Poppin my cherry..a DTH/RPM LOG!(sponsored...by my bank account)

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  1. DAY 23-Chest & Light Tris
    I felt really good today. I woke up with more energy than usual for some reason this morning. Took 3 RPM and my DTH, I had a really good energy in the gym today, and my strength increased on the first set of DB Incline, but my endurance must be crap b/c I dropped in reps more than usual. Oh well, my heavy set on incline BB was better than last week. I was itching to lift all weekend, all in all today was pretty great
    Incline DB:80x11/80x8/80x8/90x3
    BB Incline:155x10/155x9/165x7
    Low Cable Fly:80x10/80x8/80x10(this last set was mid-level cable crossovers)
    Reverse Tri Pushdown:72.5x10/77.5x8/82.5x4/82.5x4(Definite strenght increase here)
    I was feeling really good today. It was my last day as a free man. School starts tom. and I have mostly night classes this semester. Definately different for me, I'll see how it goes. Once I finish the DTH and RPM I'll be cutting back to 3x a week full body due to my schedule.

  2. Day 24-Back
    I had to workout in the morning today because I have school later and I need to go buy all my books etc...For my first morning workout in a while, I felt good. I had to do deadlifts second which I was dreading because I like getting them done first and out of the way. I still went up a rep which is good. I didn't hit bis today as I mentioned before my bi was hurting last tues so I'm taking it easy on them, I'll hit them hard on fri.
    Bent Over HS Rows:90x11/100x9/110x7/120x5
    Lat Pulldown:110x11/110x10/130x7
    Underhand Row:200x8/200x7/120-burnout with negatives down
    Great workout. Off to school to get raped for books. fun.

  3. Yea book prices are killer. I usually buy used, or just get it from the library. Glad you went with DTH and it's working out for you

  4. how well do you like the DTH?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Yea book prices are killer. I usually buy used, or just get it from the library. Glad you went with DTH and it's working out for you
    I got two from some friends so I didn't get raped too badly. Yeah, I'm liking the diesel a lot.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    how well do you like the DTH?
    I like it quite a bit. I haven't really felt much "aggression" or stuff like that that some people report, but I have been consistently gaining strength and it gives me a pretty good pump during my workouts. Some of my muscles seem harder too. For me this may have had a mainly recomp effect b/c I weighed myself and I'm still the same, but I look better. U thinking of trying it or have you tried it before?

  7. i am thinkin about it eventually

  8. DAY 25-Legs
    I just did sprints, some light cardio on the eliptical, some calf training and the stairmaster today.

  9. DAY 26-Shoulders
    Military BB:145x8/145x7/145x7/155x3
    Front DB Raise:30x6/30x6/30x6
    Lateral DB Raise:35x8/35x7/35x7
    Rear Delt Fly Machine:90x10/100x8/100x7
    Didn't feel that great today. I was tired and in a pisspoor mood most of the day.

  10. DAY 27-ARMS
    Incline DB Curl:40x8/40x8/40x7
    DB Seated French Press:85x12/90x10/90x8
    Straight Bar Curl:70x8/70x8/70x7
    Reverse Tri Pushdown:67.5x10/72.5x8/77.5x6
    I was VERY pressed for time today, so I did a 12 reps of 135 on close grip bench and called it a day. A really good workout for how long of a day I had, my eating was off and not enough...

  11. DAY 28&29 OFF
    I slept like a baby this weekend. The first week of my new school/work schedule was brutal. Sunday I cooked 6 meals for the coming week of chicken, green and yellow bell peppers, and jalepenos.

  12. DAY 30-CHEST
    DB Incline:80x12/80x9/80x8/90x4
    BB Incline:160x11/160x9/170x6
    Cable Crossovers(mid/high setting):80x10/100x8/100x7
    Reverse Tri Pushdown:77.5x9/82.5x7/82.5x5
    Awesome workout today. My chest felt great. My shoulder started bothering me after the workout, but during it I felt good. Strength increases all around! Whoo

  13. DAY 31-BACK
    I have to say today was the BEST workout I've had in a long time, maybe on this entire run. I watched pumping iron last night, that got me all psyched up to go this morning. I had to workout early, but suprisingly I had lots of energy. I decided to switch it up to rack deads today, but I wasn't too happy with the weight I could do. My forearms give out way before my lower back. I might get some straps soon. Regardless, kick ass workout with strength gains on almost everything.
    Rack Deads:275x6/275x6/275x6/295x1
    Bent Over HS Row:100x10/100x10/120x6
    Lat Pulldown:110x13/110x11/130x8
    Underhand HS Row:200x8/Burnout with negatives on 120, didn't record reps...
    Only THREE more workouts left! All good things come to an end I suppose.

  14. what happend?1!@!@!@

  15. Sorry for not updating. I pretty much had 3 days left of this log and I got really sick, like non stop puking and I didn't eat anything (I couldn't keep anything down) for 3 days. The next couple of days I was pretty out of it, but I managed to eat a few meals...So I didn't work out at all and felt pretty ****ty. The following week I was starting a new routine with a friend of mine and working out on campus again (my gym membership was until the end of Jan). Now I'm working out full body 3x a week(one movement per muscle group). Anyways, here is my overall review of DTH....
    After the first week or so, I started to really like DTH. I noticed strength gains on every exercise week to week, except for one or two days where I wasn't in the mindset to lift. I felt stronger and there were some days where I had great great pumps. The RPM was a great compliment to it I felt, but I think I built up a tolerance to it about half way through. When I no longer felt anything after taking 4 RPM, I pretty much decided to lay off of the RPM. While the RPM was working, my workouts were great. I think the DTH gave me the week to week strength increases that I was getting. My routine, my diet was basically the same, DTH was the only different part of the equation. I never really felt any type of "aggression" that some people report. My libido was pretty much the same before during and after the DTH.
    So I think DTH is a pretty good product, I mean I've tried other test boosters and have gotten absolutely zero results, so I think this is a pretty solid test booster, even for the younger crowd. I'm 22 btw. I will try to get some "after" pictures up, but I'm still not back to where I was before I got sick...

  16. that sucks. i got the flu after taking mass fx stack for 2 months and lost like 10 pounds, it sucked

  17. that sucks man...I lost 7 pounds put some of it was water cuz I wasn't even drinking water for a couple days...oh well I get sick like once a year so I was due.


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