1-t + epi Stack

  1. 1-t + epi Stack

    I read allot about the 1-t, finally when i went back to school it was there waiting for me in my mailbox. Now i am on day 4, work out day 3.

    Day one (5 pumps 30mg epi (havoc)
    No real aggression changes
    First application of 1-t no real notice of "skin tightening or increased vascular"

    However- on my latter sets of bicept work i did notice that i wasn't developing the burn telling me to stop, they kept wanting more attention. I finally made myself leave the gym and as i was walking out the door i felt a huge burn.

    Day two (same dosage)
    chest tri
    Redness after aplication of 1-t
    Pantera seemed to get me unusually angry and helped my bench leap back up to my last set of 10x265 (haven't been able to do this since my shoulder dislocations from my season)

    Day three (same dosages waiting to work out)

    My stats and such are on amspace, ill take some more measurements in another week.

    Any questions get at me

    So far loving this stack:bb3:

  2. Great work outs both for day 3 and 4

    Day 4 hang clean 4x295 final set (315x4 P.R. prior to shoulder injury)

    Aggression and temper are raised, but not uncontrollable
    Slight appearance of shoulder acne
    common occurrence of bad breath

    From these effects it is fair to say in my opinion that my testosterone is significantly raised.

    As for my libido i find my self drawn to almost any female (almost) and increased stamina and aggression in the sack as well. However if i do not keep myself focused i find myself to be much less hard as usual... ( These encounters are later at night, most likely way after the half life of both the epi and 1t, i assume if it were to be during the day it would be a different story.

    Lovin it

    Side note i forgot to add, this is my first experience with any hormonal/testosterone products/boosters

  3. Great workout today again, upped the epi to 40
    Again seemed to not be able to workout enough
    Great aggression, focus, drive in the gym

  4. THis is your first run and at day 4 your at 40mg? You must be a metabolizer huh? How are you doesing the 40mg of Epi and whats you PCT look like? Im running 1-T right now and considering doing a pulse of Havoc. Ill be watching man. Good luck.

  5. Hey brother, sorry for the long wait.

    I got to involved in working out and not enough on the computer. But i do have some before and after pictures of this cycle.

  6. Well apperently i cant add pics unless i have 50 posts but heres the link to my before after album

    ok cant add links.... look at my amspace lol

  7. I hate to admit it, but i bought the pct by anabolic extreme.... and never took it.

    Saving it for another harder cycle down the road

    Only effects was a not 100 percent hard stiffy for like 4 days after.... I love being young....

  8. i just finished the 1t and epi cycle.. did it for 6 weeks.. ran epi at 40 for the entire time.. started it at 40 day 5. no sides for me from that.. but i have been on hawthorn berry for a year now.. and i get 6gms a day of fish oils and pumpkin seed oil.. great for the blatter and prostate by the way... also i got lots of strength gains.. i went into personal best on every lift after week 2-3.. then on its just joint pulling muscle tearing growth for me.. i kept my diet really clean and didnt do the normal bulk diet.. i went for really high protien and lowered my carb intake to that a little more than a cut diet.. and im glad.. i had lots of energy and no fat to loose after the cycle.. i went from 172 to 187 lbs.. and like i said got strong as hell.. for my pct i took the pp's sustain alpha and endo amp along with all my other normal supps... have lost 5 lbs and look great.. didnt loose any strength. that was the part i was most worried about.. but strength went up during pct.. sustain is awesome.. the best pct yet... and endo amp goes in the protien shake.. i hate pills.. just liquids.. put them all in a glass plug nose and down it goes..

    good luck.. eat lots and you will grow.. and hit the sustain alpha for pct... you ll like it

  9. also pm me if you want some more details on the work outs i had and other supps i took.. dont want to make the mods mad here..


  10. Yea my diet was spot on, the funny thing was i didn't change weight (start of the cycle end of cycle) but my body composition did a 360...

    Lost good amount of fat, gained it back in muscle... cant complain


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