1. MASS FX i need info PLEASE HELP

    Hey 19 years old im 210 and i wanna start getting big..right now im kind of chuby and i have some muscle.. my friends were telling me about mass fx..and i liked it when they were talking about it. im just wondering if mass fx needs to stack with any other type of pill before we start taking it..please let me know asap


  2. Nope nothing need to be stacked before. Stack it with Hyperdrol x2 during though for a killer stack.

    Maybe you should do a cut first and then save Mass FX for a bulk when you have your bf a bit lower.

  3. If you are strapped for cash, I would try and cut a little bit before using MFX. I think you would get more out of MFX if you were above maintenance on calories. I ran a log using MFX and LFX and was below maintenance on calories and didn't gain too much muscle but lost some fat.

  4. Yeah I tried Mass FX on a cut a while back and it wasnt that effective, save it for a bulk.

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