Novedex XT stacking question

  1. Novedex XT stacking question

    Hey Folks, new on this site, need a little bit of help here, just have a quick question in regards to Novadex XT.

    1. If you guys stack it, what do you stack it with? and how have your results been?

    2. Or is it best to use as a stand alone? and how were your results

    I'm open to to any comments and suggestions.......

  2. i stacked it w plasma jet and it was awesome got really lean and hard

  3. stack it with DEISEL TEST HARDCORE!!! you'll get huge!

  4. use it with the other gaspari products. I had good results from the whole stack and I just felt good all the time while on it.

  5. Have any of you used it alone with any noticeable results?

  6. Novedex Xt works and did for me without a doubt and by itself as a test booster but there`s a but here,it does kill you libido big time and when i was doing 2 a night i felt it diminish after the 3rd week so far i`m into my 7th week and going off it thank god!! it gives you the strenght but the libido it kills it,if someone says it didn`t for them then there full of ****!!

  7. How old are you? Some arguments are that the libido is only decreased in older males but not twenty-somethings. Just curious.


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