Body fortress protein?

  1. Body fortress protein?

    I'm not going to lie this **** is not bad, horrible as hell for taste. but the BCAA profile, overall content and price are damn good (just under 14 bucks for 14 servings with 52g protein.

    Anyone have info I should know before purchasing another? Beside the fact that it is quite possibly the worst tasting protein ever, because i know that

  2. My GF used to use lean desert. If you mix a scoop of lean desert (coconut candy bar flavor) with a scoop of body fortress chocolate, it is one of the best tasting protein shakes I have ever had. She used to get pissed when her lean desert came up missing!

  3. If that's all you can afford then stick with it..
    I personally go withATW.
    ATW has great prices and flavors.

  4. I used it and enjoyed it. Its just protein though..

  5. Money isnt my entire reason for purchase. but i may try the lean desert idea!



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