Found them for a good price, so decided what the heck and gave it a shot.

Nothing out of the ordinary

1 Scoop - Zilch
2 Scoop - Comparable to a cup of coffee
3 Scoop - WOW! Excellent mental focus too. Would highly recommend this for major cramming sessions or late night duty

EDIT: I consume at least 4 mugs of coffee a day, so YMMV

At 3 scoops, its pretty cost ineffecitve. But if you can get it on the cheap, its pretty damn worth it. I got them for $12 off a buddy.

Think of sprite/7-up that has lost most of the fizz. I liked the little bit of fizz though. Heard the new version, Jack3d, would not have the fizz.

Mixes pretty well. No bitter tasting sediment at the bottle, like what I experienced with Vasocharge.

So far, I have mainly used it for conditioning sessions like sprints, stair-runs and burpee ladders. Found it effective for the mental edge to push myself through the last reps. I would actually recommend this product just purely because the mental focus (at 3 scoops) has been nothing I experienced.
Plus the it really kills the appetite, so its a plus if you're cutting and minus if you're bulking.