Rize2 vs Quick Fix which seems better

  1. Rize2 vs Quick Fix which seems better

    i have two pills to boost libido


    sarsaparilla extract
    maca root
    Rhodiola Rosea root
    Dioscorea Rosea rot

    Quick Fix
    epimedium grandifolium
    cnidium monnieri
    gingko biloba
    leonurus sibiricus
    butea superba
    macuna pruriens
    herba cistanche
    radix rehmannia
    fructus foeniculi

    which one seems better for sexual stamina and erection firmness

  2. I have only tried Rize 2. It works really good effects stay with you for about 3 days. The only problem I have found with it were the headches that followed.

  3. Both are garbage IMO.

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