To start off I have been lifting pretty stedaley for 4 years with a couple month breaks here and there
I'm back on my routine now that I'm seeing gains more then ever.
my stats
bf%rob high teens
Diet: strict 6 meal diet with around
3050 cals
try to get in around 280g of protien
400g carbs
and around 35g fat

I'm currently taking
creakic stack (with 5g morning and 5g after work out)

And yes i know biggest waste of money just wanted to finish it and get it out of my life

I'm also taking fish oil w/ omega 3. 3xdaily @ 1300mg each

and a multivitamin

I'm about finished with the MUSCLE WHACK stack maybe couple more weeks

then i was planning on using MRI no2 and ce2 with 8-fx and i made a stupid choice on also buying HYPERtest by axis labs
and my goal is to keep gaining lean muscle sense my body holds water easily

now my question is will HYPERtest screw up my test production in the future if i use it at this age I will be 19 this summer not that that changes anything
but I really don't want to harm body in the long run with a stupid choice now

I also realize HYPERtest wont have that big of effect on my because my test levels are peaking at my age but will the rest of the supplements and nourishment that are in HYPERtest still be affective such as ZMA???