One BSN product I like

  1. One BSN product I like

    TrueMass is great!

    626 calories, so it's not so high like 1000+ like many mass builders are. I understand more calories more mass but I try and get most of mine from food not from shakes so 600 is perfect. 46 grams of protien "sustained release" seems to be perfect too. You dont here much about TrueMass but its good stuff.

    Other BSN products Ive used and did NOT like:

    Nitrix- didnt notice anything but stopped using it quickly

    CellMass- Not bad still use it sometime but I have creatine chews I use more.

    NO Xplode- worked as a pre workout but I could never sleep afterwards, even though I dosed 6+ hours before bed.

  2. I am going to have to try TrueMass I am currently using Nitrix, CellMass, and NO Xplode and I love the energy from NO. I haven't had a problem sleeping with it. I was starting to wonder if anyone would mention BSN on here.

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