1st M drol cycle

  1. 1st M drol cycle

    Hey guys im starting my first cycle of m drol next week. i've got all my supps and pct and im ready to go. i've been on cel cycle assist this week along with some extra milk thistle. anyone recommend best times of the day for dosages of m drol? with or without meal? i've seen plenty of mixed reviews. oh and im starting at 10mgs a day. im guessing pre workout 30 - 45 min?

  2. has anyone stacked m drol with mass fx?

  3. When you say "m drol" you mean Methyl Masterdrol Right? So many abbreviations, can't keep em straight. Anyway if thats the case, I recently got off a cycle of it and really liked the results. I posted review if you want to check it out. I took 4 caps an hour before workout on empty stomach and then took some NO Explode 30 minutes prior. I took two more caps before bed. Non-workout days I split the six caps in two even doses. I weigh 195lbs, so you might want to consider scaling back a bit from what I took.

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