Voodoo74's Generic Labz X-Mass log (Sponsored)

  1. Voodoo74's Generic Labz X-Mass log (Sponsored)

    Voodoo74ís Generic Labz sponsored X-MASS log

    This is my first foray into more extensive supplements so advice is defiantly appreciated. (As Iíve not done this before so Iím blatantly copying MgoBlueís format.)

    Personal Info:

    34 years old
    5í7Ē 154
    BF% 28.7

    i.e. A definite beginner in all of this.

    PH Experience:

    Training Regiment:

    Getting to the gym about 5 day a week currently

    Day 1: Cardio/Chest/Tricep
    Day 2: Cardio/Back/Bicep
    Day 3: Cardio/Legs/Shoulders
    +Stomach exercises on any day I have time

    I know lots of cardio might be counterproductive to some of my goals but I find it keeps my mental health on an even keel so its staying.

    After getting to the gym fairly regularly last year with some results, more fitness more than muscle growth, I hadnít been much since October (holiday/ill/xmas). Got back to 2/week from Jan and now up to 5/week again.

    I have a program review at the gym soon so this might all change then.

    Iíve been upping my calories and splitting it into 6 meals/day which is going ok so far. Iíve also making sure Iím getting lots of water in the daytime.

    Other supplements currently using;
    Multivitamin +Vit C + Garlic
    369 Omega Oil

    Not sorted out what Iím going to be doing PCT yet, I figured that I should see how the X-Mass is affecting me and once Iíve got through half the cycle see what needs to be done. Iím a student so I have definite budget limits though.

    I should be able to post nearly every day, but Iíll defiantly post for each day, even if itís a day late. Iíll be commenting on weight, strength, mood, libido, sleep and appearance in the mirror. Iíve not taken measurements before so Iíll skip that as I donít think itíll be very accurate

    Iíll get a start picture up soon and post more pictures if I think there are noticeable results.

    As I said comments and advice are appreciated but donít get too technical Ė I might be pretty smart when it comes to Uni but this is all new to me.

    Thanks to Generic Labz.

  2. The X-mass arrived today, I'm away tomorrow so I'll start on Friday and first log post should be up Saturday.

  3. Day 1 – Feb 13th
    Strength: New program so hard to judge
    Mood: Good, coping with stress well
    Libido: Same
    Sleep: Slept well for the first half of the night but after I woke in the night I never really got back to sleep properly – not unusual for me.
    Mirror: Nothing to note

    First day of new program as well – instructor has me on a Matrix program and I have to say its hard going but feels like its doing good. Chest and shoulders today. Following advice I’m taking 40mg with both pre and post shake.

  4. Day 2 – Feb 14th
    Weight: 158lbs (after work out)
    Strength: Sill only second day of new program
    Mood: Excellent, but then again it was valentines day.
    Libido: Ditto
    Sleep: Slept well
    Mirror: nothing to note

    Don’t ache as much as I thought I would this morning after yesterdays work out.

  5. Day 3 – Feb 15th
    Strength: Now been once through program so can start to compare
    Mood: Excellent
    Libido: High, getting more ‘twitches’ than usual
    Sleep: Seemed to sleep ok but little energy first thing
    Mirror: nothing to note

    Remarkably little soreness from the new program workouts that are really pushing me.

  6. This being your first cycle; I'd expect to see some nice solid steady gains.. lift on

  7. Thanks for the encouragement xtraflossy.

  8. Day 4 – Feb 16th
    Strength: Tough going at the gym today, little energy
    Mood: Good
    Libido: Normal
    Sleep: Seemed to sleep ok but little energy for the gym and didn’t want to get up

    Chest and shoulders in the gym today – hard going with the lack of energy.

    From now on I’ll comment on sleep from the night before.

  9. Day 5 – Feb 17th
    Mood: Pissed and Sh*tty
    Libido: Meh
    Sleep: Good

    University to day so no gym. Everything that could go wrong this morning did leaving me in a bad mood all day. Looking forward to the gym tomorrow.

  10. Day 6 – Feb 18th
    Strength: Certainly up from last week
    Mood: Good
    Libido: Good
    Sleep: Good

    Good workout, on arms today;
    Swim (moderate lane swimming) 45 mins
    Hammer Curl – 4 Matrix sets
    Preacher Curl – 4 Matrix sets
    Standing Bicep Dumbbell Curl – 2 sets @ 10 reps
    Triceps Pushdowns – 4 Matrix sets
    Overhead Triceps Extensions – 4 Matrix sets
    Kickbacks – 4 Matrix sets
    Cable Crunches - 2 sets @ 25 reps

    Chatting to one of the personal trainers in the gym I got some advice about keeping my feet parallel when standing and pelvis level when sitting to help condition my abs better.

  11. Day 7 – Feb 19th
    Strength: Good
    Mood: Good
    Libido: Great
    Sleep: Good
    Mirror: Took another photo fro 2 weeks in – once I can post photos I’ll put up a progression.

    Swam for about 30 mins then chest and shoulders workout. I was with my mate so we did a standard 3 sets workout as opposed to matrix sets as that’s not ideal when you’re not alone.

    Lat Raises – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Shoulder Press – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Shrugs – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Flat bench press – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Pec Dec – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Cable flys – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Side Bends - 2 sets @ 17 reps
    Cable Crunches - 2 sets @ 25 reps

    Still not getting much soreness which does make me wonder if I’m doing something wrong or just doing something right.

  12. Day 8 – Feb 20th
    Weight: 160.5lbs (after work out)
    Strength: Good
    Mood: A little low
    Libido: OK
    Sleep: Good but massively overslept

    45 mins swim went well with only 1 rest break. After that in the gym;
    Leg Press – 4 Matrix sets
    Rotary calf – 3 sets @ 30 reps
    Leg Curl – 4 Matrix sets
    One arm dumbbell Row – 4 Matrix sets
    Lat Pulldown – 4 Matrix sets
    Underarm Lat Pulldown – 4 Matrix sets
    Leg raises – 2 sets @ 20 reps

    Any advice on the best course of action to target excess belly fat would be appreciated – though I’m defiantly putting on weight I’d like to feel more certain it isn’t fat.

  13. Day 9 – Feb 21st
    Strength: Good
    Mood: Good
    Libido: Good
    Sleep: Good

    Gym was good, was with my mate so I didn’t do any matrix sets.
    Swimming 30 mins
    Preacher Curls – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Hammer Curls – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Wrist Curls – 3 sets @ 25/25/20 reps
    Err… a bicep curl on the cables that my mate showed me that I don’t know what its called – 3 sets @ 20 reps
    Tricep Rope Pulldown – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Cable L-flys – 3 sets @ 15 reps
    Kickbacks – 3 sets @ 10 reps
    Side Bends - 2 sets @ 18 reps
    Cable Crunches - 2 sets @ 25 reps

    I was in a rush after the gym to eat and get out so forgot to take my second X-mass pill after workout. I ended up getting a bit trashed and it was gone 4am by the time I finally got to go to sleep – though it was fun it’s thrown me off schedule.

    Day 10 - Feb 22nd
    Mood: Good then Low then Good again
    Libido: Good
    Sleep: OK till I woke with hangover

    Feeling rough and tried today so only went for a 30 min swim at the gym. Even then felt quite shaky and light-headed for a while. Feeling a bit narked that so far I haven’t received an invite to an old mates wedding – but its probably just Royal Mail.

    Should get to the gym tomorrow but with Uni on tues and parents about wed-thurs I don’t think I’ll get much done this week.

  14. Day 11 - Feb 23nd
    Strength: Poor
    Mood: Low
    Sleep: OK but overslept

    No energy at the gym today and left feeling low. Impending doom of parental visit beginning to grate as well.

  15. Day 12 – Feb 24th
    Mood: Mixed
    Libido: Very High
    Sleep: Good
    Mirror: Nothing to note when stationary in from of the mirror but I think when I see my arms moving there is more there than before – perhaps is my body fat % was lower I’d be able to see more of what’s going on.

    No Gym today since was at Uni.

  16. Stuff happens - not able to get to the gym on a regular basis for now - hence suspending log

  17. If you are going to do all that cardio I would suggest doing cardio or weights earlier in the day and the other later in the day. If that is not possible do your cardio after the weights. This will leave you stronger for your weight training sessions and you will burn more fat during cardio because of lower blood glucose levels post workout.

  18. Any updates?

  19. With luck I'll be able to pick things up again next Monday (6th)


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