Arthritis pain.

  1. Arthritis pain.

    Serrazyme: How The Silkworm Could Hold The Key To Treating Conditions As Diverse As Bronchitis And Atherosclerosis.

    I had a family member that had to take steroids for arthritis in her hands a year ago. Three months taking sarrapeptase and she can't believe how good her hands are with only taking this supplement, and she's in a Canadian winter lol. Last winter she couldn't hold a cup of coffee without problems. Check it out. Silk-Worm-Enzyme. Cleans clogged veins and eats up dead protein.

    That's just one site, but there is several. A friend of mine got it for his grandma in a home and now four of her friends are taking it to and loving it. Only thing is, it seems to take a month or two to kick in, but when it does.... it seems to do the trick.

    Google it.


  2. And no, I don't sell the stuff lol.



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