Question about large amounts of L-Arginine

  1. Question about large amounts of L-Arginine

    I am currently on a program that has me taking about 20 grams of L-Arginine in a day, 9 of those grams before I go to bed. But I am reading articles saying the breakdown process of releasing ammonia can be toxic!!!! Does anyone have any infomation on this? Thanks


  2. is this a program you made or found somewhere?

  3. it was in a Muscle and Fitness magazine, it doesnt suggest any namebrands or anything it consists of different timing on all meals and when to take each supplement, the supps consist of Arginine, Carnitine, Beta- Ecdysterone, Whey and Casein (spelling?) protein, and im also taking three pills of whiteblood pre-workout. But anyways, I take arginine three times throughout the day in high doses is this bad? I thought Arginine was none toxic

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