Superpump 250 & Size on Stack

  1. Superpump 250 & Size on Stack

    Today i bought both of these, in hope to find something that would get me going in the gym again, since i had just finished the stack of NaNo Vapor and Halo, which i was very disapointed with.. it just didn't work the way i thought it would, i am guessing that's just my body not reacting to it though. The vapor was also horrible to have because it really made my stomach sore and at times i couldn't even drink my protein after my work out.

    Anyways so i finally decided i would give superpump 250 a try, as a while ago it was a toss up between that and NO Xplode, which i went with xplode.

    Unfortunately i didn't get to get the flavour i wanted for the superpump, i was hoping for rasberry lemonade and got fruit punch, which isn't as bad as i thought, but tastes like water and the sugar you dip those lollysticks in and suck.

    My first fear was of the common name 'superdump' so i made sure i got the new batch, and not the older formula which had 300 of magnesium. I am very impressed with the superpump, i had an intense work out and i havent had one of these in a long time, i got a lot done for my back and bi's which i am extremely happy about considering i hate doing my back. It gave me really good focus, and i just seemed to have energy and this power pushing through. The pumps were really good aswell, even though i have got back into the gym from a 2 month break my arms looked monsterous, and could be a fair call to say i havent seem them that big for a while.

    On to the next product with size on, i decided to choose the grape fruit flavour which isn't that bad, but i decided to follow the lines of sipping it through my work out, which for me was too much with the flavour, i much prefeer drinking just water during my work out, at times i couldnt drink the size on so im most likely going to take it right after my work out, because i took the one scoop it recommended and halving it might not work to the best of it's ability. any one got any comments about what i should do with it?

    Overall i really am pleased i spent my money well this time, i am dieing to get into the gym tomorrow for my second day and give my shoulders and legs a bit of a work!.

    this is my first review and not sure how im suppose to word it out and stuff, but i thought i'd give it a go.

  2. Its a good stack man, Dont bother with drinking the size on intra, you will have enough energy/punp with the SP, just take it after.

  3. yeah good stack
    hey maybe you should try NO shotgun and synthesize
    just throwing it out there
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

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