Thoughts on Shock Therapy

  1. Thoughts on Shock Therapy

    Universal was nice enough to send me a tub of grape shock therapy to try out. Upon opening the package i notice a nice purple color and a solid aroma. It was nice to see an actual color instead of a mystery powder that changed colors once it hit the water. Taste was very good, reminded me of one of those grape twin pops you would have as a kid. it wasn't to sweet which was nice because i hate that feeling i get in my stomach with some other pre wo supplements. i went with the recommended dosing and it worked out well felt some nice energy and the focus was really but i think being a larger guy two scoops may really hit the spot. this wont really be a log but rather my feelings as i try out this product. so far so good.

  2. day two went well. i used two scoops and the flavor still remained very good. it did not increase in sweetness or create stomach problems. i am liking this so far...

  3. What happened? Getting my ass beat and logging it.

  4. Sorry no one seemed to be interested so I stopped. I really like the shock therapy the grape as a nice flavor and it game me a good boost. White flood is still my favorite but this was a nice change after being sick of the lemonade flavor for so long. I recommend it as with most Universal products.

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