MusclePharm Bullet Proof log

  1. MusclePharm Bullet Proof log

    I applied for a chance to log BulletProof, MusclePharm's sleep and recovery formula, and was fortunate to be chosen to do so. For more information on BulletProof, follow this link:
    Musclepharm: Pre Workout Matrix

    Essentially, I will be using BulletProof in hopes to speed recovery, which in turns will yield faster progression. I have been an avid CrossFitter since Spring of last year, and I'm currently following the mainsite workouts ( for the most part. Progress is, ideally, continual, but sometimes that can be subjective. So I have been paying due attention towards repeating certain "benchmark" workouts, or at the very least comparing similiar workouts in how they felt/went.

    I currently follow a strict Paleo diet, which is short for "Paleolithic". Eat like a caveman... "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar." No grains, no processed foods. The one borderline exception I have has been sweet potatoes, which is a gray area. Have been incorporating those into my diet for glycogen replenishment in the mornings and after workouts.

    My training schedule, generally speaking, is 3 days on/1 day off. Rinse repeat. Some days I'll stretch it to 4 on, but very rarely 5. If I bomb a workout, or changeup a workout into a skill day (low intensity), this is often the reason why I'll push past my normal guideline of 3 on/1 off. In CrossFit, that has been the ideal programming for the masses.

    With that said, I will be dosing BulletProof on my workout days. I tried out BulletProof last night, and I was very impressed to say the least. Placebo or not, I felt locked on today. Woke up groggy, as if I could fall back asleep for several more hours very easily, but within 5-10 minutes... I was wide awake and really ready for the day. I'm assuming that was just shaking off the remnants of the sleep inducing ingredients, which really helped to spur a deep, recooperative sleep. Today was my off day, so I will not be dosing tonight.

    Shoot me any questions that arise.

  2. In, Good Luck.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. Dosed BP on Thursday evening, a training day, and took advantage of a cleared schedule... as in, got in TEN hours of sleep. Normally, I can't sleep past 7:00 am or so. 8:00 at the absolute latest, and that's pushing a good 8 hours rest. I logged 10 solid hours of sleep, and felt absolutely incredible.

    Unforunately, I did not perform as I had hoped in my workout, but that was due to some programming issues (heavy squat clean WOD followed by more squat cleans three days afterso). Was bummed on that note, but felt phenominal nonetheless.

    Friday night - did not dose - went out. Had a few drinks, and did not get a solid 8 hours. YET, I felt completely fine. The deep rest I landed on Thursday evening carried over, and I nearly set a huge personal record on a benchmark workout. I have been expecting to hit the perpetual wall tonight, and just want to pass out early, but it still hasn't come. Sleep is valuable, and a great nights sleep carries days over. I'm hooked on the potential, and I'm looking forward to dosing tonight and on the rest of my training days. Will be dosing 3on/1 off, 2 on/1 off.

    Shoot me any questions that arise. Also, just to reiterate something... I train CrossFit, which isn't too popular (at least not yet). I can post my workouts if anyone wants to see them, to get a better idea as to what I'm doing, if that would help anyone. Some workouts may confuse many, which is why I havn't been logging them here.

  4. In. I'm logging it too, and liking it. The sleep has been pretty damn good, and now I'm noticing some quicker recovery and even a better complection.

  5. Locked on a new schedule, and will be dosing on all days except for Tuesday evenings and Friday evenings. Changed up the program a bit as well, incorporating more strength work (which I need) into my CrossFit routine. Received a template on how to properly combine the two, and looking forward to seeing how things go. Enough subjective stuff though, I'm just going to start listing my workout numbers:

    Strict overhead press 3x5 (ascending): 145x5, 150x5, 155x4(fail)

    Met-con (metabolic conditioning):
    7 rounds for time:
    -- 10 x Sumo-deadlift high pulls (95lbs)
    -- 10 x Ring dips
    Time: 5:17

  6. I am in. How is BP working for you? i am doing the assault and BP

  7. Off day yesterday, did not dose.

    Today's WOD:
    Back squats (1 working set) - 265x5
    Squat clean (1 working set) - 215x1
    Met-con: 5-4-3-2-1 repititions of
    - Powercleans (185lb)
    - Thrusters (135lb)
    - Burpees
    Time: ~6:30

    Gymnastics - Muscle-ups and L-sits on rings

    Started failing powerclean reps on the 4's... went severly downhill from there. My last powerclean took 5 attempts to get it, and I ended up dropping it into a squat clean as I couldn't get the necessary height. Learned a lot today, for sure.

    Recovery feels phenominal. Dosing tonight, and plan on hitting it hard again tommarow.

  8. Don't feel bad about the powercleans, they are a hard exercise for a lot of people. I personally have never been able to clean more than 225 pounds, yet I can do 225 sets of 6. Its a very mentally intensive movement and big oaths like myself just don't have the coordination lol.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  9. Last weekly training cycle went phenominal. Set PR's in my strength routine, and I feel great. The most noticable mention is the nearly nonexistant DOMS. I've had some great workouts these past three days, and I've been expecting to wake up hurting. Instead, I almost feel good to go. Not dosing tonight, as today was an off day.


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