I force bold 200 mid cycle review

  1. I force bold 200 mid cycle review

    I am 5 weeks into a 10 week cycle of I force bold 200

    I am running as follows:

    Weeks 1-4
    Bold 1000mg, Testabolan(version 1) 1am 2pm

    Weeks 5-10
    Bold 1000mg, Testabolan(version 1) 2am 2pm

    Reversitol 3/2/2/1
    Testabolan v2

    Support supps (on cycle)
    cycle assist (half dose, 4pills)
    Fish oil 6g day
    hawthorn berry 1500mg day
    garlic 2g day
    Vit. C 2g day
    Green tea
    B complex and multi

    Support (PCT)
    Same as above but im adding in some Toco-8 by primordial performance

    Review so far:

    Gains: Started cycle at 6'2" 200lbs. Currently 210 lbs. Steady increases in strength. Increased vascularity. Increased endurance. No visible gains in BF, appears as though the gains are dry and lean.

    Sides: Some acne; Showering 2 times a day has limited this. Increase in BP and mild headaches; Usually only during workouts, controlled breathing seems to help. Limited sexual sides; Less interest, less volume, but no effect on performance. Appetite; i have read that bold greatly increases appetite, but i ate a lot before I started and this really hasnt changed much. LETHARGY: this is by far the worst side I have experienced so far. I just seem to be tired and lazy all day unless im working out. Summary: I know that some people say you dont need support supps for bold, but im def glad i decided to run cycle assist and hawthorn for this cycle.

    Questions for you guys:

    The lethargy has become so bad that ive started taking caffeine pills just to feel more normal. Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but any ideas on something to safely boost my energy are appreciated.

    Im not sure the best way to run my testabolan v2. Im running version 1 during cycle, and I didnt have enough to run post cycle so I got v2. But I dont know if I should go ahead and run it during the last 30 days of my cycle or during PCT.

    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated

  2. the caffeine could be inducing the higher bp and headaches never really got lethargy on EQ so not sure what to tell you.

  3. Well I was experiencing the higher bp and lethargy before I decided to use caffeine. It doesnt seem to be increasing the bp much, but its helping SOME with the lethargy. I was just wondering if anyone had used something for lethargy on a bold cycle with any success.

    With regards to your experience, I guess everyone is different. Thats why i decided to do a review of the cycle periodically. Because Ive seen so many different experiences from others in terms of sides and results, I thought I could add some input and hopefully get some back.

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