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  1. I put an update on here earlier and it is missing. I will copy it from my other computer tomorrow and put it back up.
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  2. PICS!!! Yesterdays missing update.

    Okay first I have to say that I have had a heck of a past few days. We had lay offs last week 2 of which were my best friends at work. I had a birthday party / slumber party to host this week, had someone move. On top of that one of the people who are gone was from my team so I have more work to do now. Hence the lack of updates. I am back on the update wagon and am happy to say I have not deviated from my workouts or nutritional plan.

    Here is the info from this mornings workout. I also will put up some of what I can remember from my workout Saturday it was kind of a blur and I didn't have anything with me to log my weight or reps.

    Hammer Flat Bench - 4 plates 6
    DB Pullovers 110x11 110-7
    Deads 385x7 385x6
    BW Dips 30, 15

    This morning's workout

    DB Flat Bench 110x7 110x6>85x4>65x5

    Hammer Dorian Row 143psx10, 143ps8>90x7>45x8

    Standing Military Press (behind neck) 155x6, 155x5>105x6>55x7

    Close Grip Bench 235x4, 235x5>165x6>135x3

    Curls 110x7, 110x5>80x5>60x5

    Squats 285x15, 315x7x>285x5

    Seated Calf raise 125x15, 125x9

    Over all feel and other notes:

    I felt a little weaker than usual this morning, but I have cut my calories last week so maybe I am feeling that. All in all training is a very push it as hard as I can type of thing. I am feeling out my body as I go. I have noticed that my blood sugar is getting a little low now that I have added the ReCreate back in. Find myself needing / wanting to take a nap in between some meals. I am still having a lot of the Alpha Male feeling and have been able to almost fight of the gloom of the layoffs due to the slight euphoric feelings at times.

    I took some pics this weekend and will post them up in my profile. Some of the ones I took outside are very washed out from all of the light but you can see the loose skin I have been telling you about. It is a conern for me now that I am getting closer to the show. I may need to cut calories again but I am not sure as my skinfolds show little fat but I look heavier so I am assuming I have done something wrong or it is just my extra skin and there may be nothing I can do at this point. Either way... I must continue to move forward.

    Feel free to make any comments. I am a little concerned about my skin issue at this point but I am going to keep working at everything like I am just reading the calipers wrong and am a little heavier than I am reading. I can fix that. I put comments regarding each pic on my profile. Issues I need to address type of thing.
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  3. Update

    This morning treadmill 45 minutes 5 minute cool down 575 cals.
    Ab work, and home. All nutrition and supplementation is normal.


    I have to admit that in general I feel great but since adding in the ReCreate I feel my blood sugar get low at times. Since I can't just up the carbs I am going to have to stim my way through it for a bit. I know this is putting me in a state of fat loss I am just trying to manage not to fall asleep just before my lower carb higher fat meals.

    I still have my aggression and workouts are really rockin. I feel like I am getting a little weaker that last workout but I am dieting so that can be expected. I can't remember but I don't think I slept well the night before either. We are 3 days into my 3rd week and so far, and other than toying with the ReCreate and blood sugar I am enjoying the stack completely. I am going to work on a way to stay on the ReCreate, I may just find that I do not do well with it. We shall see.
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  4. Ok there is some loose skin... all you can do is hit it with some moisterizing creams and hope it tightens up some. You can however use some posing help. Do you have a second set of eyes... cuz most of your poses have you not standing tall enough which will make things like loose skin show up more. If your more upright in your poses that will stretch your skin out some. Don't crunch down, make yourself tall and large... keep that chest pointed at the sky.
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  5. Thanks, I will do that. I intend to set up my camcorder in my garage tonight to start just that. I definitely want to display my physique as best as possible. Hopefully that will really help me out. I imagine I will get taken off less for having modified a pose to better suit me than I would for displaying the sharpei look.
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  6. Today's workout and notes:

    Oh Man Oh Man Oh MAN!!!! I had another rough and tough workout today. I am definitely a little weaker but once again I have cut my calories and increased my cardio so I guess that is to be expected. I see that I am getting leaner, and today I weighed in at 190 so the weight is staying and the fat is dropping. Not a bad contest prep eh?

    My Workout today

    Incline Bench: 235x4 225x10>185x6>135x4

    Pull Ups BWx10, BWx10>bw-40x10>bw-80x6

    Wide Grip Upright Row: 105x10, 105x10>95x6 stopped there tendonitis was flairing up.

    DB Overhead Triceps extension: 110x10, 110x9>85x8>70x5

    DB Hammer Curls: 45x10, 45x6>35x8>25x5

    Hack Squats: 365x10, 405x10>315x8>225x9

    Lying Leg Curls: 150x10, 150x7>120x6>90x5

    Donkey Calf Raise 380x15, 380x15

    General feel:
    Yesterday I had a great day blood sugar wise I never fealt like I was getting weak or ready to pass out like I had the few days before. I didn't really change too much but yesterday was different. So far today I really don't feel like I am going to have that issue. I took my second dose of ReCreate almost 2 hours ago and I haven't experienced the feeling yet. Other than this mood has been great. I still feel like I am King Sh*t! I finally got a little sore again after pushing the squats a little harder, I noticed it yesterday evening,but it is gone now. LOL I hope my quds get the same from the Hacks today.

    Nutritional Changes. I cut out about 10-15 grams of carbs from the meal surrounding my weight workout. Just not a comfortable feeling having had that much oatmeal and I really don't want to feel bloated. That and I think it is a nice and easy way to lower calories marginally. I believe that next week I may stop the P-Slin and go with an AP before my unfed workout and another AP as soon as I finish lifting and then just go with 20-40 grams carbs to get the nice recomp effect without the extra carbs and calories. The week following I will probably cut out the carbs in my last meal as well.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  7. Cool Day 26

    So today has been great. I got up this morning and my foot wasn't hurting to badly so I decided to run on the treadmilll for the first time in a while. I had been doing nothing but walking the incline. I put that bad boy on a level 6 and ran for 45 minutes straight. I felt wonderful, fulll of energy and proud of myself when I finished. My buddy that talks to me while I try to workout even came up and held a converstaion with me during most of my last 5 minutes and I was able to take part in it without slowing down. It was just awesome to have that type of stamina on something I hadn't done recently. I weighed in at 189.75 this morning so I am pretty on point I think. The fat really seems to be coming down now. I think the closer I get the more noticeable the small changes are becoming. I really can't wait for the show. I just feel dominant so I feel I am going to tear it up at the show. Good to feel positive like that. I love this stack. All of the layoffs and everything else around me and I have still managed to keep my head up. I would have normally let all of this have a larger effect on my stress levels.

    Run on treadmill: 45 minutes 5 mile per hour, 4 miles, 664 calories.
    AB Work, 3 sets of Draw Bridges and Crunches until failure.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  8. I am very happy with results this week. I have not lost any weight but my skin folds went down noticeably.

    I don’t have a lot of time unfortunately so I will just give yesterdays workout and today stats this week. I will put up better pics tomorrow…. Well my internet connection went out on me yesterday so this I am putting up my log today. I will probably post up again later today if I get a chance. I took some better pics with a different camera. Unfortunately the self time was stuck on 3 seconds so I was having to jump in front of the camera and try to pose before it shot. LOL. Pictures could be better with someone else at the camera. LOL WELL CRAP 4RTH TIME NOW TRYING TO POST UPDATE!!! AAAAUGGHHHHH!!!!!! So much for that euphoric feeling eh? LOL I will have to come back to do pics. Connection is horrible.

    Bench 275x5, 260x6>235x8>185x5
    Wide Grip Pull Ups 12, 8>6 chin>10 70 pull down
    Behind Neck Standing Military Press 155x8, 155x6>105x12>95x6
    Trap Bar Dead Lifts 325x12 375x13 375x8>325x10>275x10
    Over Head Curl Bar Triceps Extension 125x12, 125x10>75x8
    EZ Curl 125x10, 125x7>75x6

    Age: 36 Enter your age to calculate body fat%
    Date: 3/15/2009
    Skinfold Site Start, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4
    Pectoral 6, 5, 4, 4, 3
    Abdomen 12, 11, 10, 11, 10
    Quadricep 8, 7, 7, 7, 6
    TOTAL 26, 23, 21, 22, 19
    Bodyweight 191, 190, 189, 188, 188

    Weight change from beginning - -3
    % Bodyfat 8.46, Week 4 - 6.22
    lbs Bodyfat 16.15, Week 4 - 11.7
    Fat Mass change from beginning - -4.45

    % Lean Mass 91.54 Week 4 - 93.77
    lbs Lean Mass 174.84 Week 4 - 176.29
    Lean Mass Change from beginning - + 1.45

    Start Week 4
    Body Part L, R, L, R,
    Quads 24, 24, 24 , 24 1/2
    Calves 16, 16 1/8, 16 , 16 3/8
    Forearms 12 , 12 , 12 , 12 1/2
    Arms 15 1/8, 15 1/3, 15 5/8, 15 5/8
    Arms (flexed)16 5/8, 16 5/8, 16 , 16 3/4
    Shoulders 51 9/16, 51 3/4
    Chest 47, 46 15/16
    Waist 33, 32 1/8
    Weight 191, 188

    From my stats and measurements I am going up in areas I want and down where it needs to be going. I am VERY HAPPY with my results so far.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  9. Gaining mass while cutting .... gotta love it!! With a herbal product to boot!!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  10. Great results so far!

  11. Combined update - Internet down yesterday.

    Yesterday's update. Well attack of the bad connection again. My ISP is done for. I ordered AT&T U-verse yesterday because I am OVER COMCAST!!!

    I had another great workout today was pumped and feeling strong. I think my weakness in the morning has been from my body turning back to using carbs for energy a little more so my unfed workouts are suffering a little. I had my P-Slin and meal an hour before my workout and just smashed it.

    DB Bench press 120x7, 120x5>90x5>65x4

    Cable Row Wide grip palms facing each other: 140x10,

    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press: 115ps x10, 115ps x10>90x10>45x7

    Curls 115x9, 115x7>85x6>65x5

    Leg press giant set 5px10>6pX5>7pX5>8pX5>9X5>8pX5> 7pX3>6X3
    P = 45 lb plates

    Leg Extension 240x9>210x7>190x6

    Leg Curls 140x10>110x8>90x5

    Overall Feel:
    I am feeling like superhero or something just full of positive aggression. I feel like I found the key to what was the waining strength even though I am gaining muscle. Carbs!!!!! I got my body used to running off of fat most of the time so my weights were pretty constant on the low carb diet. Since introducing AP and P-Slin I have increase my carbs by almost 300% which is still pretty low by other standards. Well having carbs to run on is AMAZING when I am fed and working out, but after an overnight fast I just don't have the blood sugar to power me through like I had before.

    So I have a decision to make here.
    Do I?
    A: Get up an extra hour early and take an AP or P-Slin and wait 15 minutes have some carbs then try to Nap?

    B: Set the alarm for 15-20 minutes earlier and have an AP, 2 ReCreate and water next to my bed, take it then snooze for 15 minutes get up and slam 10-15 grams of WMS with 3 PRIME get dressed and go to the gym while sipping on my workout BCAA and 10 g WMS drink.

    C: Suck up my ego continue lifting just a wee bit lighter and rejoice in the fact that I am burning more fat by working out in the fasted state. All the while the BCAAs along with my AP, Prime, and PowerFULL are keeping me in an ANABOLIC STATE and I AM STILL GAINING MUSCLE!!!!! Yes I know I was yelling but I AM EXCITE ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!

    Well Honestly only the last two are options I am willing to take. SO what do you guys think?

    A question for those of you who are versed in the usage and methods of AP or P-Slin: With this being in the morning after a fast it seems there is a high possibility of the WMS causing an insulin spike regardless of the AP and or P-Slin. Does this seem to be the case in anyones studies or anectdotal info? If not aware of this. Your body tends to have a bit of a memory when it comes to insulin secretion. If your last meal caused and insulin spike due to high simple carb content then the following meals it takes less carbs to elicit a similiar response in insulin secretion. That being the case, would result in my body producing more insulin throughout the day to lesser carbohydrate doses thusly increasing fat storage and other negative sides of insulin? I do not want to program my body for this first thing in the morning.

    That being said, who has input?
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  12. I am all for giving he ego a kick in the asss... I get caught up in this myself all the time. I want to lift more weight when the lighter weight enables me to reach my goal, because I can use better form and get better contractions. We have to remember why were doing this, were not powerlifters. Lifting extra weight to impress that sweet little number in the tight black spandex is not going to do us much good, who incidently is much more impressed with how good you look and could not give a damn how much you lift.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  13. I made the decision last night to do a combination of both A, and C. I am going to suck it up on Tuesday and Thursday then have a nice P-Slin / meal supported workout on Saturday when I have the oppurtunity to refeed, but only for the next two Saturdays. After that I am going to cut out the larger carbohydrate meals required by P-Slin and only use the Anabolic Pump which works well with less carbs.

    Unfortunately I love hitting the weights hard and heavy. I am never doing it to impress anyone else but myself. That continuous drive to do better make my mind want to see weights increasing and when they go down AAAAUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Of course the other part of me, that new part that is starting to enjoy the discipline and challenge of the diet and competition prep is loving the results in the mirror. I just have to remember my goal right now is only appearance based and the only reason to use the p-slin these last two times is to get those last bursts of growth and anabolism, and not to lift heavier.

    Oh yeah, you are SOOOOO right about the ladies, they love the abs and cuts more than the snorting, growling, and heaving of watching us lift heavy. However, I am a gross sweaty fool with two towels at my gym one for me and one for the equipment I use. So I can't be looking too sexy to anyone. LOL

    As for this week it looks like I will have had the oppurtunity to have fed workouts all week. My son is with his Dad so the wife and I can't go to the gym in the morning before work because no one would be home with our 5 year old. We have had to work out later in the day. So I guess it comes at a good time in the contest prep before I have to start shutting the carbs down more. Here is to a SWOLE week!
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  14. Positive Aggression gone wrong...

    Well there I was rushing to finish my preworkout meal as i left work so I could work out in the garage. Standing on sidewalk waiting for my wife to pick me up for an extra 30 minutes begins the frustration but no big deal. I surf the forums with my blackberry and continue to ook at my watch. Okay good she gets there just in time to only throw my supplement schedule off by about 15-20 minutes. I tell myself no big deal I can workout 30-45 minutes later. We are running late so a friend picks up my daighter from daycare we go to get her. Another added 15 minutes. NOOOO.... So we get home and I take my Jack3d, 3 PRIME,3 PowerFULL and another 1.5g SuperSaponins. I was really planning an all out war on the weights!!!!! I give my supps the time to kick in and I mean I am AMPED UP LIKE A SNORTING BULL within 20-25 minutes. I get out start to warm up. Well a bad situation arose and I had to go back in to deal with it.

    Now honestly my mind was only on that workout. It was THE workout. I had been craving this all day like it was a crack fix or something. Well I don't know if you have ever been around a junky when you are getting in the way of there fix but my mind kept going back and forth between the crap I was being forced to deal with and the fact I was missing what I had set up to be the most aggressive workout I had in a while. Well apparently being that Jack3d up, intense and aggressive already while getting pushed to my limits triggered what I can only assume was the fight or flight response in my pituitary gland because I had a major flash of anger. I did not direct it at anyone but I sure flew off the handle no less. Well it was a short lived burst of fowl language and and anger kind of like a bull ride 8 seconds of bucking snorting and letting everyone know being near me is not where you want to be right now. Well I calmed myself rather quickly because I recognized I was a grown man having a temper tantrum.

    However the damage was done!The surge of adreneline had left me with nothing left. By the time I got out to the garage 2 1/2 hours after my pre-workout meal and a temper tantrum,I had to push as hard as possible to lift weights that are normally easy to me. Even between sets I felt weak and finishing the workout was almost impossible.

    So just remember this guys, setting yourself up for being aggressive can occasionally back fire. Watch your temper when on stims and what not and remind yourself if feeling angered that hey I intentionally made myself aggressive for the weights I need to limit my aggression to that. I wasn't hurtful to anyone just I just embarrassed myself. I am only warning you BECAUSE MY WORKOUT SUCKED AS A RESULT!!!

    On another but similiar note to anyone who competes. Do you find yourself getting more aggitated any time something gets in the way of your schedule? Curious if this is typical stress of the competition prep as well.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  15. Yesterdays post

    I was a little confused by my stats below. I have a strong suspicion where some of the differences come from but am not exactly sure now of what my actual body weight was through out the span of the log. I had been weighing on a normal floor scale at my house. Well this morning it was all over the place, as far as weighing goes. I had been having to move it around pretty much all this time to try to get it in the same spot it was before so the readings would be right. Not sure how succesful I was. Well this morning I just decided that I was going to go up into the gym unfed not having had a drink or anything and weigh myself. To my surprise I was 183, the other day I weighed on it at the gym and I was 186 after having eaten twice and drank a good 64 oz of water already. So I think perhaps my home scale has been overweighing. I am also looking much leaner than I did last week, and don't look smaller. I will post up my pics with this or later today. I have nottaken them but I see a lot more definition in the mirror than I was last week. Out of curiosity I did run some numbers I think that my home scale was 5 lbs off, so I ran the numbers at a more reserved 3 lbs off just to see. I put some of those adjusted weight numbers below jut to maybe see where I probably came from. The most important reason I am redoing this is that my progress up to now is how I am gauging the rest of my approach. Now looking at the measurements from the beginning to last week to this week from an oerall aspect I think the measurements confirm my suspicions that my scale at home s off. Even though it is a rest day Sundays I am going to take the time to drive to the gym to weigh myself on the triple beam scale for accuracy. As you can see regardless of which chart last week was a bad week for me. I even lost muscle, I missed a some meals due to a lot of stress and craziness at work. Not even time to make a shake. Well this week I WILL make sure to get my meals in. I think I will get that muscle back. On a positive note my waist was 31.5 inches today! That is a good loss. Also this actually puts me closer to landing in the middle weights instead of light heavy, and I think that is too my advantage. I assume I had at least a pound of close and my shoes on if not more so in trunks I am probably 181 right now so the 176 1/4 is very doable now.

    Skinfold Site Start Week 4 Week 5
    Pectoral 6 3 3
    Abdomen 12 10 9
    Quadricep 8 6 6
    TOTAL 26 19 18
    Bodyweight 191 188 183
    Weight change from previous -0 -5
    Weight change from beginning -3 -8
    % Bodyfat 8.46 6.22 5.90
    lbs Bodyfat 16.15 11.70 11.10
    Fat Mass change from previous -1.80 -0.60
    Fat Mass change from beginning - 4.45 4.45
    % Lean Mass 91.53 93.77 94.09
    lbs Lean Mass 174.84 176.29 172.19
    Lean Mass Change from Previous - 1.81 -4.1
    Lean Mass Change from beginning - 1.45 -2.64

    Start Week 4 Week 5
    Body Part L R L R L R
    Quads 24 24, 24 1/2 24 1/2 24 1/2 24 1/2
    Calves 16 16 1/8, 16 1/4 16 3/8, 16 1/4 16 3/8
    Forearms 12 1/4 12 1/2, 12 1/4 12 1/2, 12 1/4 12 1/2
    Arms 15 1/8 15 1/3, 15 5/8 15 5/8, 15 1/2 15 1/2
    Arms (flexed) 16 5/8 16 5/8, 16 3/4 16 3/4, 16 1/2 16 1/2
    Shoulders 51 9/16, 51 3/4 51 3/4
    Chest 47, 46 15/16, 46 7/8
    Waist 33, 32 1/8, 31.5
    Weight 191, 188, 183

    Adjusted weight would be 188,185,183

    ADJUSTED WEIGHT LBM, and Fat Mass percenages.

    Skinfold Site Start Week 4 Week 5
    Pectoral 6, 3, 3
    Abdomen 12, 10, 9
    Quadricep 8, 6, 6
    TOTAL 26, 19, 18
    Bodyweight 188, 185, 183
    Weight change from previous 0, -2
    Weight change from beginning - -5
    Fat Mass change from beginning -4.38 -4.98
    lbs Lean Mass 172.09, 173.47, 172.19
    Lean Mass Change from Previous 1.77, -1.28
    Lean Mass Change from beginning 1.38 0.09
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  16. update

    Well I was going to put pics up but I haven't been able to post to this site for a while now. I am actually looking pretty good and the loose skin is lessening as my skin folds go down.

    Today I did cardio, 45 minute treadmill interval training. I burned 618 cals. I ate every meal and everything as I should. At lunch I went out and ran 1.5 miles out and walked back quickly to cool down . Was excellent!
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  17. Update and hopefully pics will post.

    First I would like to say that the intial reason I began this log was to get my money back if the USP Labs products did not deliver. Well I am happy to say that I am only logging this for the documentation and pure apprectiation for what the products have helped me achieve in my contest preparation so far. I will post up a few more pics I snapped this morning just to show you the differences just a week made. My workouts have been amazing recently and I am really enjoying my preparation. I feel very confident in my ability to win my class and more importantly once I know my posing is down I will even be confident that the overall is within my grasp. I will trake time to get some of my weights from my past few workouts up soon but bottom line is if this this log was a daily thing that was almost a chore when the responisbility was to the money back guarantee but now I have no concern for that part of it and only educating others on the fact this has been the best stack I have used to date, and I have used a lot of supplements over my 24 years in the game.

    Well I tried to update my pics and still get an error uploading so here is a link to a progress video I shot last week. You can see I have come a long way in the past month and a half.

    I just wanted to get a good look at myself, my USPLabs stack testimonial didn't have good light and I want to see the fruits of my labor. - AnabolicMinds

    Here are my stats as off yesterday as well.

    Start Week 6
    Body Part L R L R
    Quads 24 24 , 24 3/8 24 3/8
    Calves 16 16 1/8 16 1/4 16 1/5
    Forearms 12 1/4 12 1/2 12 3/8 12 1/2
    Arms 15 1/8 15 1/3 15.25 15 1/2
    Arms (flexed) 16 5/8 16 5/8 16 3/8 16 1/2
    Shoulders 51 9/16 51 5/8
    Chest 47 46.5
    Waist 33 31 1/4
    Weight 191 182

    Skinfold Site Start Week 6
    Pectoral 6 3
    Abdomen 12 8
    Quadricep 8 4
    TOTAL 26 15
    Bodyweight 188 182
    Weight change from previous - -1
    Weight change from beginning - -6
    % Bodyfat 8.46 4.93
    lbs Bodyfat 15.90 8.97
    Fat Mass change from previous - -1.94
    Fat Mass change from beginning - -6.92
    % Lean Mass 91.53 95.06
    lbs Lean Mass 172.09 173.02
    Lean Mass Change from Previous 0.82 yes recovered some muscle mass
    Lean Mass Change from beginning 0.92

    Most measurements are actualy up from beginning except for shoulders, waist, and which I was holding a good amounf of fat on.
    Last edited by MrKleen73; 03-30-2009 at 04:05 PM. Reason: Pictures will not post. Put link to progess video on instead.
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  18. So you dropped almost 7 lbs of fat and gained almost a pound of muscle mass... this used to be impossible in natural contest prep. You may be competing as much as 8-10 lbs heavier than you might have without these products... Everybody reading this thread stop and think about that. Yes the rules have changed...

    I was wondering if the tremendous ability for this product to help you retain mass while cutting continued to be significant when you got closer to contest body fat. I guess my question is answered. Damn that means I could probably compete at 220 or so... fuk!!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  19. Damn!! just looked at the vid... what a transformation!! You look both bigger and way the fug leaner!!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug
  20. Amazing isn't it!

    Even though I cut calories last week I gained lean mass just from actually gettin my meals in. Consistency is key there. Now I am trying to get weight off so I can land in the middleweights. I think I should be able to dominate that weightclass in a novice class. Most of my skin has tightened up, just a tiny bit under my chest a very litle on my lower abs and some at the bottom of my back. I think all of it will be gone or of no consequence by the show and drying out. I am extremely excited and cant wait to see the finished product.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  21. Oh yah you will do very well in that class, exciting times!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug
  22. P-Slin carb refeed every 3rd day.

    I wanted to update everyone on some dietary changes. I have dropped the daily carb meals for the next few weeks in an effort to pull down the pounds and get my body ready for some super compensation on game day. I am also using this approach because it is my first competition and I want to do at least one or two deplete and refeeds to simulate peak weak. I have the mass right now to get away with it and will hopefully be able to come in with some psuedo experience having already done so. My training is already basically similiar to most of the glycogen depletion workouts I have seen so starting tomorrow evening I am cutting back on water starting some normal diuretics and will begin testing some of my methods to dry out. This week I am testing the bathtub dehydration method to see how it works. I will try to document the differences in some before and after pics or a video. Wish me luck!

    I had the carb meal that Snagency suggested to me the night before last. I did as he suggested and took the P-Slin then slow fibrous veggies, fat, then oats then fruit.

    Wow, I woke up with a pump yesterday morning, well at least looking very full. I have been running low carb again for the past week, and apparently had finally started depleting some carbs and well the supercompensation of the refeed is noticeable to say the least.

    On another note, I weighed in with no shoes today and am just under 180 of course I need to go and do it on the triple beam at the gym but I know that I have lost some weight. All water I am sure with how many carbs I have cut.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  23. Don't do to many depletes and refeeds too close to contest. I have always suspected that refeeds of this nature work better when done less often. Like your body gets desensitized by the repeated carbups. It's just a theory and maybe you should ask Snag.. the nutrient partitioning products may alleviate some of this problem.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  24. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    Don't do to many depletes and refeeds too close to contest. I have always suspected that refeeds of this nature work better when done less often. Like your body gets desensitized by the repeated carbups. It's just a theory and maybe you should ask Snag.. the nutrient partitioning products may alleviate some of this problem.
    I mentioned it to him the other day. He seemed to think at least one would be a good idea to get the idea. I may not totally deplete myself for the bathtub attempt, just see how much water it gets subcutaneously. From what I have read so far you do not need to be quite as depleted with that method. However if it works well I still have to consider timimg my tan application around it and possible moisture soaking in through skin afterwards. I guess it is an issue with this method. So I will keep my diet as normal and instead of my typical carb meal I will do a clena carb up through out the day as I would on game day. Then back to eating as usual on Sunday. This will also give me an idea of where I need to be scale weight to make weight howver I am not very concerned about that at tis point. I only have 3 lbs to go in 5 weeks time. I imagine I will see a few Lbs drop from the dehydration so I am confident about acheiveing 176.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  25. Your way ahead of schedule which is good, you will be able to get really thin skinned...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug


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