Haiz's NOS-FX Log! Get PUMPED!

  1. Haiz's NOS-FX Log! Get PUMPED!

    Just want to start by saying a big thank you to Anabolic Xtreme for letting me log NOS-FX. I really can't wait to get started on this stuff.

    Training History

    I have been training seriously for just under 3 years at this point. I've definitely come a long way. I've gone for 240 pounds and obese to 160 WAY too skinny, up to 215 and fairly muscular, but with a log of fat. Right now I'm sitting at around 182. I'm doing the Ultimate Diet as outlined by Lyle Mcdonald. I'm not looking to lose much weight, but this diet recomps be unlike anything else. I finished up a 6 week run and just took two weeks off from it. Today is the first day back in!

    Workout Routine

    Right now (Back to the first week), I am doing the Ultimate Diet 2.0 as laid out by Lyle Mcdonald. As many of you may or may not know, this is a hardcore diet. However, if stuck to, the diet is very hard to beat. My breakdown looks like:

    Days 1, 2, 3 ? Diet

    Meal 1: 1 can of Tuna + 1 serving Lite Mayo
    Meal 2: 10oz Cabbage + 5oz Chicken + 2.5ml Olive Oil
    Meal 3: 10oz Cabbage + 5oz Chicken + 2.5ml Olive Oil
    Meal 4: 10oz Cabbage + 5oz Chicken + 2.5ml Olive Oil
    Meal 5: 2 Scoops Ultra Peptide + Fiber

    2 Fish Oils with ALL MEALS!

    Day 4 + 5

    Meal 1: 1 can of Tuna + 1 serving Lite Mayo
    Meal 2: 10oz Cabbage + 5oz Chicken + 2.5ml Olive Oil
    Meal 3: 10oz Cabbage + 5oz Chicken + 2.5ml Olive Oil
    Meal 4: 1.5 Scoops Ultra Peptide + Fiber

    2 Fish Oils with Meals

    Pre-Workout (Tension Workout): 30grams of Carbs + 15grams of Whey

    Carb-up: 1000 Grams of Carbs + 200 Grams of Protein + Minimal Fat (5000-6000 Calories)

    Day 6: 300 grams of Carbs, 200 grams of Protein, Fat to make up the rest of 2300 Calories

    Day 7: 100 Grams of Carbs, 250 Grams of Protein, Fat to make up the rest of 1900 Calories


    Training ? Monday and Tuesday

    Leg press: 3X15 // Leg press: 3X15
    Leg curl: 3X15 // Leg curl: 3X15
    Chest press: 3X15 // Incline bench: 3X15
    Row: 3X15 // Pulldown: 3X15
    Lateral raise: 2-3X15 // Lateral raise: 2-3X15
    Calf raise: 3X15 // Calf raise: 3X15
    Biceps curl: 2X15 // Biceps curl: 2X15
    Triceps pushdown: 2X15 // Triceps Pushdown: 2X15

    45 Minutes of Cardio

    Wednesday ? 60 Minutes of Cardio

    Thursday Morning ? 45 Minutes of Cardio

    Thursday Night ? Tension Workout

    Leg press: 2X6-12
    Leg curl: 2X6-12
    Leg extension: 2X6-12
    Seated leg curl: 2X6-12
    Calf raise: 3-4X6-12
    Bench press or chest press machine: 2X6-12
    Cable or machine row: 2X6-12
    Incline bench press: 2X6-12
    Pulldown or chin: 2X6-12
    Lateral raise: 3X6-12
    Biceps curl: 2X6-12
    Triceps pushdown: 2X6-12


    A1. Squat or deadlift: 2-3 3-6 2 minutes
    A2. Calf raise 2-3 3-6 2 minutes
    B1. Flat bench 2-3 3-6 2 minutes
    B2. Bent over row 2-3 3-6 2 minutes
    C1. Incline bench 1-3 3-6 2 minutes
    C2. Pulldown or chin 1-3 3-6 2 minutes
    D. Front squat or leg press 1-3 3-6 3 minutes
    E1. Shoulder press 2-3 3-6 2 minutes
    E2. Rear lateral 2-3 3-6 2 minutes
    F1. Barbell curl 1-2 3-6 2 minutes
    F2. Close grip bench 1-2 3-6 2 minutes

    Sunday = CARDIO!

  2. Ultimate Diet is no slouchy regimen...best of luck with it!
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  3. Starting Pics:

  4. sub'd

    and dang u are insanely lean
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post

    and dang u are insanely lean
    yes you are! subbed!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post

    and dang u are insanely lean
    Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    yes you are! subbed!
    Thanks guys. Ultimate Diet is really something. I'm slightly less lean at the moment, but by the end of this I hope to be AT LEAST that lean with some extra muscle.

  7. sub'd

  8. First workout was last night. I actually decided to switch things up from my previous cycles of UD2.0. Instead of doing 2 full body depletion workouts in a row, which I felt hampered my recovery, I am moving to a chest/back/shoulders depletion on Monday and a legs/arms depletion on Tuesday. Last night was my first workout with NOS-FX.

    Dosing: 5 Caps Pre-WO with 16oz of water. Followed this with about 60oz of water throughout the workout.

    I will not bother listing weights for the sets, as on depletion days, weight is absolutely the last thing on my mind. The goal is just to get a deep burn in the target muscle, in order to deplete glycogen in that area. Nothing is taken to failure. My notes from last night:

    ---thirst: Noticed this from the start throughout the entirety of the workout. I was markedly more thirsty today than usual.

    ---Focus/Mind Muscle Connection: Actually noticed an increase in this. Cannot attribute it directly to the NOS-FX, but if a trend shows up, I'll be sure to note it.

    ---Nausea: Slight instance of Nausea about mid-way through the workout. Cannot attribute this to the NOS-FX though, as sometimes UD2.0 will do this to me anyways.

    ---Pump: Definitely noticed that I both achieved the pump faster, and it was present for a MUCH longer period of time. This is particularly surprising, as I did not have ANY carbs prior to working out. I'm sure stored glycogen had a bit to do with this, but I generally do not get this level of pumps on the depletion days. Also stayed pumped for 1-2 hours Post-Workout. Generally this lasts about 1 hour max while Ud2.0'ing it.

    ---Vascularity: Noticed that this was particularly high today. Forearms were veiny. I'm generally have veiny arms, but the real test will be with legs.

    ---Endurance: I don't know if this was from the NOS-FX or not, but I noticed a significant increase in endurance with the dosing of the product. All of my sets ranged from 45-90 seconds of Time-Under Tension. Compared with weights from before, I was able to increase TUT with the given weights. Good stuff.

    Not too much else to note today. I think I'll dose it 45 minutes pre-wo today.

  9. Workout #2 with NOS-FX!

    This workout was on Tuesday night at about 6:30 PM. Dosed Five Caps about 1 Hour pre-workout and at least 1.5 hours after my last intake of food. The workout was a glycogen depletion for legs/arms. 12-20 reps for everything with a Time Under Tension of 45+ seconds per set. Notes:

    Thirst This was even more pronounced today than it was during the first workout. I think from the time I took the product, to the time the workout was over, that I drank about 3/4 a gallon of water. DAMN. Mouth was constantly drying up.

    Nausea Less today than the first workout, though it struck me at about the 1 hour mark in the workout.

    Focus Focus was noticeably increased once again, which made for an ehanced MM connection.

    Pumps These were QUITE good considering the circumstances. DAILY cals for the depletion days are set at 1350 with less than 50g of carbs. I had 500 calories in me come workout time and I still managed to work up a movement debiliating pump . Not only did the pump come on faster (like last time), it also stayed for a longer period of time.

    Vasculairty Umm....Crazy? Quad and Calf Veins during the workout were SICK. I have only seen this level of vasculairty ONCE before, and that was during a Carb-up, NOT during a depletion. How sweet is that?

    [b]Other thoughts [b] Now that it is thursday, I can say quite honestly that the NOS-FX really helped my MMC, Focus, and Endurance during the past two workouts. Really pleased looking back. This is evidenced by a SEVERELY increased level of soreness...haven't been this sore in a while, which speaks to a better MMC, endurance, and focus.

    I actually think the hour-pre workout dose was better for me than 30 minutes pre. Thought it was a solid dose.

    For the sake of testing the product and providing the most useful feedback, I'll be skipping dosing for tonights workout. Then, next week I will dose for the thursday workout and skip either the monday/tuesday workout. I will continue to do this every week (with a different off day each time), so that ALL workouts are done with and without the product.

    The next update for the product will be on Saturday for the Power workout.

  10. Very detailed. Your shredded to the bone! I'll be following both logs.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Good stuff.

    With how lean you are, I'm sure the changes in vascularity are going to be a lot more significant than a lot of our other users.
    Quote Originally Posted by joeflex73 View Post
    Very detailed. Your shredded to the bone! I'll be following both logs.
    Thanks guys. Today will be another workout with the NOS-FX.

    I didn't dose it for the last two workouts, so that the next time they come around I can truly compare effects.

  12. Workout - Full Body - Power

    Well, this was by far one of my best days in the gym...EVER. After the terrible thursday workout, I proceded to carb load. Hit about 1200g of carbs in 30 hours. Then I woke up on saturday, had a meal, wait a couple hours, popped five of these bad boys and went to the gym.

    Pumps - Not only were the pumps amazing today, but they came on faster and lasted MUCH longer than last week (also post carb load). In comparison to last weeks power w/o without NOSFX, pumps were DEFINITELY improved. Carbs were equal and the carb load was well controlled both weeks, so I can certainly attribute the enhanced effects to NOSFX.

    Endurance - Considering the use of no stims and 1 meal in my stomach, I had an incredible amount of endurance. Hit the FULL BODY with 4-6 sets for everything (a bit less for arms), which lasted about 2 hours. Not at one time during that two hours did I feel tired.

    Strength - Much to my surprise and happiness (evidenced by the ****-eatting grin on my face throughout the entire workout), I added about 5-10 pounds to EVERYTHING I did last week, while at the same time recomping/losing fat. How cool is that? Threw up 75's easily for flat DB Bench for sets of 6-8 reps with slow eccentrics, 185 on Incline BB Press (my presses suck though), +35 pounds on weigted dips for 8 reps (ALL TIME PR!!), +20 Pounds for Pullups, and 45 pound DB Curls. SWEET SWEET STUFF!

    Focus - Again, I noted this. 2 hours in the gym and 2 hours of straight focus and determination. HELL YES!

    Not too much else to note. I'll be using this again pre-wo monday for chest/back/arms depletion.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    1200g of carbs?! No wonder you had a crappy workout the other day, man. That's carb depletion to the max!
    Yeah. The crappy workout is to be expected. Had this counter-acted it, I would have called it the holy grail. Hell, test, deca, and everything else out there couldn't have counteracted that workout.

    Those 1200 grams made me feel so damn good!

    Included: 1 Box of Peanut Butter Puffins, Over 8 Dry Cups of Oatmeal, 1 Loaf of Bread, 6 Bagels...YUM YUM YUM.

  14. SO GOOD.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    OMG, my next cheat day will entail finding and consuming a vast amount of that stuff.

    Those look almost like an "all natural" version PB Captain Crunch (i.e. freaking delicious).
    PB captain crunch is SO GOOD. These are about on that level.

  16. Workouts - 3 - Depletion Upper, Depletion Lower, Full-Body Tension

    Okay, so these three workouts were done sans NOS-FX last week, and this week they were all performed WITH NOS-FX. For all three of these dosings, I took 6 NOS-FX 1 hour Pre-Workout with ample water.

    Pump/Vascularity- Wow. What a difference a week makes. Last week, even during the depletion workouts (which usually ilicit a nice pump) I was flat/dead. This week however, during both depletion workouts, I was pumped up with veins ALL OVER the place. It was almost scary when I was training calves on Tuesday, as I'd NEVER seen some of the veins that were popping out of the FRONT of my leg...Even starting seeing veins on my outer quads . The updates have been infrequent to this log, as I really wanted to be sure what the NOS-FX has been doing for me (hence taking last week off). After the two depleiton workouts, I knew that the product was increasing pumps to a significant degree. Also, the 6 cap dosing made a discernable difference for me.

    The real magic here came on Thursday night (which if you remember was my horribly flat/terrible workout last week). I felt GREAT for this workout and did it in about 30 minutes less than last week. I actually held a pump and felt good. That was the last thing I expected, so good stuff on that front.

    Endurance -Endurance was so-so this week. Nothing really to note in this realm. Endurance didn't seem to be higher than last week without the product (at least for these three workouts). I will say that recovery between sets on the thursday night workout was slightly improved over last week, so I'll keep that in mind moving forward.

    Focus - Need to mention this again, as its become obvious that the product is imparting some signifcant effects on focus for me. Definitely felt that with the dosing of NOS-FX this week that I had an increased focus and MMC during the weeks workouts. Again, this has become a recurring them and one that I feel must be emphasized. Anything that can allow me to better focus in the gym is worth trying/using.

    Strength - As usual, the focus of these three workouts isn't strength. I was up in some areas and down in others (legs), but overall strength was pretty constant. After the saturday workout I'll be able to rate this one with more cetainty.

    Sides - Probably due more to a combo of things, but the thursday night workout was rather interested in terms of side-effects, as I got some nasty nasuea for about 15 minutes. I had to lay down after the workout was over before walking home. Really can't say it was the supplement, but just noting it here. Also, thirst (as usual) was increased while on the product.

    Also, it seems the product dries me out and pulls water out from under my skin. This is a GOOD thing and I wonder if it would serve those doing a photo-shoot or stepping on stage well as a final tool. Just a thought.


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