Ubiyca's PRIME Log

  1. Ubiyca's PRIME Log

    Started Prime: 02/18/09
    Dosage: 6 caps everyday, 2/2/2 spread throughout the day.

    Age: 21
    Height: 5'8 1/2
    Starting Weight: 166lbs

    I'm starting this log on day 6, and so far what I've noticed is an elevated mood despite not sleeping much and working a lot of overtime, so this is quite an effect.

    I gotta go home from work, but I will update this later when I get home.

  2. Very interested man!
    I got awesome gains from Prime, Im sure you too. Whats your training and diet look like right now?

  3. Okay today is Day 6 on PRIME dosed at 6pills/day

    Im going to workout right now.. my 1st big workout since taking Prime (thanks to stupid working overtime like a madman)

    Now.. I will make more time for workouts, no worries about that.

    I am going to train now, then get a haircut and I shall post my results and lots more either when I get back or later tonight, I will make fill in all the blanks and then some, very very detailed log on how Prime affects me.. so stay tuned folks.

    As of right now, I must say I feel the Euphoria and it is no placebo effect. I feel good as hell and I should have no business feeling this good.. it makes no sense, but I'm extremely positive, confident and even a bit more assertive thus far.

    Here goes my sleep deprived, Prime fueled workout. !

    EDIT: LIBIDO IS KILLER!!!!! Erections are KILLER! I MUST mention this.. although I've always responded well to the "other" tribulus so perhaps that has something to do with it, but my sex drive is supercharged right now, it is ridiculous, I thought it was high 2 days ago.. right now I'm stunned.. more to come.

  4. WOW... I'm not getting tired or winded at all after a set.. I just go, go go.. with a few seconds rest.. I can def add more weight... WOW.... Im quite impressed, it hasn't even been 1 week on Prime... JESUS CHRIST... I AM GONNA GET HYOOGE ON DIS

    EDIT: Not only is there much muchhh increased stamina and strength it feels like.. but no pain at all.. no aches at all, and I didn't even take any cissus... Oh this reminds me.. it has increased my hunger in general, because it feels like I don't feel that I am "full".. BACK TO WORKOUT.

  5. WOW.. I just added 10lbs on my barbell shrugs for 320lbs for 12reps and holding for 1-2 secs at the top.. not even tired after a set..


    AGGRESSION IS WAYYY UP. I feel like an animal..

  6. Post up before pics now, and the others as you go - Please!

    Also, will you be keeping the 6 caps/day schedule, werent you the guy who bought like 8-12 bottles?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Orangepeel View Post
    Post up before pics now, and the others as you go - Please!

    Also, will you be keeping the 6 caps/day schedule, werent you the guy who bought like 8-12 bottles?
    I was just thinking about pics... I will do that

    I'm gonna increase to 9 pills after 4 weeks at 6 pills.

  8. Hi friends,

    Sorry my log went to crap.. long story..very long...and boring.. BUT

    I am back now, and I can say something for sure which may help some others out if it works for you... I find dosing prime in an evenly fashion throughout the day, I.E 2 - 2 -2 morning dinner and sleep, is more beneficial than taking them all at once or taking a large dose before working out. Not sure why this is but it's something I've noticed and can say applies to me.

    I started divanil 2 days ago, and started taking Prime again, 2-2-2 dosage schedule.

    I'll report progress here for those who care.

    I will say this, Prime increases strength, but I think we all know that by now.


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