Starting March on 17HD adding Jacked, Cissus to BUST STRENGTH PLATEAUS!

  1. Starting March on 17HD adding Jacked, Cissus to BUST STRENGTH PLATEAUS!

    Felt like i should start new thread since im training for pure strength and joints seem to be a big pain so im going to see how the cissus powder works and am also sticking with Jacked as a preworkout not just using whatever i have left for the day...

    Food intake is still 3000 calories a day Carbs with every meal trying to cut them out at tnight. 200 G protien give or take 10-20 grams a day.

    Couple Goals for the MAXING in March
    Bench Press 270 - currently 250 last max was in November
    Deadlift- 425 - currently 405
    Dumbell Clean- 100 lb dumbell- currently 80 x 2
    Shoulder Press- 3 45s have done 45 and a 25 for 5 x 1
    Incline Press - 3 45s for 1-3 reps. Have done 5 reps with 2 45s and a 25
    Decline Press- 4 45s Usually do about 8 reps easily with 3 45s
    Front Squat - 315 in Smith Machine
    Back Squat- beat 365 with decent depth.

    Using Hepburn Pump and Power Strengh Phase Workout routine

    workout A

    Tbar rows/Shoulder Press/Back or Front Squat/Leg Press/Dumbell Cleans
    5-8 sets of 1-3 reps

    Workout B
    Bench/Deadlift/Weighted Dips or reverse Grip Bench

    the 3rd workout of the week is either superseting Bicep Tricep workout or Combing a couple lifts from the 2 workouts above in which i could use extra work.

    Also doing cardio for about 10-15 mins after each workout and trying to hit at least 2 thirty min sessions each off day of weights. Always feel like gaining solid pounds from a diet is better then bulking then cutting for me.

    so far

    17HD- feels like its giving me great strength gains not much in terms of energy but ive broken alot of plateaus and am pushing more weight than ever before using this.

    Jacked- Have only taking it once but its BA tingle hits as hard as the Fast Twitch Caffiene Buzz and i have only used a BA product once so i love the new feeling! Also was zoned in the whole time.

    Cissus- Idk if its in my mind been taking it 3 days now feel my joints are a little less achy and i did my friday workout on thursday just because i had to try jacked. and idk if this is the reason but SH** ive been so hungry i have ate everything in my house i might have had like 5 pounds of chicken today.

    I know i had another log going on the 17hd alone but i wanted to start a new one with the other two supplements im using and its very helpful to see my gains etc. by typing them on here. thanks to everyone whos following my logs and giving me advice.!

  2. OK worked out today slept way too much last night also ate a crap load but it was nearly all healthy except a scoop or two of ice cream. Was tired so i took 3.5 scoops of jacked. and WOW.

    Tbar Rows
    7 x 2-3 reps (180) Reps were alll good form better than last week.

    Shoulder Press
    6 sets of 1 (230)
    1 set of 2 (230) first missed a rep took a drink of water dug in and drilled 2

    Leg Press
    8 x 3 on 480 pretty damn easy

    Dumbell Cleans
    3 x 2 (80)
    2 x 2 (85)

    improved from went up weight 5 pounds for the last two sets. IM gonna hit those 100s real soon.

    Pump Routine

    Vbar Rows
    1. 100 x 8
    2. 120 x 8
    3. 140 x 8

    Shoulder Press
    1. 190 x 6
    2. 190 x 6
    3. 190 x 6

    1. 225 x 6
    2. 225 x 6
    3. 225 x 6

    Upright Rows wide grip
    1. 95 x 6
    2. 105 x 6
    3. 115 x 6

    Loving this workout after switching up Pump part of the workout to isolation lifts rather then Mass builders im getting a SICK PUMP muscles feeling more fulll and pumped all day.
    Im not sure if its jacked or cissus or the combo of both..

    o and i really wasnt in a awake ready to lift mood today till i took jacked everytime i was zoning out it like got me back focused im loving this thing and i honestly thought ppl were just reppin it because its a sponser of this board or w/e.. but **** works.

  3. Worked out today and it was a bad idea. I feel like the cissus was a good addition to my supplement intake but i started to train a lil too much. Felt it today.

    7 x 1 on 240 pretty easy last rep was hard. if i took an extra rest day this woulda been cake.

    1 x 1 365 Sumo- 20 pounds down from last weeks 3 x 1 =( but i did deep squats using 225 day before yesterday so my hamstrings were really sore shouldnt have deadlifted today so i stoped after one rep.

    Reverse Bench
    tons of elbow pain didnt even do this..
    Incline Press
    1. 180 x 6
    2. 230 x 6
    3. 240 x 6
    4. 270 x 3 PR!! 3 plates each side thats already one goal down for the month!

    Rest of the workout not much to note did single arm reverse tricep pulldowns, straight bar reverse tricep pulldowns. A new lat row bar we got at the gym. and did tons of cardio and abs

    overall good pump today but BAD choice to workout was still sore and cutting out rest days the last week or so hurt... Bench still went good which is my main weakness so im happy about that.. Taking a couple days of probably training again friday b4 taking a week off. Hopefull taht will help.

  4. ok so worked out today joints and stuff were all healed up just needed a couple days off.. anyways to the workout.

    Bench Press didnt max but did a one rep to see if i could get 255 since i maxed 250 a while back figured i would be past that.
    Bar x 20
    135x 5
    170 x 3 (felt heavy as Fu CK!???? no idea why?)
    205 x 1
    225 x 1
    255 x 1

    im so pumped about this it was kind on the lockout but a month b4 i go for a max i usally do rack lockouts and Floor bench to a One rep max every workout.. pretty confident i should hit fairly soon!!

    Deadlift- the 5-7 sets of 1 is out i need to actually do more then a one rep scheme so i did 6 sets of 3 all on 325.. its a ten week program to hit 425

    Reverse Grip Bench
    4 x 1 285
    1 x 1 on 295

    Pump part of workout

    Decline Press
    3 x 8 (270)

    Vbar Pull
    3 x 10 (100,120,140)
    1 x 6 (160)

    Ez Bar Pulldown Triceps superset with straight bar reverse pulldown
    1. 100 x 8
    2. 120 x 8
    3. 140 x 6

    overall badass workout i loved it had a sick tricep pump going on and strength was really good. only slept 4 hours last night studying for exams etc... any ? ask me... im out to eat.

  5. finally getting back to the gym 9 days of no spring break did nothiing but eat junk and hook up with girls smoke and drink unfortunately passed out saturday night and still feel ****ty today. Had to be carried into my house because i was passed out and my dad had to answer the door not good. anyways to the workout

    6 x 4 on 325- missed last rep on 6th set.
    this felt like 385 i could tell i didnt workout or eat right over spring break. still felt ****ty from the rough saturday night

    Shoulder Press
    4 x 1 (240)
    1 x 1 (250)

    Dumbell Cleans to lockout
    1 x 3 (75)
    1 x 2 (85)
    1 x 1 (95)
    5 pounds away from hitting the 100 lb dumbell woulda easily gotten that today had i stayed in the gym and didnt feel sick as sh*t from taking all that time off.

    Pump workout

    Seated lat Pull (curly bar type of thing gives a sick pump)
    120 x 6
    140 x 6
    160 x 5

    Lat Pulldown
    1. 100 x 8
    2. 120 x 8
    3. 140 x 6

    gettin back into the wide grip lat pulldowns felt good decent pump

    Shoulder Press
    2 x 8 180
    1 x 4 190

    overall strength was the same as b4 break didnt loose any strength however it did feel hard as hell doing the same weight that i was gettin easily a week ago. Didnt do Tbar rows today because working out 3 days a week i wanna be able to split up squat deadlift and bench mon wed fri. Rather then Deadlifting and benching the same day. So i replaced tbar row with deads today. Whenever i heavy bench im going to do Tbar rows that day instead of deads. Also for the pump part of my workout i didnt do the upright rows instead just did Rear delt work..Im not complaining about this workout i lost no strength just it was a drag to workout after eating junk and not lifting and drinking and smoking for 9 days hah..

    anyways might do a light chest workout tommorow if im not sore but i prolly will be my arms and elbows and shoulders are already feeling it.

  6. worked out yesterday bad day so i didnt feel like posting

    Dumbell Bench
    1. 75 x 5
    2. 85 x 5
    3. 85 x 5

    was aiming for 3 sets on 85s for 5 but i was still sore in my rear delts so benching sucked.

    Decline Press
    2. 230 x 6
    3. 230 x 6
    4. 250 x 5

    Reverse Curls
    1. 25 x 10
    2. 30 x 10
    3. 35 x 10
    4. 42.5 x 10

    Smith Machine reverse drag curls
    1. 95 x 10
    2. 105 x 10
    3. 115 x 10

    Ez Bar Tricep pulldown
    1. 100 x 15
    2. 120 x 15
    3. 140 x 15
    4. 170 x 4 (just wanted to see if i could do the whole stack)

    bw x 50

    got a good pump in the arms and chest after not too many sets felt great pump which was the point of the workout.. Strength was pretty damn good for being sore..

  7. today i just did fasted cardio and absthen came home and ate a huge breakfast.. i think tommorow which is thursday im taking completely off and just stretching the muscles and friday benching heavy and seeing how strength looks it will be a full two weeks since i threw up 255 and 3 weeks since i did 240 7 sets of 1

  8. ok worked out yesterday afternoon didnt post tho was to busy with ncaa tournament but workout went really good. after two weeks of figured bench press would sufffer because deadlift felt way heavier on monday.

    Bench Press
    1. 245 x 1
    2. 245 x 1
    3. 245 x 1
    4. 245 x Failed!
    5. 245 x 1
    6. 245 x failed

    so mad got stuck at lockout position for a couple seconds just couldnt push it out and i never ever use to get stuck on lockouts. I use to be weak of my chest but starting to workout shoulders really heavy has helped that. NOt too dissapointed though. Hopefully next cheest workout i can hit all 5 sets or prehaps 7 because im gonna start donig chest and tris monday. not friday. anyways rest of the workout.

    Reverse Grip Smitch Bench
    4 x 1 (295)
    1 x 1 (305)
    always do this lift helps me with tricep strength alot. was pretty stoked to throw up 305 even though its in the smitch machine and not a regular bench i was still pumped.

    Incline Press
    5 x 3 on 230

    Dumbell Bench
    75 x 5
    85 x 5
    90 x 2

    was gonna do 3 x 3 i usually hit 85 for 3 x 5 when DB bench is my first lift so i started low didnt know id have that much energy. i was gonna do 3 x 3. but i hit more reps so next workout maybe try the 90s for 3 x 3

    Pump portion of workout

    Chest Press
    150 x 8
    120 x 8
    100 x 10
    90 x 12

    Incline dumbell Press
    4 x 12 45 lbs

    Ez Bar Tricep pulldowns
    140 x 15
    120 x 15
    100 x 15
    100 x 15

    Bodyweigh Dips-35

    modified my workout a bit. lifts like DB bench INcline press etc. i dont like doing singles and i added more sets and reps but way lighter weights for the pump portion so please dont flame me for using such light weights for a pump

    next workout is monday probably this one again, wed legs and friday shoulders and Back.


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