Which prohormone should I take

  1. Which prohormone should I take

    Hello,This is my 1st Prohormone, so please help. Iam 43yrs old,6ft 3, 244lbs. Iwant to try a prohormrne, I have been lifting for 4 yrs. I have purchased some otc pct & support cycle to help. I would like to try M-Drol. I want to bulk up so that is why I pick M-Drol. But I feel I don't have the right pct. Where can I get Clomid? What do you recommend for me for starters. Would otc pct do the job if I take M-Drol?

  2. prohormones are considered anabolics you want to post this question on that forum, you'll get better responses there, also asking for sources is against the board rules... you'll need to find your own source for clomid!

    good luck,

  3. Thanks alot man I just join and a little confused will get it right

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dead game 43 View Post
    Thanks alot man I just join and a little confused will get it right
    np, learn your way around you'll find lots of ppl willing to help you out, welcome to the board.

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