SRX600 Goes for a Run Through the Jungle!!! (Not Sponsored)

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  1. SRX600 Goes for a Run Through the Jungle!!! (Not Sponsored)

    So here it goes:

    21 years old
    194.4lbs this morning
    15-16% BF


    I have run X-Factor and HD/MFX over the past year with good results. I am still a virgin to legit PH's or DS's. I figure JW is the next step up in my cycles progression. I have been lifting almost 4 years and started at 150lbs at about the same BF%. Looking to approach 200lbs by the end of this cycle.


    I will be running ALRI Jungle Warfare for 8 weeks at 3 caps a day. These are the red bottles with EXP: 03/09. I am also taking creatine and beta alanine, which I have been on for months. Glucosamine, a multi, and liver aid with be taken for support supps. I also plan to run AX Restore as a mild PCT after.


    I will be starting off at about 3300cals. 80g fat 320g carbs 275g protein. This usually gets me .25lbs a week naturally and I don't even do I might bump this up after a week or two. All consumed food will be very clean....with the occasional cheat do to unexpected situations or....girls.


    I will be using the New Rules of Lifting, Anabolic 1/2 mixture that I adapted to my needs. This routing focuses on mostly compound lifts. It is also all supersets of opposing movements. 4 days a week.Day 1 upper, day 2 lower, OFF, day 3 upper, day 4 lower. The rep ranges rotate between 5x5,4x8, and 4x12 reps. Upper day 1 will be 12, upper day 3 will be get it. I usually bounce between this and a traditional routine througout the year or change reps/exercises. I find this is very good for strength and size. You don't get too sore either because you are working similar parts twice a week. I know compared to once a week, you get very sore.

    Upper will include:

    DB Bench

    BB Shoulder Press
    Lat Pulldown

    Dips or Skulls
    Pullups or Cable Row


    Lower will include:


    Leg Ext.
    Leg Press

    Calf Raise

    Some Isolation for arms and traps

    So Far

    I actually started taking JW 2 days ago. I am coming from a week off and did upper 1 and lower 1 already, but will half the volume and intensity because I havent been in the gym for a week. This means I can't attest to any effects of JW yet. I do feel it has increase my sex drive slightly, already though.

    I can put the workouts and poundages in successive posts, if someone requests them. If not, I can just say whether strength has gone up or what.

    Looking forward to a great cycle!

  2. subbed. so much talk in all forums about this product/company. Look forward to see how it goes.

  3. Sub'd good luck.
  4. Day 4

    First full workout of the cycle was today. Did day 1 upper at 4x12. The weights I calculated I should be using were a little high. I attribute this to the superset style, which i haven't done in awhile. Also, I am at a new gym and the cable machines are not greased as well as the gym I was at for the past month. Another factor is that I think I went a little to hard on my "practice" workouts (a little more intense than they should have been) a couple days ago. Maybe still fatigued from those. Now I have a good baseline for strength for the 4x12 day, so I will begin to report on strength gains when the next 4x12 rolls around.

    Also, no sides until today. I felt an increase in anxiety today. I'll keep you updated on that. Until then......lower 1 tomorrow.
  5. Day 6

    Did legs yesterday and today is my day off. Slight rise in anxiety from baseline, but nothing too major.

    Legs yesterday was pretty good. Back up to the same strength as before my week off already. Would not attribute this to JW because its still early.
    I did paralell squats 6x8 at 250lbs, legs extensions 4x8 at 215lbs, and 500lbs hack squats (machine) 4x8, along with some calf raises and some abs.

    It was funny looking at people stare coming into the gym seeing me do 500lbs on the Hack, no problem. I felt like saying you think this is good, I just did 6 sets of heavy squats and 4 sets of leg extensions.....this is a finisher haha. Its funny though because not many people actually do legs. Only people who are serious about lifting. Random thought again, but I see people bench like 300+ and look at me like they are baddass because I can only do like 225 (for reps, dont like to max)...crahing their plates when putting them on and all that. Bring your peg legs to the squat rack and lets see if you can even do a set or two of 135lbs haha.

    Enough random thoughts and ranting....I'll update again after my second upper day (5x5) tomorrow.

  6. Haha very true about the legs man.. that's impressive!
  7. Day 7

    Did upper 5x5 today.

    Strength was a little higher than anticipated on a couple lifts, being my first run of this rep range.

    DB Bench 85/85/90/90/90lbs 5x5
    T Row 135lbs 5x5
    BB Shoulder Press 125lbs 5x5
    Lat Pulldown 170lbs 5x6
    Dips +25lbs 5x5
    Pull ups 5x5

    I will try to add 5-10 lbs to lifts each rotation of each rep range. So far so good. Anxiety is pretty much normal. Lower 2 tomorrow!

  8. Subbed! I ran this product a year ago and had good results....looking forward to seeing how this works out for you!
  9. Day 9

    Did lower 2 yesterday with good results for the first run.

    Deadlift 245lbs 8/8/7/7
    Leg Ext 220lbs 4x8
    Calf raises on Hack 550lbs 4x15
    Abs 131lbs machine 4x10
    EZ curls 75lbs 4x8
    DB curls (perfect form) 35lbs 4x8
    Tri Cable pulldowns 80lbs 4x8

    Everything is feeling good so far. Had a little pain in my bad knee one morning, but that went away. Not because of JW in any way. This workout lacks leg curls because this exercise really aggrevates the sports hernia that I case you were wondering. Mood is in the dumps due to stuff happening in my life....not JW.

    Monday is Upper 1 with 4x8. I'm anxious, but I still havent completed a rep cycle yet, so I can't see how much strength is effected
  10. Weight

    Weekly weigh in: 195.6lbs

    That's a 1.2lbs increase. Not sure where it is from, I know I can't gain that much in a week naturally and my cals aren't super high. We'll see what next week brings and how it averages out.
  11. Day 12

    Did upper 4x8 yesterday and it was pretty solid. Dead on or a lil higher than my predicted weights.

    DB Bench 80lbs 9/9/8/8/
    T-Row 115lbs 4x8
    Lat pull down 160lbs 4x8
    BB Shoulder Press 115lbs 4x8
    Skulls 85lbs 4x8 with a 10 rep burn out after each set.
    Seated cable row 150lbs 4x8

    I am not feeling any crazy anxiety. Maybe a lil over baseline, but bareable. I am an anxious person in general I might add. No crazy acne or anything. When I did MFX and HDX2 I got some acne, which has stayed about the same since then. Recently it seems to be getting better with use of benzoyl peroxide gel (script that I still had since I was like 15). I am also getting hot at night, which hinders sleeping a little. Same thing happened on MFX HDX2.

    So far so good. Legs today!
  12. legs

    Did lower 1 4x10. Everything went well and there were some strength gains. (I kept squats at 6x8 so I could see if I was gaining strength).

    Squats 255lbs 6x8 (+5lbs)
    Hack Squats 400lbs 4x9
    Leg extensions 210lbs 10/10/9/8
    Calf raises 550lbs on hack 4x17
    Abs 132lbs on machine (+1lb)

    Squat strength definetly went up. I actually ramped up to 250lbs last time. Today was a straight 255lbs all the way through. Lookin good so far. Looking for 275lbs by the end...we'll see. Day off tomorrow, then upper 2 4x12 on Thurs. This will be run #2 so we'll see if any strength was gained.
  13. Day 14

    The two week mark! Did upper 2 today....4x12.

    Before I give the workout I have to clear something up. When I say something like 72.5lbs dumbells, that means that I did 75lbs for 2 sets and 70lbs for 2 sets.

    DB Bench 4x12 72.5lbs (+2.5lbs)
    T-Row 4x12 100lbs (+2.5lbs)
    Lat Pulldown 4x12 135lbs (+1 rep on each set)
    BB shoulder press 4x12 95lbs (+8 total reps)
    Skulls 75lbs reps/burns 12/10 12/10 12/10 10/10 (+6 total reps)
    Seated cable row 125lbs 4x12 (+1 rep on each set)

    I made strength gains across the board. I will note that they weren't easy...I had to grunt a couple out. But none the less strength is up and I couldn't do this much last time around. Anxiety and acne are steady (not high). Can't say much for enery.....nothing big in either direction. Some knee pain today in my bad knee. Could be due to the fact that I hit a PR on squat last time.......forgot to mention. Usually at the 250lbs mark the knee acts up and I have to ditch squats for 2+ weeks and start all over again from 225lbs....been at this weight for 6months to a year. Hopefully I can push through this time and get to 275lbs (for reps of course).

    Any questions??????
  14. Day 15

    Did lower 2 today...4x10

    Deadlift 250lbs 4x8 (+5lbs and 2 reps) Kept 4x8 to see improvement....losing my grip though

    Leg extension 215lbs 4x10
    Seated Calf raises (new) 135lbs 4x16
    Abs 133lbs 4x10 (+1lb)
    EZ bar curls 70lbs 4x10
    DB curls 32.5lbs 4x10
    Tri cable pulldowns 72.5lbs 4x10

    Strength went up in the deadlift, but might grip is failing....might get some straps. All other exercises are new (4x10) so I can't tell. So far so good.
  15. Weight

    This morning I weighed 195.8lbs (+.2lbs). I will eat more this coming week, I don't think I ate quite enough this week. I think I leaned out a little bit too.


    My PFS knee is killing me. Hasn't hurt this bad in well over 6 months. Was actually almost pain free before the cycle. I don't know if JW is hard on joints or what.....I think it might be. My next leg day is only Tues. so it has time.....but I'm really not sure If I'll be able to complete a decent leg workout. I'm not sure if I should skip it or push through with the pain. I'm not sure what I's sub. that day with. The workout is pretty cut and dry.

    So far so good besides the knee.
  16. Day 18

    Did Upper 1 5x5 and Lower 1 4x8 the Past couple days.

    Upper 5x5

    Db Bench 90lbs 5x5 (+2.5lbs)
    T row 140lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    BB Shoulder Press 130lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Lat Pulldown 175lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Dips +25lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Pull ups +10lbs 5x5 (+10lbs)

    Lower 1 4x8

    Squat 257.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs)
    Leg Extension 220lbs 6x8 (+10lbs)
    Hack Squat 500lbs 4x8 (+50lbs)
    Calf raises on Hack 600lbs 4x15 (+50lbs)
    Abs 134lbs 4x10 (+1lb)

    Through in some bi's and chest for fun....hope it doesnt hinder my Upper 2 on thurs.

    Strength gains all across the board. My joints are feeling it though.....only side effect to complain about at this time. I am taking 1.5g glucosamine a day. Could have done much more on squats, but had to cut a couple sets and not go crazy on the weight because of my knee. I'll keep you guys updated.
  17. Day 22

    Did upper 2 and Lower 2 the past couple days.

    Upper 2

    DB Bench 85lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    T-Row 120lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    BB Shoulder Press 120lbs 8/8/7/7 (+5lbs)
    Lat Pulldown 165lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    SKulls 90lbs 8/8/7/6/ (+5lbs)
    Seated Cable Row 155lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)

    Lower 2

    DL 255lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    Calf raise 600lbs 4x15 (+50lbs)
    Leg extensions 230lbs 5x8 (+10lbs)
    DB curls 37.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs)
    Tri Cable pulldown 85lbs 8/8/8/7 (+5lbs)
    EZ bar curls 80lbs 8/8/8/7 (+5lbs)

    Overall Strength has really gone up. 5lbs on everything. From here on out any increase is a PR. Side effects include: Being hot a lot of the time, especially about 1/2 hour after taking a dose. Sometimes a very mild headache. Nothing major in terms of sides. My knee actually improved and isn't too bad, but this stuff is tough on joints and tendons I would say. I just developed some tendonitis in my right forearm. We'll see how that plays out. I'm really hoping I can make it through this cycle......I'm liking what I see as far as gains.
  18. Weight

    I weighed in this morning at 194.8lbs......damn! I guess I lost a pound. I may have leaned out a tad, but that's not the goal. I want mass! Bumping cals to 3400. (+.4lbs from start)
  19. Day 25

    Over the past 2 days:

    Upper 1: 5x5

    BB Bench 92.5lbs 5x5 (+2.5lbs, but had more)
    T row 145lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Lat pulldown 180lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    BB shoulder press 135lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Dips +30lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Pull ups +15lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)

    Lower 1: 4x10

    Squat 260lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs, but had more)
    Hack 450lbs 4x10 (+50lbs)
    Legs extension 215lbs 4x10 (+5lbs +reps)
    Abs 136lbs 4x10 (+1lb)
    Calfs on Hack 600lbs 4x16 (+1 rep per set)

    Strength is though the roof! Increases on everything. Joints are feeling pretty good at this time. My shoulder is takin a beating from these increased weights (muscle pain/strain though). Everything is a PR! Loving this stuff so far.

    Sides effects are Acne, which has pretty much stayed constant since week 1 or two. Not much better or worse. A slight headache every now and then. Havent noticed any shedding that people talk about. Sex drive might be up a little. Nothing insane like I've heard about. Gtg eat so I can gain....i'll update after the next set.

  20. Day 28

    Half Way Done!

    Upper 2: 4x12

    DB Bench 75lbs 4x12+ (+2.5lbs)
    T row 105lbs 4x12 (+5lbs)
    Lat pulldown 137.5lbs 4x12 (+2.5lbs)
    BB shoulder press 97.5lbs 4x12 (+2.5lbs)
    Skulls 77.5lbs 12/12/12/10 with burns (+2.5lbs)
    Seated Cable Row 130lbs 4x12 (+5lbs)

    Lower 2: 4x10

    DL 260lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    Leg extensions 225lbs 4x10 (+10lbs)
    Abs 137lbs 4x10 (+1lb)
    Tri Cable pulldown 77.5lbs 4x10 (+2.5lbs)
    Preacher curls 75lbs 10/10/9/9 (+5lbs)
    DB curls 35lbs 10/10/10/9 (+2.5lbs)
    Calfs 170lbs machine 4x15

    Strength is continuing to rise. Acne is up slightly. Everything seems great....I will weigh in 2 days....hopefully some gains.
  21. Weight

    Weighed in at 196.6lbs this morning....wooooo. That's +2.2lbs so far. I'm about half way through. I'd very very happy with a 5lb total gain because BF% seems to be holding steady.

  22. dont mean to hack on you man, but i'm not impressed. (with the jw not you) you up ur protien and calories and ull grow faster.
  23. ...

    Thanks for the input. I also thought this stuff would be a little better. I wasn't expecting crazy gains, but was hoping for somewhere around 8lbs by the time I was done. I'm definetly gaining more than I could naturally. So far I would compare it to a MFX/HD cycle. A little more strength with the JW, but gains about the same. This stuff is not gear so i guess I can't expect it to work like it is. (Never taken gear before).

    My diet is clean foods at: 3400 cals

    85g fat
    340g carbs
    285g protein

    Where would you adjust? I'm 5'11" 197lbs.
  24. Day 34

    I have traded skull crushers mid way through for isolateral chest press. I need to work the chest a little is lagging.

    Upper 1: 4x8

    Chest Press 140lbs 4x8
    Seated Cable Row 160lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    BB Shoulder Press 122.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs)
    Lat Pulldown 167.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs)
    T Row 125lbs 4x8 (+5lbs +2reps)
    DB Bench 87.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs) had more
    Abs 138lbs 4x10 (+1lb)

    Lower 1: 4x8

    Squat 265lbs 6x8 (+5lbs) HAD MORE
    Calf machine 180lbs 4x16 (+10lbs)
    Leg extensions 225lbs 4x8 (+5lbs)
    Hack Squat 510lbs 4x8 (+10lbs)

    So far strength is rising and not stopping. If i had a spotter i'm sure these numbers would be higher. I'm being careful because I have been injured before by pushing too hard. Everything is a PR. Eating 3400 calories per day. Ance has increased significantly. Just started at 4 caps a day on workout days only.....just for one week. (To get rid of extra caps that will be left after 8 weeks and see what happens).
  25. Day 37

    Upper 2: 5x5

    Dips +35lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    Pull ups +20lbs 5x5 (+5lbs)
    DB Bench 95lbs 5x5 (+2.5lbs) (Put up 100's for a set, just for fun....def. PR)
    T- Row 147.5lbs 5x5 (+2.5lbs)
    BB Shoulder Press (smith due to shoulder strain) 155lbs 5x5 (can't attest to gains)
    LAt Pulldown 180lbs 5x5
    Abs 138lbs 4x10 (+1lb)

    Lower 2: 4x8

    DL 265lbs 4x8 (+5lbs....grip was suffering)
    Leg extension 235lbs 5x8 (+5lbs)
    Calf raise 190lbs machine 4x18 (+20lbs)
    Preachers 82.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs)
    Curls 40lbs 8/8/7/7 (+2.5lbs)
    Tri cable pulldown 87.5lbs 4x8 (+2.5lbs)

    Strength gains usual. Acne has let up a bit and joints aren't too bad. Mass doesn't seem to be increasing. Cals approaching 3500/day.


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