Wow... i am on day 28 of a 30 day cycle of mass tabs with methyl sten as the ingredient. This is my first ph/ps ever and the results have been incredible. I had been planning on running a log of the cycle but since i use the dc training method i wasn't sure how many people would appreciate it. If there is a demand i can give break down of all my workouts using mass tabs and the results.

i just wanted to throw this post up to help all those people out there like me who were searching for reviews of mass tabs.

I'm 25 yrs old, training for 4 yrs, 6'2'' 203lbs at the beginning of the cycle, currently at 215lbs. bf% in the low-mid teens.

On a scale of 1-10 i would give mass tabs a 10.!!!!!!

Strength : 10 - My bench went up 35lbs. enough said.!!

Size : 10 - I gained 13lbs (and i have 2 days left). I didn't take bf% before and after so hard to say exactly how much fat i gained, and i did gain some since i was eating close to 5k calories a day, but 13lbs in 30 days is awesome anyway you cut it!

I took before measurements and will post the gains if people are interested. (i'm waiting till the cycle is complete before i bust the tape measure out)

sides : 9.5 - so far...knock on wood i have had almost 0 side effects and hopefully it will stay that way.
- I had what i assume was a back pump one time in my upper felt like a cramp that wouldn't go away. That happened only once so i don't really count it.
- I had one scare with not being able to keep a hard on in the third week. Again this happened once...and was a temporary situation for about 5 minutes. Still a little scary but i've been my old self ever since then so i'm not to sure what that was about.
so far no mood swings, acne, or nipple puffiness to report(my nipples have always been a little "puffy"(without having ever taken a ps/ph etc. in my life before tabs), but i haven't noticed any changes in size, etc..). Hopefully it will stay that way throughout pct, and beyond. I will update this post if people are interested.

anyone have any questions let me know