Coug's GL X-Mass Log (sponsored)

  1. Coug's GL X-Mass Log (sponsored)

    I want to thank GL for the opportunity to log this product. I have not run a ph/ds for a while and I'm stoked to see what kind of results I can get out of this cycle. I have a very busy schedule with school and work and watching my little girl, but I love to lift/run. My main goals for this cycle are to increase Lean mass and Strength while keeping the bf% where it's at if not losing a little. I have a lot of ph/ds experience, but I have yet to run a dienolone product. I usually don't have any bp issues and I'm not to worried about hepatoxicity with this cycle, so supports will just be my normal multi and fish oil.

    Age: 24
    6'1'' 205 lbs.
    ~11% body fat (calipers)


    - I try and run about 4-5 times a week and I am training for a half-marathon at the end of April. (I ran a marathon in the middle of my very first Havoc cycle, so I don't expect the X-mass to affect me in a negative way with regards to endurance.)

    -I lift weights 6 days a week and rest on Sunday.

    - Mon-Chest/tri's, Tue-Back/Bi's, Wed-Legs, Thur-Chest/tri's, Fri-Shoulders, Sat-Arms. (I also work abs/core everyday.)

    On-Cycle Supplements

    - I plan on taking 3 caps/day of X-Mass for 30 days and then start PCT.
    - GL BCAA-EE, Whey Protein, Fish oil, BA, Xtend, Cordygen-5, RPM, Multi, and Phenadrine.
    - I eat about 3500 cals/day clean.
    - Current Daily Water Intake ~1.2 gallons


    -Nolva 20/10/10
    -CEL PCT Assist
    -Lean Xtreme
    -ATD (started in week 3 50/25/25)
    -Sam-e (400mg/day)
    -Whey Protein, Fish oil, BA, Xtend, Cordygen-5, RPM, Multi, and Phenadrine

  2. Sub'd - good luck w/ it!

  3. Day 1

    Weight: 206 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Good
    Strength: Probably just placebo effect, but I felt very strong today.


    Bench Press 5x15/10/6/4/3 (last set was with 320 lbs.)
    Incline DB Bench 4x8/6/4/3 (Last set was with the 120s)
    Incline DB Flies 3x10/8/6
    Weighted Dips 3x10
    Skullcrushers 3x10
    One Arm Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdowns 4x10


    3.5 miles

    I actually took my first three pills yesterday even though I didn't workout. Today I dosed another three, evenly spread out of course. I had a great workout today and lots of energy. I was sweating like crazy too when I was barely half-way through my workout.

  4. I'm curious to see how your endurance is while on.

  5. Day 2

    Weight: 207 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Very aggressive today
    Strength: I felt pretty strong
    Endurance: I didn't run today, but my endurance while lifting was way up. I am sweating like crazy too!


    Wide-grip Pull-ups 3x12
    T-Bar Rows 4x12,10,8,6
    Behind the neck pull-downs 4x12,10,8,6
    Seated Rows/Extensions 3x12,10,8
    Close Grip Pull-downs 3x12,10,8
    Hammer Curls 3x12,10,8
    Barbell Curls 3x10,8,6
    Seated Preacher Curls

    I had a really solid workout Today and I felt like I could have lifted for another 30-45 minutes. Pumps were great during biceps. I have been noticing that I get more sore than usual a few hours after my workouts. I'll be sure to add how my endurance is affected as well. The only ph/ds that really killed my endurance was M-drol.

  6. Day 3

    Weight: 207 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Pissed off!
    Strength: Good
    Endurance: About the same


    Front Squats 3x12,9,6
    Leg Extensions 4x12,10,8,6
    Seated Leg-Curl 4x12,10,8,6


    5.5 miles

    For some reason today I was very irritable. Even the slightest little things were setting me off. I love this type of aggression in the gym but it doesn't come in super handy when I'm in my research lab trying to get assays done. I had a good run in the morning and then went back tonight to do some light legs. No sides to report yet except for the aggression. I am starting to feel harder and stronger. I doubled my dose of BCAA-EE today which I think is helping me recover quicker and not get so sore.

  7. Day 4

    Weight: 207 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Not quite as aggressive today.
    Strength: Very Good
    Endurance: Good


    Bench Press 6x15/10/6/4/4/3
    Incline Bench 4x8/6/4/3
    Flat DB Bench 3x10/8/6
    Incline DB Flies 3x10/8/6
    Cable Crossovers 3x12/10/8
    Skull Crushers 4x10
    One-arm reverse triceps pushdowns 3x12/10/8

    I had a long day on campus today, but I still had a great workout tonight. I felt very strong on bench and my triceps felt like rocks they were so pumped. I didn't have enough time to get a run in, but had great endurance during my workout and I'm still sweating like a pig.

  8. Lookin good! I may bump my dose up to 3x a day.

  9. good progress.

  10. Day 5

    Weight: 208 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Fair
    Strength: Great
    Endurance: Good


    Behind the Neck Military Press 4x10/8/6/4 (last set was with 225 lbs.)
    Wide-grip upright rows 4x8/8/6/6
    Seated Arnolds 4x12/10/8/6
    DB Alternating Front Raises 3x12/10/8
    Standing DB Laterals 4x12/10/8/6
    Barbell Reverse Shrugs 3x15/12/9
    DB Shrugs 3x12/10/8


    5 miles

    I was a little sluggish today, but once I hit the gym I got a pretty good burst of energy. I can still feel the increased aggression and I started to get headaches today at the gym, probably due to increased bp. Endurance is still good.

  11. Day 6

    Weight: 210 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Great
    Strength: Good
    Endurance: Felt fine in the gym.


    Squats 4x6/5/4/3 (last set with 225 lbs.)
    Front Squats 3x10 (135 lbs.)
    Leg Curls 4x12/10/8/6
    Leg Extensions 4x12/10/8/6
    DB Stiff-legged Deadlifts 3x12/10/8
    Hammer Curls 3x12/10/8
    Barbell Curls 3x10/8/6

    I decided to do another light leg workout this week instead of running today. Things have been busy with school and in the lab so I spent a ton of time on campus today. Workout was good though and I'm still feeling strong. I can tell that the weigh gain is starting to come on.

  12. Day 7

    Weight: 211 lbs
    Mood/Focus: Good
    Strength: N/A
    Endurance: I was able to make it through 3 hours of church.


    Rest Day

    I love being able to rest and recoup on Sundays. I actually felt like I wanted to go to the gym today but I resisted. I think it's better that I just rest up for the coming week. The first week on x-mass has been pretty good. I can't say that It has kicked in full gear yet but I am definitely starting to feel the effects. Only negatives have been aggression and some headaches caused by increased bp.

  13. has this ended ?
    Team Orbit

  14. Bump, Did you finish the cycle/log?


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