Sponsored Mini Blast Tester

  1. Sponsored Mini Blast Tester

    I was chosen to do a mini jug of Nimbus Nutrition Blast. I would like to thank those that picked me and thank Nimbus Nutrition for letting me a tester. I got to test 1/2 of the 435Gram Jug....Should last about 10 days.

    So before I went to the gym I used 2 scoops in about 12Oz of water. It seemed watery. What should the ratio be, their were no directions on the jug.

    Be back later after workout.

  2. Jut got back from the gym: I took 2 scoops of blast in about 12 oz of water

    Workout: Shoulders

    15 minutes of cardio

    I took Blast about 15 minutes before I got to the gym.I had a great workout with lots of energy and good focus.... great first dose! Taste was pretty good also (a little watery), and kicked in pretty fast, but really didnt notice it....it was nice clean energy. No jitters, didnt feel like a psycho on caffeine after.

  3. Workout #2

    Chest and tricep day

    15 minutes cardio

    Another excellent workout. This stuff is amazing!!! Its kinda like you dont even realize you even took anything. You dont get the caffeine jitters. You also dont get the feeling of crashing after the caffeine has worn off. I had alot of energy throughout my workout.....Good stuff!!

  4. Glad you are enjoying it! I do like the subtle increase in mental acuity and the non jitter approach of it as well
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  5. Its like when you take some pre-workout supplements, you get this initial high burt of energy, and then you crash. This stuff is great because you get an even amount of energy throught the workout, and then no crash and or jitters.

  6. Glad to see your enjoying the Blast sample. Your intial dosing scheme is spot on for what is recommended for the product.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. Workout #3

    Back and bicep day day

    15 minutes cardio

    Had to fight through a workout today, no energy at all, no focus either. Hopefully just one bad day at the gym!!!

  8. Workout #4

    Leg day

    15 minutes cardio

    Really good workout today as far as energy goes. Good workout, good pumps in the legs!!! Im still amazed that this stuff has caffeine in it!!!! Im also still pumped that i dont get the rise and fall effect of caffeine. Im still not to high on the flavor, it still seems a bit watered down, but ive drank stuff that tasted like ass, so it could be worse.

  9. Yea it definitely isn't as stim heavy as other products that get you wired. I used the unflavoured version, but I hear the citrus is still light.

  10. Light enough for versatility in mixing and matching the product as you see fit, yet taste is there for those of you who just hate chugging straight powders.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  11. Workout 5
    Shoulder day

    15 minutes cardio

    Took a few days off from the gym. Good thing I have Blast to give me the energy i needed from a few days off. This stuff rules!!!

  12. Workout #6

    No workout today, just cardio
    20 Minutes Elliptical

    10 Minutes Bike

    Still feel really good with the added caffeine without the jitters or the down fall of caffeine. Gives me really good clean energy throughout workout.

  13. Workout #7
    Chest and triceps day

    15 minutes cardio

    Another really good workout today, lots of energy and a kind of a state of euphoria!!!! Strength and energy euphoria....cant really explain it.

  14. Workout #9


    15 Minutes cardio

    I dont know what it is, i had no energy, and no desire even to be at the gym today. I had no energy, my workout was horrible, but managed to do a little bit of back and biceps not to make it a total waste of going to the gym...Oh well a bad day at the gym is better than a good day at work!!!

  15. Workout #10......3/15/09

    Shoulder day

    15 minutes cardio

    Another good day at the gym, awesome energy and good pumps/strength. Still no complaints

  16. Great review!

    Yeah, Blast really is a smooth energy.....glad ya liked it.

  17. Final review

    2-3 scoops of Blast in 12-15 oz of water

    The taste wasnt bad, it was kind of blah. It didnt tast bad, it tasted watered down at best........Not a bad thing, Id rather have watered down than nasty tasting.

    Work outs:
    My workouts were great. I had huge amounts of energy. The added caffeine was good too. Another good thing was that it didnt give you the jittery feeling of caffeine, and it gave me a good workout throughout my entire work out....And no caffeine crash!!! Just pure clean energy!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity again for being a tester for Nimbus blast, I appreciate it.


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