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    Hello Everyone: I'm having trouble getting people to read my posts in the steroid forum - as I have alot of questions to ask and want up-to-date information. So, I figured I'd write up a review on a product I know to gain me some brownie points and boost up my reputation on here.

    I purchased NO Xplode about a month back and have seen some reviews on here about guys disappointed with the product b/c of its side effects and so on. I believe NO Xplode is a good product - in the fact that it gives you a good solid pump during your workout and stays with you pretty well. It includes some of the muscle building blocks we like and along with your hardwork you can see significant results from NO Xplode.

    **However, many guys whether they want to admit it or not, want to get "jacked" quickly and see results quickly. So they throw in 2 scoops into their drink and slug it back on their first ever serving. Next thing you know they are tingly, red hot, and feeling very uncomfortable. In order to avoid the side effects or limit them for NO Xplode - you MUST conservatively build up a tolerance to this product. I'd suggest start out at 1/4 or 1/2 scoop and bump it up each time you take it. (The bottle suggests 1-3 scoops/day...I'd wait til you've been taking it for a week before you take it mulitple times). You be careful; I've seen guys walk away from this product b/c they misused it.

  2. I just took 2 scoops as my first time trying it... Im a big guy though and usually I have a good tolerance to it.... What results have you had with it?

  3. I LOVE NO-Xplode, it's in my top 5 for pre-workout drinks.
    Only reasons I don't take it is carb content and price.

  4. I ment that I usually have a good tolerance for supplements. I just finished my workout after trying NO Xplode for the first time and I followed it with a on 100% gold standard whey. I felt great when I was lifting! If you get the NOXplode on ebay its pretty cheap.

  5. Hey Guys,

    I took NO-Explode over a 3-year period when it first came out. The original formula was very good and I couln't praise it enough. But, some decision was made by BSN to alter the formula a few years and thats when I noticed you had to take more to achieve the same effects. I usually follow the instructions on the label to the letter. After that, I did not like it or ever use it again because of these issues:

    1. Issue: You body builds up a tolerance and you have to cycle this product in order for it to be more effective. I guarantee you will notice a downside if you take it longer than 3 consecutive months. I know that most creatine and no products have to be cycled but it was strange the way the product repsonded that made me move on.

    2. Issue: The product gave myself and many other users "stomach distress", which can also lead to a hydration issue.

    3. Issue: Some users that had the second issue also wound up with a cramping issue during their routines. No pretty when your doing squats.

    These findings were reported by a dozen users in my gym that I had spoken to that were either using it or had used the product. I have also stacked this product with Cellmass and Nitrix. If you need any other info on these products, just let me know.



    N.O. XPLODE!!!!!!! ha ha. Love it!

  7. I have also used NO-Xplode for quite a long time and continue to use it! It is my fave pre workout.. i do agree you have to cylce it though.. after a while you get up to 3 scoops and your tolerance builds up and it becomes less effective i feel... and it is a little pricy


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