1-T Solo Log

  1. 1-T Solo Log

    I am going to keep a lose log of my experience with 1-t. I am going to run it for 6 weeks at 5 pumps a day.

    I am currently 220 pds at about 9-10 percent body fat.

    My goals are lean gains. I would love to get up to 230 and maintain my current body fat level.

    My PCT will consist of the primoridial test recovery stack.

    The only other PH i ever ran was an Epidrol cycle last year around this time. I loved the results however my blood pressure did suffer a bit.

    I will be running cycle support through the entire cycle.

  2. Just have a quick question. I am applying my 5 pumps every morning when I wake up. I usually wait about 20 minutes after rubbing the transdermal on to get dressed. I then go to the gym. Does sweating hinder the absorption of 1-t ?

  3. You shouldn't have any issues with the absorption if you sweat a bit. I'm curious to see how well this works.

  4. I am in my first week of 1-t. This week I have been extremely lethargic and feeling sort weird. The stomach virus has been going around and I dont know if im comming down with it or what. I dont really think the 1-t is causing the lethargy. Once I get myself to the gym the workouts are great.

  5. wheres the rest of the log, lol!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jcr1 View Post
    wheres the rest of the log, lol!
    Yeah, where?!


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