Veteran lifter, wanting to start on prohormone,or something for gains.

  1. Veteran lifter, wanting to start on prohormone,or something for gains.

    I have been lifting for years, learning a lot over time. I have always been very skeptical of new products and their claims. Fads seem to come and go, then you realize the expensive products didn't work, even though some guy who shelled out a lot of cash swore by them, probably because he didn't want to be embarrased by being out the money.

    I bought some 1-ad years back, but was scared to try it because I don't want to lose my hair. I have a slight recede at 30 years old, so I want to stay away from products that can cause male pattern baldness. I have a couple bottles of androbolix laying around, thinking I could use that as part of a stack, or after a cycle, etc. Problem is, I am not familiar with what works, or how to cycle anymore. The only supplements I take currently are NOW ADAM multivitamins, glucosamine chrondriton msm, No Xplode before workouts with glutamine, and afterglow a great postworkout, fish oil, then PRO GH right before bedtime. I eat every 3 hours with great choices of protein that are lean, with good carbs at the right time of day. I cutback on carbs at night though. I don't workout until 2 hours after I have eaten a balanced meal. I know my diet is good, but need some direction with products, from someone who has tried them with good results, and is not a rep. If anyone wants to help an old dog, who wants to learn new tricks, it would be appreciated.
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