ERGOTEST Rx Has anyone tried it or heard of it???

  1. ERGOTEST Rx Has anyone tried it or heard of it???

    has anyone tried this test booster? I ran a search and couldnt find any feedback, etc.

    if anyone has tried, it would love to have some feedback. Was considering trying it.....or else if you can recommend a better test booster for libido too give your input,


  2. Never heard of it; however if you do a search for Get Diesel's Diesel Test Hardcore (DTH), you will find some great reviews on it. It's very popular on . I've used it quite a few times and have enjoyed it. There's a subforum for GD on here Get Diesel Nutrition

  3. Steveoph, thanks for your reply and i was considering it but i have read quite a few complaints on that libido tapers off or even if ramping up may not get desired results and you have to try it out to then adjust.

    Much appreciated.

  4. deisel test hardcore....nuff said

  5. yeah i heard of it. bulbine natalensis is awesome used properly. its actually a 247% increase in test, but anthony roberts has this funny math that includes the 100% you already produce. its still awesome. i give credence to proper dose and right extraction/storage as evidenced by my use of various brands; basically there is a thin margin where a user gets the 247%increase, but if you go beyond that you actually have less test than you normally would, which is bad. ergotest uses something called prolensis, which has tested people for the right dose and has taken the steps necessay to preserve the extract, resulting in a standardized product you can count on. i tried one that had a 100x extract and i experienced a reduction in my normal libido and good mood; from that i concluded the dose was too high, and interestingly, i read forums where other users reported the same thing, albeit 7 days further down the road. ive also tried phytoserms 347% which uses the same prolensis that ergotest uses. it had a very noticvable increase in libido. i didnt get muscle gains or add 5-7lbs of bodyweight like the label claimed, but the supernormal libido was cool; the most ive heard of any herbal test booster is libido and maybe some leaning out, but i dont expect huge gains given the guys on roads can go 22x over baseline testosterone. anyway, i felt like pytoserms botched it by adding stinging nettle to free test up; i know the principle is good, but im skeptical because, for example, the anti aromatase stuff has a good principle, yet users experience drops in libido. i also feel like tropinal, another company that carries the legit prolensis, messed up by adding caffeine for the cheap high; as if im gonna think its a test surge or something. anyway, i dont want the cortisol from that crap on my muscles anymore than i want the vasoconstriction at my junk, so im excited about this ergotest, as it has instead opted to refrain from the frills in offering a very potent herb at a reasonable price. i hold bulbine natelensis in higher regard than any test booster simply to the fact that increases natural production of test while lowering estrogen 30%, as opposed to gaining test thats turning into estrogen. this stuff also has a long cvcle. i view this product as an awesome libido enhancer and something that retores people to high school test levels; very sound natural stuff. i just ordered ergotest today and i will be forming som conclusions comparing this to phytoserms which uses stingin nettle

  6. DTH killed my libido even at half dosage

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bludevil View Post
    DTH killed my libido even at half dosage

    thats interesting. diesal himself was saying on one of these forums that a rise if free test that occurs too quickly can disrupt luteinizing hormone, resulting in a drop in test. the arguement could be made that a person with superior absorption or lower bodyweight could get side effect from the stinging nettle added to phytoserms 347%. at any rate, tropinol did a study on bulbine natalensis where it beat out viagra on libido, and tropinol doesnt add anything to free test, so im getting a good felling about this ergotest. i bet if THEY didnt the other shwag the stuff would cost under 20 bucks. THAT would be sweet

  8. well i ran a month on ergotest:

    i do have some problems with it, although it is a decent bulbine product. my first problem is that 6 caps a day are required; i mean, phytoserms has all that bulbine in 2 caps a day, but these guys have you taking it twice a day just to fit in all the bunk they added; by bunk i mean the suma (which does nothing) and the l-carnitine (which would only do something at a much bigger dosage). it seemed like it took longer to kick in than phytoserms, but it did kick it. i think this product would be "bulbine done right" if they just sold us the prolensis bulbine instead of forcing us to buy three supplements at a much higher price to wind up with exactly what we would have taking bulbine alone.

    that all said, the product is good for libido. i didnt make any gains with it or anything, but this is an exceptional way to improve sex drive. i also like the idea of walking around with 247% more test than the average guy, but this product makes no claim in that rise, even though they use the extract that did research proving that; this makes me wonder if they are skimping on the amount...


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