than I wanted to be last night again so I was tired for again for chest.

    I woke up later than I wanted and was late gettign to the gym AGAIN. This time I had zero time for cardio so I stretched and jumped rigth in lifting.
    Dips. I weigh 240lbs. and lean forward to hit my chest harder that my tri's. Sets went like this:

    Moved over to bench. Since I am going heavy I use the machine.
    I was a little spent from the dips so I am fairly happy with this.

    I went to the cable cross over station and did three sets with the handles in different locations. i do a set with the handles wet high, medium and low.
    I try to use a little lower weight and squeeze out more reps on smaller movements especially this one because to me this is more of a finishing move and I use it to squeeze as much blood into my chest and exhaust it as much as possible. This movement is always to failure.

    I moved onto tri next. I seldom if ever pre-exhaust tri's i do not want them to hinder my bench.
    Bench Dips
    I have not done this particular exercise in a while and was suprised at how many I squeezed out

    After that i went to tricept ext. At my gym you can either use the pullies that can be slid up and down on the bar or use a stationary one. i prefer teh stationary one because it has fewer pullies and the weight feels heavier. Besides it is about moving weight and stressing the muscles so they grow so why go the easy route. the only problem is to do overhead ext. I have to bend over. I like the overhead ext. better because I feel like it strtetches more and I get a better, longer range of motion.
    I will stay at this weight until I can get 10 to 15 reps onall three sets.

    For abs i do cable crunches.
    130x100 (2 sets of 50)

    On all my sets i take about a 60 rest period between.

    I have been loading up on the green leafy vegies lately. My 'between meal snacks' are spinach leaf salad with chicken or crumbled blue cheese. I eat about two cups of raw spinache a day. I used to hate cooked spinache but my wife makes a FANTASTIC spinache dish. It is spinache, fresh tomatos and onions seasoned with garlic. I highly recommend it.

    The gut does seems to have stabalized. For a few weeks it was getting smaller and the belts were getting looser. My average calorie intake is about 1700 a day so I know I am below "maintenance level". My carbs seem a little high over the past month though. That does not suprise ma a lot though as i have increased them since taking pslin and yellow gold. I will bring my protein intake up and see if that helps. Any suggestions on this part will be greatly appreciated.

    Tomorrow (Saturday) will be back day and since I do not have any place to I will for sure get in cardio.

  13. Saturdays wo was very good. I wasn't in a hurry to get there and once I got there I didn't feel rushed at all even though I did keep a sense of urgency. That way I do not waste time between sets and exercises. I got the cardio in just like I planned and really enjoyed it. It was back day and between the Yg and the lifting I felt 4 feet wide! I have found that if i put the yg in some very strong kool aid and let it sit over night the flavor is not quite so bad. Worth a shot. I also found out something else. The other night I took the yg before the final big meal and then had a beer with dinner. The beer actually tasted sweet! Proof yg WILL jack with your taste buds.

  14. I am a little, make that a LOT tired from the w/e. Found out BIG TRASH day was this week so we finished up tearing out the carpet in the living room. We did that AFTER I got back from the gym Saturday morning, scalped my neighbors yard, my back yard and sprayed for bugs. The wife and kids were not excited about doing this at what they called "the last minute". Don't care though because now the wife is happy that it is gone.

    Today it was back to legs. I went up on the leg sled today because last week I squeezed out the desired number of reps for the number of sets I wanted. I went up to 350 from 330 and was still able to get them all out so I will be scooting on up to 370 and see how that goes for me next week. Wait. I will be going out of town next week so I will be out of town and the gym So I will stay at 350 for another wo. Moved on to leg ext and again, squeezed out 3x170. I normally do leg curls after laeg press to let my quads catch a breather but there was someone at the station. I was a little suprised I completed all the reps in the set. I will move that on up for sure. I then went to shoulder press. I stayed at 100lbs. and got out all the reps. I think I will stay there for a while though to avoid any potential shoulder problems. I then hit cable crunches 130lbs.x70. About normal. I do any where between 60 and 100 reps. depending on how I feel. I guess everyone decided to work on their hamstrings today because I never got to that station. Everytime I tried someone was there. I could have done SDL's but I inverably hurt my back.
    I also did HIIT for cardio. I only went 10 minutes today since I was working legs.
    The pslin and yg are doing a great job. I have gone from using all w/e as cheat days on the diet to only Sunday. I am hoping that will help me rid myself of fat a little faster. I really wanted to get down to about 15% BF before teh vacation but I do not think I will make it. I am not going to let that get me down though.

  15. Today was back day and I actually woke up early and was quite well rested. I was able to do cardio today and I even jumped it up to 20 minutes. I normally do 15. When I have the extra time I think I will keep it at 20. Yesterday kind of felt like a "fat day" because my belt seemed a little tighter but today it feels like normal. Must have been some extra water weight because I sweated my butt off at the gym this morning.

    WO went great and can be viewed on my profile so no need to go into it. Instead I am going to describe a little of what I feel with pslin and yg.

    I really do not taste the pslin as I take it with the pre-wo NO drink but about 10-15 minutes later I feel like my muscles are filling up. This is a good feeling that I get in my back and my chest. I do not feel it in my legs as much for some reason. The same thing happens with the YG. 10-15 minutes after I take it I know it is time to eat something because I can feel my chest and back pumping up. I take this as a very good sign that the supps are working. Another funny thign about the yg is that it makes things taste sweet. I mentioned that the other day about the beer I had after dinner and it happened again last night. I fixed chicken with rice as a side. I put picante sauce in the rice to cook it. While the chicken tasted normal (I fixed it with lemon juice and tequila), the picante sauce in the rice had a sweet taste to it that actually complemented the chicken. This is a nice little bonus since I avoind candy and sweets Mon-Saturday. (Sunday is my cheat day) Between the pums I feel and everything tasting a little sweeter the brutality of drinking the yg is worth it.

  16. WOW! i am glad yesterday is over. I barely had time to wo yesterday and then I did not have time to log it when I finished. I was reading the threads yesterday about the protocals for pslin. I had been taking it with the NO and then eating 1/2 cup of oats which is about 50grams of carbs. Workouts had been VERY good. But I read about working out with pslin in a fasted state for more fat loss and that maintaining a low carb diet would still show great results with the products. I seem to get smooth(er) if I take in a lot of carbs. So yesterday after noon I had a protein shake about 2.5 hours before I got to the gym. About 30 minutes before I got to the gym I had the NO/pslin. By the time I got to the gym I was starting to swell. (Do I even need to say that anymore?) After cardio my legs felt HUGE! I did chest yesterday and I could not do enough work. The entire time I was lifting I could not hardly wait for the minute to pass between sets and even though the weight was heavier, I was able to squeeze more reps out. And the pump, OH YEAH! When I finally got home the wife was wanting to go some where so she was a little rushed but she did a double take with "WOW!" in there because my shirt was soaking wet and sticking to me. Isn't that why we workout?

    This morning I was/am very sleepy. Didn't get to bed until midnight and got up at 5am. Aside, gains would probably come quicker if I got more rest. Took 2 Adrenaline with NO/pslin got ready and headed to the gym. I finally woke up doing cardio. Then I hit the back HARD. I did the wo backwards today doing my finishing exercises first because the gym was busier than usual. Basically I pre-exhausted the smaller muscle groups (bicepts) before I did my big movements. Suprisingly though I did the same amount of weight that I always do. Again, the pumps were better than if I take the carbs before the wo. My post-wo meal included eggs, spinach, cottage cheese and a protein shake with pslin and Cissus. I still had the 50 grams of carbs but it was post instead of pre. I am going to try and keep my carbs around 200g for a while and see if I lose more bf that way.
    OH! In the past week I have gained a pound back but my belt is still loose so I am heading in the right direction. I started this log at 20% bf and hope to finish it around 15% if not lower.

  17. It is only 10am her and it is already a bad day. I woke up feeling rested, got the pre-wo down and headed for the gym. Since the last couple of fasted workout's on pslin have been fantastic I was going to continue that. I did legs and chest today because I am not going to make it to the gym tomorrow. Because of this I skipped cardio and I am kind of glad I did. I got through leg presses ok and was feeling a jankie in the belly but just figured I was hungry so I kept going. The good news is the other exercises I did I used the same if not more weight than before. The bad news is the more exercises I did the worse I felt and I do not feel like I got as good a wo as I wanted. Since I got home early i laid back down next to the wife and took a little nap before getting breakfast. With the stomach still feeling uneasy I did not want to chance eggs and what not so I had the protein drink/pslin/Cissus concoction. It went down and it was nice to get something in my belly but it did not sooth it very much. I took some ginger root and boiled it in water and drank it. My stomach was good for about 2 hours. I finally felt like eating so I devoured my salad I brought and the stomach is starting to feel uneasy again.
    Possible reason for the Jankie Belly:
    1.) I needed protein for my office the other day so I went to GNC and got a clearence item. It was Orange Cream and I think it was a combination of the proteinand the flavor. I tried mixing it with chocolate milk but I could never kille the taste completely. Ihave used other proteins that bothered my stomach and I may just add this one tothe list of what NOT to get. Hopefully it will get out of my system soon.

    2.) I have not been capping the yg. Just mixing it in water or juice. This may be it also but I think it is a combination of the protein and the yg because the yg did not start bothering my stomach until I got the protein.

    3.) I have been having a pain in my elbow so I have been trowing Cissus in the mix 2x a day. I can smell the curry in it but curry has never bothered me before.

    To get this cleared up I am not using that protein anymore. I do not think I could choke down another Orange Cream Ass drop of it anyway.

    BTW: The wife and I are taking the kids an a vacation next week so I will not be in the gym or updating the log. I am afraid I will be to busy at DISNEYLAND!

  18. Not sure If I missed the last weight update, but are you up 4 pounds at 240 still?

  19. Back up to 240. I feel like that is pretty solid because I wear basically the same thing everytime I weigh in, I use the same scale and it is after I have worked out so I have seat a lot of water out too. That is not to say I do not have a lot of fat to lose. I will be checking that percentage again after a month of pslin and yg.

  20. I could be wrong, but I believe I read somewhere that weighing yourself or checking body fat after a workout will give you inaccurate results. Again, I could be wrong, but maybe someone else can chime in who knows better.

  21. That would be VERY helpful. I can see where it would because you are going to drink water to replenish throughout the day. Hmmm. Anyone?

  22. I believe the reason for not doing it after a workout is due to losing 1-3lbs worth of water weight during the workout. Also, if it was a good workout you are probably covered in sweat so that could add some weight.

    I think the best time to weigh ones self is in the morning after waking up, before you eat anything, but I personally weigh myself right before a work out.

  23. Now that you mention it that seems very familiar. Makes sense too. No food in your stomach, you have probably gone to the bathroom and you have neither sweated a bunch nor have you drank any water. I will start weighing at the gym when I get there. I like their scale better.

  24. Back from vacation and feeling good! I feel like I actually got a little bigger while I was gone. I ate like crap while at Disneyland and LOVED IT! Yes, I carb loaded ALL WEEK. By the end of the week I was ready to get back home to clean food and working out though. I feel very good about the wo this morning. I feel like I am not recovering enough from the weights so I am going to hit the plates 3x a week and do cardio the other three. I am hoping this will allow me more time to recover and grow more muscle. The extra cardio should help with fat loss too (I hope). I weighed in this morning, before I worked out and was at 241. Only a pound or two heavier thatn when I went on vacation.

    On a down note, I may have to change my wo around a bit and do it at home. The reason, I was laid off today. I come back from vacation and find out I have no job. What a great feeling. (Notice the biting sarcasm) With no job luxuries like a gym membership go out the window. Something should come up soon though.

  25. I have found a job and the gym membership is still in place...for now. I have been havign a hard time keeping the log because of everything but I have been working out. Yesterday was lsg day. I changed leg to more reps w/less weight. I have a tendency to go heavy on legs and then hurt myself so I back off regularly.

    Today was back day and it went great. More People are starting to notice that I am getting bigger and ask me if I w/o.

    I think I have mentioned this before but I found a way to mask teh taste of the YG a little. Very cold cranberry juice seems to make it more pallitable. Off this w/e as we are going out of town for Easter.


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