My Slim Xtreme review (wordy)

  1. My Slim Xtreme review (wordy)

    First off, my background. I am not affiliated with Anabolic Xtreme in any way. I was not prompted to do this by anyone. This is my first real review I've given on any type of supp (Ive been on this board since Chemo ran it and came from Anabolic extreme before that). Most importantly I paid full price for my bottle of SX (actually got the bottle i ordered, but not my sample yet. Goes to show,You get what you pay for). I've weightlifting since i was 19 years old. I'm 6'3", 271lbs, and 34 years old. I'm just getting back into the gym full time since nearly cutting off my left 4 fingers in march of '08. i have not been able to re-establish the habit. I'm carrying about ten lbs of flab more than usual and about 10lbs of less muscle. I've experimented with several supplements through the years. I've used plenty of weight loss/energy pills. I do not get to much from any of them. I also play semi-pro football. Before every game, I would consume copious amounts of energy supps. My stack consisted of
    1 ephedrine
    alpha gpc
    b-vitamin injection
    and a Adrenalin Stack drink by ABB.

    I'm no stranger to stims. I used Stimulant X (the real Stim X, not #2 or #3) and absolutely felt awesome on it. I lost the most weight on it than any other thing I've taken, and i was not really even dieting hard (I don't count calories, my rules are: eat every 4 hours, no fried foods, no processed sugars, and lean cuts of meat. When i want to lose weight, i just eat until I'm not hungry instead of eating until I'm full.)
    I got my Slim Xtreme Friday when i got home from work. Since it was 2:30p, I figured i should not take it in case it did really lasts like the original Stimulant X. Saturday I woke up at 5:30a and ran for the bottle. The dose is 2, but just took 1 to assess the feelings. I waited about 30 min and ate 2 whole wheat pancakes with sugar free syrup, and about 16 oz. of milk. After I was done eating, i took my plate and cup upstairs to rinse off. I felt normal, but as i was on my way to the kitchen, there was various items (toys, mail, ect.) out of place. After i rinsed my plate off, I turned around and started picking up. Before I realized, i cleaned up the dining room and kitchen. Don't get me wrong, its not that i don't clean, i just don't clean at 6:15A. To be quite honest i would normally walk by all this and grab a 24 oz. diet mountain dew, go back downstairs, check my email, and surf my favorite websites (,, and it out if your into to cars,these guys are doubling the horsepower of these straight six motors that were in the falcons and mustangs in the 60's. My point is i felt like moving around and being productive. I did not feel like I was tweaked out. i felt like i got great sleep, which i only got about 6.5 hours. i normally get about 8.
    My wife gets out of bed about 7:30a. She noticed that i seemed to be different-that my mood was really good. She asked why. i told her that i was taking a new supplement. She asked which one. I asked her "Do you remember when i lost all that weight? i'm on that stuff again". She asked if she could try it. My wife will get tweaked off a cup of coffee. Very much the opposite of me. We looked over the pamphlet that came with it. She decided that she wanted to try it. I started her off at 1 cap at about 8:00a. For the next couple hours, as we both were walking around cleaning and organizing the house, I continually was asking her if she was feeling O.K., if she felt anything, if her stomach was upset (this is normal for my wife if she tries fatburners-this is why she won't take them). She kept saying that she felt good, no probs at all. At about 9:15, she asked if i was hungry and wanted breakfast. I was not, but needed to eat because it had been 4 hours. She made scrambled eggs and hash browns. I ate about 4 eggs and 1 cup of hash browns. She ate about 3 eggs and 1 cup of hash browns. we both were very satisfied. Normally on Saturday, eat a bigger family (her, me, and my son) breakfast. After breakfast, I asked her if she was feeling O.K. She said she felt great. I offered her the other half of her dose. We were going to a concert and were going to be up late that night anyway. She said she would try it. We both took the 2nd cap at around 10:00a and carried out with the rest of our day. We kept busy in the house for the rest of the morning (15 degrees outside). At about 3:00p I was getting ready to workout. I went downstairs in my boxer briefs to look for my favorite workout shirt. When I an into my wife in the laundry room, she said she had an urge to have sex already, then when she saw me in my briefs that sealed the deal. The reason i bring this up is because my wife is very reserved when it comes to sex, unless she been drinking. Even drunk, she wont ask for sex. She also will not have sex in the middle of the day while my 5year son is awake in the house. She said though she did not care about that though and was very forward. Almost aggressive. T-AD, just send your next truckload over to my house. We went out for the evening, dinner with friends, stand comedy act, stopped on the way home at a pub and had some drinks and conversation until about 11:30p. When we got home, she was on me again. I don't know for sure if is do to SX, but nothing else had been introduced.
    I would have to say that this new SX is a little bit smoother energy than the original StimX. I definitely enjoy my wife on it (I'm refferring to the SX), she says she feels good on it, and I feel great on it. Hopefully I shed the weight like I did on StimX.

  2. Good stuff, amn.

    Thanks for your review.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  3. Nothing wrong with letting everyone in on your feelings about a product! Glad you like the way SX makes you feel!

    Gotta love a product that allows you to feel the way you did throughout the day!

    Keep us post!
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  4. I bought my first bottle of Slim Xtreme two weeks ago. For some background info on my lifestyle and health:
    age:19 yr old female
    weight: started at 135, now 129
    workout: run 2 miles, 5 days a week, plus some moderate weight lifting
    diet: no fast food, no sodas, no junk food. just healthy choices, but not too strict.

    This pill has really worked magic for my body. In the past two weeks, I can really tell a huge difference. My arms are very toned, i developed 4-pack abs, and I shed a ton of fat from my thighs. It worked AMAZING and very quickly.

    Today, I threw the bottle full of pills away. The side effects of this pill, for a person of my size, are very dangerous. The bottle suggests to take one pill a day. Because I am at a healthy weight and didn't need to lose any more than 5-10 lbs, I was taking the pill every other day. The main reason that I bought Slim Xtreme is because I was told that this product was perfect for the specific things that I said I wanted: tone up, slim down, extra energy, no jitters and mainly used by women.

    This morning I nearly passed out in one of my college classes and had to sit outside a bathroom with my head between my legs for thirty minutes before I had the strength to get up and go home. It constantly gives me a sense of distance from reality, as if I am numb or zoning out. It gave me several instances of near-panic attacks; my heart was racing, I could barely breath, my palms and soles were dripping with sweat. My vision has been severely impaired. A lot of times I feel as if I have dyslexia, which I never experienced before.
    I definitely agree that this pill really works. It's the closest to magic diet pills that I think you can get lol. However, I can't risk my health and well-being anymore.
    It is my personal opinion that Slim Xtreme is going to be better for someone that needs to lose 30+ lbs and can monitor their caffeine intake. Maybe I was working out too often and not consuming enough nutrients. No matter the case, if your lifestyle and health is similar to mine, please do not use this product. Take my word for it, it is not meant for you!

    I am looking into a protein powder for women called "be buff". I will probably start a log to see how this affects my workouts.

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