finished shotgun v3 final thoughts

  1. finished shotgun v3 final thoughts

    Hello All:

    I am on my last two days of shotgun v3 tropical fruit. and thought I would give my thoughts.

    1st I thought it was a tad expensive. but now i feel it's a great deal because I did only need 1scoop everytime so it was a full months supply.

    Pumps and Energy were great. I think pumps may have been a little higher with superpump 250 but then i was using 2-3 scoops a workout.

    No Stomach issues whatsoever from day one so that was great.

    I can't really say I got any bigger or got great strength gains but then again i was in PCT so didn't expect it.

    Focus was great and sometimes had to pull myself away from the gym due to time constraints.

    ONe thing was that when i shook it it would foam up alot and i had to wait several minutes for it to foam down.

    So I give this and 8/10 and would definetly buy again. Any questions feel free to ask.

    I would be anxious to see what this would do no in PCT if I would get gains.

  2. would you prefer this over superpump?

  3. Yes I love superpump but this gives you more bang for the buck you get energy from redline and vpx and also protein and creatine and a host of others plus superpump gives you bad stomach problems till your body is used to the sodium bicarbonate

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