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    So I bought two tubs of the new Gaspari Myofusion protein from GNC (only because they had buy one get 50 % off the other). So far its pretty good, I like better than BSN syntah6, syntha6 choclate has a certain after taste to it that I cant put my finger on but its still good. The Myofusion mixs realy well its texture is like ON regular whey but taste alot better.Its also has diffrent proteins for fast and slow digestion. Its 29.99 a tob for 2 pounds and 50 for a fivepound so its preaty compairrable to other so called premium proteins. Has any one else tried it at all?

  2. i got a sample of the double chocolate and it tastes great!!! what flavors did u get? Im gettin some tomorrow , wish they had that sell here.

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