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  1. MgoBlue Generic Labz (Sponsored) X-Mass log

    MgoBlue Generic Labz sponsored X-MASS log
    Personal Info:
    37 years old
    5í7Ē 165
    Approximate bf% 15
    Probably closer to an Ectomorph rather than Endomorph, in that Iím a very hard gainer. Iíve been working out off & on for the last 20+ years. The last 10 have been my most productive.

    PH Experience:
    Superdrol (Original)
    Both runs yielded great results, especially the S1+.

    Training Regiment:
    Day 1: Chest/abs
    Day 2: Back/Cardio
    Day 3: Shoulders/abs
    Day 4: Arms/Cardio
    Day 5: legs/abs

    Iíve just come off of about a 2 month diet/cut, from where I used to bounce around between 175-180. Iím finally back into a 32 jeans and am seeing some slight definition in my abs. Iíd like to continue with the cardio, just not as much or as strenuous. Iíll definitely be upping the calories and pushing for up to two gallons of water a day.

    Iíll begin this cycle at 80mg a day & possibly bump it up to 120mg, depending on how Iím feeling. Hereís a rundown of the other supps Iíll be using during this run:
    Generic Labz BCAA-EE
    USPLabs Jacked
    USPLabs bulk P-slin
    USPLabs bulk cissus
    Applied Nutriceuticals Neovar (I have one old version & one new version)
    Nutra Planet Waxi Maize
    Whey Protein
    Fish Oil

    I was thinking of running some ZMA with this, or would that be more beneficial during PCT.

    For PCT Iíll be using:
    USPLabs bulk 1-carboxy
    USPLabs bulk Supersap
    USPLabs Jacked
    Applied Nutriceuticals 2nd Gear

    Iíve read that this should be enough, but am strongly considering some Clomid as well.

    Iíll try to post up on this log at least once, if not more each day. I work shift work (2 days on, 2 nights on, 4 days off), so some of the posts may be early morning, & some may be mid to late night. Iíll be commenting on any changes in weight gain/loss, strength gain/loss, mood, libido, and just overall appearance in the mirror. Iíve never really taken any measurements, Iíve always just gone by what I see in the mirror. Iíll try to get some before pics up in the next couple of days.

    During this run, I am open for all constructive criticism/advice

    Iíd like to thank Generic Labz once again for allowing me to run their products. Iím looking forward to this run!

  2. Day 1:
    Took first dose this morning upon waking w/ 2tbsp peanut butter & 2 oatmeal raisin cookies. Went back to sleep shortly after. Got up about 1/2 hr ago! Overselpt, no time for gym today!!! DAMN!!! Oh well, I'll go tomorrow morning when I get off shift to make up for it.

  3. Day 2:
    Weight: n/a (Iíll get it this afternoon)
    Strength: Felt good in the gym. All lifts were right where I was when I stopped lifting heavy about 2 months ago.
    Mood: As always, great.
    Libido: No changes that I can feel as of yet.
    Physical appearance: Shoulders, arms, back & chest looking very full, but gut looks totally bloated. May be the modified mass shake w/ the Pslin.

    Missed chest yesterday, so when I got off shift, I knocked it out this morning. Felt pretty good, other than a nagging sore shoulder. Iíll be upping my cissus a little more to see if that helps. I worked last night, 5a-5p & took in at least 1.5 gallons of water, around 180g protein, and around 170g of mostly complex carbs.

    Feeling guilty for oversleeping, I did a little modified back workout while on one of my breaks. I drive a forklift for 12 hours, so I just raise the forks & do pull-ups to failure, both wide grip and narrow grip. I then took a broom handle with a box of 8 Ĺ x 14Ē paper on each side & did reverse grip bent over rows. I did that workout about 10:00 last night & itís now going on 7:30am & I can already feel it!

    The chest workout went well. Iím just getting back into the heavy lifting, so I think I may have limited myself a little. Iíve also been up since 3pm yesterday, so Iím a little fatiguedÖ

    Iíll be getting up this afternoon & will weigh myself. I donít like to weigh myself after Iíve drank/eaten anything.

    Iíll try to get those pics tomorrow. The wife went to her moms for the weekend & took the camera.

  4. One more thing to note before I go to bed:
    I've been having a very slight headache throughout the night last night & still have it just a little bit right now. Is the X-Mass? I tried a SD clone a while back & had the absolute worst headaches. I had to quit the bottle 3 days into it.

  5. I will start my log as soon as I get the product on problem.

  6. Day 3:
    Weight: 169 Ė up a couple lbs, probably in part of the extra calories Iím taking in.
    Strength: Felt very good doing legs today. Squats were fun, minus the back pumps.
    Mood: Still happy go lucky
    Libido: Nothing different.
    Physical appearance: Looking fairly lean around the waist, but up in lbs. Always a +!!! I have yet to hit shoulders & arms but I still look like Iíve already done them this week!

    Leg workout this morning went well. I felt really good under the bar. Looking forward to next week. I did get a little nautious after my 4th set of below parallel squats.

    Overall, Iím feeling pretty good. I think Iím starting to feel that ďonĒ feeling, which I love. Iím gonna try to get those pics up tonight.

  7. Day 4:
    Weight: 169
    Strength: strength was good, but sore wrist hampered shoulder w/o today.
    Mood: Still happy go lucky
    Libido: Still the same.
    Physical appearance: Looking more vascular as the days go by.

    Well, today was shoulders. For the most part, it went great. Strength is right where it was when I layed off from the weights 2 months ago. The only downfall to todays workout was a very sore wrist that really hampered db laterals & shrugs.

    Like I mentioned, Iím a little more vascular, but damn, am I looking bloated. These pre & post workout shakes are really weighing me down. I donít know I guess by the end of the night I do feel a little leaner. I may cut back a little on the carbs.

  8. I'll be folowing to compare our headaches for me and I jumped in @ 120mgs. However I have an RX to control BP so that may be the cause of your headaches.

  9. I've been thinking of jumping up to 120 next week for two weeks & then back down to 80 for the last. I've also considered stacking something on the end of this just to keep me going.

    As for the headaches, all gone. May have been my music was too loud in the ipod. When I work nights, I listen to music for just under 12 hours.

  10. Day 5:

    not much to update today. I was put on days for the rest of the week, which means I'm out of the gym until Saturday. Traps are feeling very nice right now. I did notice some random wood today, which was kinda funny.

    As promised, here's an updated pic. I tried to get it as small as I could & post it on photobucket. If it doesn't work, can someone help me post a pic?

  11. quick update:

    got up this morning feeling a little leaner that I was last night, so I weighed myself after using the bathroom. I'm up to 172!! Wow, I would have thought maybe close to 170, but not a lb more. Cool!

  12. BTW your body fat is a lot lower than 15% bro. You look more like 12%. Glad to see your weight is up. I am up a couple as well. I feel a lot fuller so it must be some glycogen supercompensation. With SD i gained like 7 pounds the first 8 days from it. Feel good though. good luck.

  13. well, I've been out of the gym for the last couple days now & was just informed that I'll be on days next week too!! That sucks big time. That means I get up @ 3am, work till 5pm, get home about 6:15 & finally get to bed between 10 & 11.. Yeah, I average around 4-5 hours of sleep when I work days. Normally, that's only twice a week.

    I can hit the gym this weekend, but then have to take the entire week off again. I'm considering this: Suspend the x-mass until I can get back into a lifting routine & just do cardio & get back on my diet.

    Any input on this? Should I keep the x-mass in my system or suspend it for another week?

    YES, I'M PISSED!!!

  14. Hi MgoBlue - I'll soon be starting a log for X-Mass as well (I'm in the UK and it's still somewhere in the Atlantic). I've not done this before so I'd like to ask if you’re OK with me copying your log format.

  15. be my guest.. You may not get too many replies though. As you can see, I'm not getting a whole lot of feedback on this log.

  16. Dont worry I am not getting any myself.....just run a good log and it will live in infamy!

  17. OK, I'm still out of the game right now. Did light cardio yesterday & today w/ lots of ab work. Should be my last week of days & then back on shift. I can get back into the weights by this Friday.

    Been thinking. Since I've taken a the x-mass for one week already, I only have about 3 weeks left, if that. Anybody got any suggestions of what else I could throw in the mix to stack w/ this cycle? I'd like this to go for more than 3 weeks when I get back into this.

  18. How come your running 80mg a day, my XMASS comes in 50 mg caps
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ **** admin.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by kjkriston View Post
    BTW your body fat is a lot lower than 15% bro. You look more like 12%. Glad to see your weight is up. I am up a couple as well. I feel a lot fuller so it must be some glycogen supercompensation. With SD i gained like 7 pounds the first 8 days from it. Feel good though. good luck.
    Actualy id say he is more like he said he is, abs start becoming quite visibile at 12 percent and lower, 15 percent looks about right bro.
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ **** admin.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post
    How come your running 80mg a day, my XMASS comes in 50 mg caps
    actually, they're 40mg..

  21. any suggestions from anyone? I know in another x-mass log, kjkriston was asking about dosing both the BCAA's and the X-mass.. Anybody have any insight on that?

  22. OK, getting ready to get back into the game. Signed up @ a new gym & should be back at it on Friday. Grexx had some input as to the dosing of the BCAA's, so that will help. Also, the peanut butter w/ the x-mass dosing as well.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by MgoBlue View Post
    any suggestions from anyone? I know in another x-mass log, kjkriston was asking about dosing both the BCAA's and the X-mass.. Anybody have any insight on that?
    lol- I figured it was implied to take the bcaa's along side

    I tell ya, I get a nice suprise when I've taken them

    I'm jealous already of the weight gain you've got already,.. time to hate

  24. The week that I was on the two, I did notice a little extra wood.. At the most inconvenient times.. ie. walking through a shipping warehouse w/ another dude??!!! WTF??

    well, w/ this time that I've been off the pills, I've gotten softer, so I'm ready to hit it hard when I get back into it tomorrow!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by MgoBlue View Post
    The week that I was on the two, I did notice a little extra wood.. At the most inconvenient times.. ie. walking through a shipping warehouse w/ another dude??!!! WTF??

    well, w/ this time that I've been off the pills, I've gotten softer, so I'm ready to hit it hard when I get back into it tomorrow!

    Don't you think you should wait till AFTER hitting the gym for that??

  26. ha ha, I actually thought about that as I was typing it - guess I should've proof read my post before hitting post reply...

  27. OK bishes, I'm back!!

    Finally able to get back in the gym & I felt awesome today! Took a dose of Jacked & it literally "jacked" me up!! I felt so good, after I finished my back workout, I followed it up w/ shoulders. I felt great! The only problem though, was in between sets I was practically seeing stars!!

    Tomorrow is legs! Can't wait. I may put a trash can next to the squat rack. For squats, I usually get 3-4 sets of 25 reps. All other leg exercises are usually lower reps & heavier weights.

    I guess I won't be stacking anything onto this run. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning upon waking to see where I'm at.

    I know right now I'm feeling super full in the shoulders & back area, especially my traps!

  28. Ive clicked on instant email notfication,so i think im subbed! Good luck bro!

  29. Wow, what a difference a few days makes!! Weighed myself this morning & I'm back down to 165..

    Time to head off to the gym & thrash the wheels!!!

  30. Day 2: (again)
    Weight: 169
    Strength: no changes
    Mood: great!
    Libido: Valentines day awesome!!
    Physical appearance: Leaner, but not as bulked as when I stopped after that first week.

    Yesterday was legs day. I have to admit, I've never had a pump in my thighs like I had yesterday. Along w/ the X-Mass, I also took Jacked & the BCAA-EE. I hobbled out of that gym yesterday!! I loved every second of the workout.

    Now, today, my entire body, minus the arms is sore. I'm taking today off, (I usually do the day after legs) & will be back at it tomorrow hitting arms.

    One note, the day after I did back & shoulders, my arms felt like I worked them as well. I usually get a pump during the workout, but not the day after.. Hmm, interesting.

    Last night, we went to Kona Grill.. I must've drank 8 glasses of water at the table! I couldn't get enough. I had that 20-something oz ribey & mashed potatoes. Oh, before we left, I dosed some bulk Pslin.. I walked out feeling like I was walking out of the gym.

    When we got home last night, I dosed my X-Mass, BCAA-EE, and decided to throw in some Supersap for the night cap!! Needless to say, the night ended with a bang!!!

    now, with these extremely sore legs today, I'll be downing as much protein as I can while I attempt to help the wife with spring cleaning...

  31. Damn, I'm sore...

    Legs are still pretty sore, but much better today than yesterday.. Yesterday was a friggin' chore just getting around. Today traps are still sore from a few days ago! I really hit them good. Here's something of note though.. Did arms last night & then chest this morning. Both workouts suckes a$$... Strength seemed down in all lifts, not even good, but down from my averages.. WTF??!!?? My arms are sore all around, so I feel as though I got a good workout in. Physically, I'm looking full all around, but damn, where's my strength go?

    I'm thinking of poss bumping up to 120mg when I get back at it. I'm on day shift tomorrow & Thurs, so I'll be off from the gym. I was thinking of when I go back on Friday to bump up the dose.. I'll weigh myself tomorrow when I get up. By looking at myself in the mirror, I'd say I've gone back up in weight.

    My midsection isn't quite as lean as I'd like either. I'm filling up on pre-wo drinks and during workout water (1.5L), so towards the end of the workout, I feel full & bloated & the last thing I want to do is any cardio or abs.. Might have to start hitting abs upon waking each morning.

    Anybody out there let me know what ya think of me going up to 120mg. I may be around 170, so is that dose a little to high for my weight? I'm just looking to get those huge strength increases..

  32. I would say go to 120mg and see how you feel only thing i think that could become an issue is BP but as long as you have something to combat this you should be good dude.

  33. Yeah, I bumped up to 120 yesterday. I'll give a better update tomorrow morning.

  34. do you take x-mass with food or without?

  35. Day ?:
    Weight: 175
    Strength: Shoulders - better, chest - still down
    Mood: slightly irritated, but that may be Baton Rouge traffic.
    Libido: feels as though it's going down a little, we'll see what bumping up to 120mg does.
    Physical appearance: wider in all the right areas.

    Cloc - I've been advised to take my x-mass w/ natty p-nut butter, about 2tbsp. Matter of fact, before I logged on this morning, I just took dose #3. I'll be heading off to bed in about 20 min. I sometimes take it w/ a protein shake w/ high carbs & about 3tbsp of the natty pnut butter.

    Well, as I stated, strength is still not really going up much. I did chest yesterday & damn, what's wrong w/ me?? My flat db presses are an absolute joke! I've been starting chest w/ incline db's & then on to the flat db's because my upper pecs are lacking. Maybe next time I'll start off w/ flat & see what happens. I know for the inclines, I have gone up to the 75's, & that's pretty good for me. I think my right shoulder is limiting what I really could lift.

    Libido feels like it's dropped a little. Like KJ said in his log, I can perform, but just don't have quite the same desire to do it. All in the name of packing on a couple more lbs, eh?? I've noticed that when I know I may be active in the rack, I dose the supersap w/ the 1-carboxy (both for PCT) & have zero problems.

    OK, gotta get some sleep. I'm off for the next 4 days, so I'll try to hit it hard in the gym. Thinking of throwing in some morning fasted HIIT cardio. My waistline seems to have widened as well..

  36. thanks dude

  37. update:

    not sure what day I'm on.. Too tired & feeling sick today.

    I did weigh myself upon waking this morning & I'm just over 175 right now. Looking full around the shoulders, arms are looking like road maps, & gut looks like crap. Definitely will be cutting again after this cycle is through.

    I bumped up to 120mg early last week. Wonder if that has anything to do w/ the way I'm feeling. Today, I had to get up @ 3am for work & just felt blah all day. Kinda like sinus stuff w/ minor body aches. No fever, so that's a good thing. It's going on 10pm & I have to get up @ 3am again tomorrow. I know this lack of sleep isn't helping me any.

    Workouts these last few days on 120mg have been great. I did my shoulder/back workout together & walked out of the gym looking wider than a friggin' house!! I was very pleased w/ the look. Speaking of looks, I'm now getting comments from co-workers on my size. I also heard a man tell his son in the gym not to worry about how I workout because I'm a professional bodybuilder.. It everything I had in me not to laugh.. Nice to see a father son combo in the gym though, can't wait to get my son in there w/ me..

    I think I'll go one more week @ 120mg & then taper back down to 80mgs for the end of this run.

    Libido is pretty much gone. I've played w/ the supersap a few times & that makes a nice difference. I'll be running that every day through PCT alongside Reversitol. Those two combined should get me back to normal pretty quick.

    I'll also be posting after pics too.

    OK, gotta go hit the rack


  38. have you tried any other versions [estra 4,9 "s] to compare xmass to?

  39. Quote Originally Posted by skull View Post
    have you tried any other versions [estra 4,9 "s] to compare xmass to?
    no, I'm afraid not.. The only other ph's I've done are S1+ and the original Superdrol. Had great results from both of those. The X-mass has made me much more vascular than the others, that's for sure.

    Also, I feel pumped throughout my body all day, every day! I love it.

    I have come a bit under the weather. I tried to do a chest workout yesterday, but quit about half way through. It's like a bad cold w/ sinus pressure, and very slight body aches.. I'll be taking today off, & poss. tomorrow. I worked shift last night & go back for one more night tonight. I get off tomorrow @ 5am. I'll see how I feel after tomorrows sleep.

    I really want to do a serious cut after this is done. Can anyone recommend a great fat burner? I've considered Clen, but am a little leary of it.. Maybe if I read up on it a little more, I'd jump, but I'm still a little nervous of that stuff. I could just go back to the good 'ol EC stack for a couple weeks.

    Oh, weight is about 176 & libido is nowhere to be found...

    Also, strength has gone up! On yesterdays chest workout, I started w/ flat db presses. I could've gone up heavier, much heavier, but my shoulders had other plans.. Obviously the joints/tendons can't keep up w/ the gains. I've been taking large amounts of bulk cissus too! May be more than just the joints or tendons..

  40. +7 lbs is pretty good!,.. especially for this compound.


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