CEE, AAKG, and Glutamine Log

  1. CEE, AAKG, and Glutamine Log

    I am writing a log on these 3 supplements mainly so I can get some experience writing logs. This will be my first ever log, and I hope I can get some feedback for future logs. I am also hoping this log can help answer some questions to newcomers and possibly even veteren weight lifters.

    Backround : Been lifting seriously for 2 1/2 months without the aid of any supplements. *This log starts 2 weeks into the month long cycle of the mentioned supps.*

    Creatine Ethyl Ester - 2-3 grams 30-60 mins before and after workout. 4-6 grams total daily
    AAKG (Arganine Alpha-ketogluterate) - 1 tsp 30-60 mins before and after workout.
    L-Glutamine - 1 tsp 30-60 mins before and after workout

    Stats before touching weights : 5'11, 135 lbs.

    Stats prior cycle : 5'11, 145 lbs.

    Stats current (2 weeks in) 151 lbs.

  2. Since I started this log 2 1/2 weeks in, I thought I'd fill in some blanks.

    Week1- No noticable strength change out of the ordinary, however got a decent pump. This went on for the duration of week 1.

    Week2- Started to see noticable strength increase along with endurance for example would crank out an extra rep with increased weights. Pumps are phenomenal now. Feels like my arms are going to explode lol. Pump is mainly in my bicep for the time being. By end of week 2 strength hit an incredible high. My lift partner was impressed enough to comment on my intensity and numbers.

    Week3- So far into week 3 intensity is still up and the pumps are as good as in week 2. Got an amazing chest pump on chest/tri day. First time I've had a pump like that in my chest.

    So far I'm up 6 pounds body weight since the start with no noticable fat accumulation or any kind of water retention.

    Thanks for reading. I'll be updating daily now with a more in depth look at weight and rep increases even though there's only a week and half left. Any input or experiences are welcome!

  3. Thursday of Week3
    Weight : 150.5

    Chest/Tri - Today didn't get the crazy pump (Does body adapt to supplements?). Had a horrible headache, but that doesn't stop us! I tried to max out for first time ever. Put up 195 on bench for 3rd set. I figure I'm good for the big 200 fresh now. I was only expecting to get 190 or so. Main thing to me was getting 7 reps of 165.

    Key Notes - Bench has gone up 20 pounds within these 3 weeks. The supps have helped, but not quite sure how to gauge how much they helped. I will probably continue this log post cycle to see if gains still come at a decent rate w/o them.

  4. Pretty nice. Throw in some beta-alanine and citruline-malate and your endurance will be off the chain!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by airram479 View Post
    Pretty nice. Throw in some beta-alanine and citruline-malate and your endurance will be off the chain!
    Sorry for not keeping up with this as interest was reallly low by other members. This was a really basic log on basic supps so I could get a little experience writing them. I actually just ordered some ba and cm to stack with my pct.



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