Bring on the Damage! Stacked with EC (NS)

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  1. Bring on the Damage! Stacked with EC (NS)

    You ready? New and Exciting!(at least to me) I bring you the Log of DCP stacked with EC.
    DCP is entirely new to me. I have a good stash of Bronkaid left with a new bottle of good ole’ caffeine from NP. (a little publicity if I must)
    I’m realizing the older I get the more strict I am on myself with dieting, supplementation and learning how to listen to my body in order to get done what I need done.
    Everything below is an approximation to the best of my knowledge. Nothing more, I do not carry, nor do I have access to equipment which can provide TRUE accurate info.

    Height 6’1
    Age 20
    BF 18%
    Weight 210

    Maintenance Calories 3300
    -500 calorie deficit in my diet following supplementation.
    Macro standard 40/40/20 for now.
    275g protein 275g carbs 135g of fat

    Meal 1 (5AM) 25g isolate protein + 2 whole Eggs, 6 whites + (2)Oatmeal + 2TBSP EVOO/Sesame Oil
    Meal 2 (9AM) Chicken Breast / 2 slices Ezekiel Bread / 2oz Almonds
    Meal 3 (1PM) Tuna/ (2)Rice /2oz Almonds
    Workout (4PM) 50g isolate 40g waxy maize 5g creatine mono
    PostWO 50g isolate 40g waxy maize 5g creatine mono
    Meal 5 (6:30PM) Red Meat or Chicken Breasts /2 oz Almonds
    Meal 6 (9PM) cxup Cottage Cheese 2TBSP EVOO/Sesame Oil

    Then of course, Veggies, I’m a green bean fan. I don’t like anything else really unless it has butter.

    I will drink my superwater throughout the day

    DCP 1;2;2;1(before bed)
    EC 25/200(6AM); 25/200(1PM)

    Cardio Scheme
    4x a week 30 minutes incline walk 3.5 to 4.5 intervals

  2. Day 1 - Ephedra is making me sweat like a mofo. I can feel it kick in when in class start moving my legs like a damn rabbit. The DCP, no side effects yet to report. So far though Ive been hot all day eatting almost exactly whats listed, the eggs were replaced with chicken breast. So far so good, just signed up for Fitness Lab in college for an extra credits, so ill do cardio at school.

  3. Sounds like a great plan!! I love ephedra with DCP!

  4. thanks for the support crader, gonna take pictures tomorrow. I just went up in my lift tonight 85's shoulder press woohoo, prob. not as high as some of these gym junkies....

    hows diet look? pulled it out of thin air in about an hour. I feel good from it.

    My gf is your height and similar to your weight a little bit less but not as much muscle. I wish she had build shoulders, I dont like that twiggy arm! but I love her anywho.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Sounds like a great plan!! I love ephedra with DCP!
    Who doesn't?!

  6. Day 2 - So far, so good. Did 40 minutes on the tread mill. did a mph increase every so often until I hit 7.0 then I did a 15 minute high incline walk @ 3.5 to 4.5 ever other minute, then cooled down with a 5 minute walk @ 3.5. definitely random cardio day but I just did whatever felt like good fun.

    I weighed 210 last night.

    Hoping to get some pictures up :/ we'll see.

    Protein 310
    carbs 250
    Fat 80

  7. What time do you workout?

  8. right now im a 5-6 guy, gym is loaded but i feel its best suited for my lift style.

    work 7-3:30 4 days a week, school 8-5 2 days, then 1 day off to drive to santa barbara to see the girlfriend :] Need my weekly lovin

  9. Alright, I have a confession, I was dead tired from school today, I get drilled for about 8 hours 2 days a week. I think ephedra makes me burn out quicker by the time it was gym time. I was caught in school and forced to eat a cliff bar for my carb source. I came home and well, here comes the diet confession.

    I grabbed my cooked measured basmasti rice, I start breaking it up. I knew I was low in calories, I saw my dad had a bag of hot cheetos close by, then I saw the BBQ suace in the fridge and jalapeno jack pepper cheese. I weigh out 1 oz of hot cheetos, 2 slices of cheese, and squirt some BBQ sauce on it and microwaved it oh and Ezekiel bread chunks was SOOOOO DAMN GOOD, I ate it 3 hours ago, im not gonna go to the gym anymore, im exhausted but, im already hungry so im just gonna have a 12 hour shake, and some aminos then prepare tomorrows food and crash out.

    The combination was ridiculous, thought I'd share, im still on track for calories. diet will go as planned as above as usual.

  10. weighed myself this morning, 208.0 lbs dry. so far im down 2 lbs, I notice a significant difference in my hips. strength still up, lifts haven't dropped yet, I feel I even went up from what was previous in Post Cycle.

  11. How's your endurance?
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
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  12. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! pretty good dsade! i feel way motivated and like pumping out more and more reps. Im drinking aminos all day, in the gym, after, and before bed. along with 12 hour shake. My endurance feels up there, my buddy and I hit 2.5 hours, it was packed and well, chest/bi w/ 40 mins of cardio.

  13. dsade, tonight proved my endurance,, it was pretty insane. I did bi/chest together with really any breather in between. totally focused and still dont feel tired after an hour of going heavy

  14. SO far so good, I think im gonna be down in weight tomorrow, I usually weigh myself after the gym when ive consumed like a gallon of water or more.

  15. 207lb this morning, mid section looking A LOT flatter. the 12 hour shakes are still leaving me growling by morning. Not much I can do except eat first thing.

    Other then that, my endurance is insane, dsade happened to mention it and, Im lifting heavy as possible with a simple routine. Im gonna probably change up the muscle groups I work together soon, been doing the same thing for a while now.

  16. Glad its going well for you so far!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by TheeBC View Post
    Im gonna probably change up the muscle groups I work together soon, been doing the same thing for a while now.
    I'm getting ready to do this myself...incorporating a 2 day a week split training. We seem to be lagging behind in Arnold Prep.
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  18. DCP is getting to my head, looked in the mirror and loved it thus far. Today was my off day but, the mirror motivated me.

  19. im down 210 to 205, its been only 10days however, i think im getting stronger, could be diet. My stomach, I naturally pull in anything I don't like(suck it in). I released my stomach muscles, and the amount of body fat from 10days prior is such a HUGE difference to now.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    I'm getting ready to do this myself...incorporating a 2 day a week split training. We seem to be lagging behind in Arnold Prep.
    Ive liked my set-up for a few months, but, I need a mix up.

    What were your routines like?

  21. Im digging the results thusfar, my motivation is HUGE and my endurance is through the rough, Ive changed up my routine, im doing supersets with my same workout plan, then I increased my reps from 6 to 8, and man I felt swole in the gym like I haven't for a while...Gotta get back to work, im stealing wireless! haha

  22. diet went a little downward when I was searching my room for change to buy chicken, LOL but im on the rebound bought some chicken today!

  23. Looking motivated in here!!!!!

  24. Im feeling good, I was a bit tired today. Im taking up swimming again. Lost 65lbs that way, so im gonna get back into it. Its harder than anything Ive done cardio wise. I usually walk 15.0 incline @ 5.0mph. Im FLYING!

  25. today, I forgot my food so @ work, bought some black means, tuna, and a can opener. I was eating in no time!

    Is it a problem if I make Beans my main carb source, besides oatmeal and waxy maize?
    Carbs 150g from beans (not subtracting the 40g of fiber) ___ 40g from waxy maize__50g oatmeal so about 200g

    Protein is 250-300g a day - Shakes alone are 140g. Then whole food is around 100-150.
    I need to eat more almonds or get more fat in though, that is in need a definite change.


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