Just started Recreate...

  1. Smile Just started Recreate...

    Today is my first day on Recreate. Ive taken other supplements in the past including Xenadrine when it initially had the ephedra, definately suited the stim junkie in me. I was really surprised when I took the first shot of Recreate though, I was very sleepy before taking it (I went to sleep really late and woke up early) but half an hour afterwards I felt completely awake. I had energy but not that jittery energy like the ephedra. I did feel a little anxious though and 5 hours later I still have some anxiety left. I've also been feeling a little spaced out, as if I took a Xanax or some other antidepressant. I guess thats what they mean by "euphoric" feeling. Another thing is that I keep feeling a sort of heat in the the back of my head. Its on and off. We'll see what happens with that. Tonight I will take another Recreate before I workout and see what happens energy & sweat wise. I've read some interesting sweat posts about this product. Ive started at the lowest dosage possible. Testing out the water before jumping in completely. You can never be too careful.

  2. Good luck. I was pleased with the results of recreate, although it did cause yucky tummy.

  3. I drank 8oz of water with it and I didnt get an upset stomach or anything. Its tasted like a vitamin pill. Drinking protein makes me feel queasy.

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