Your about to get a mouthfull of Cletus!...T-911 and Anadraulic State Log

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  1. today was the final day on the stack and it was a damn good one. going lighter weightr high volume and tempo this week.

    chest tris
    bench/db bench/dip supersets
    225x10, 65's x10, bw x 10 for six sets
    blast strap pushup/chain tri ext/overhead barbell tri ext superset
    bwx12, 80x12, 75x12 for six sets
    slow pause close grip bench/db chest fly superset
    245x3 3/3 tempo, 30'x x 20 3/2 tempo, 3 sets
    incline db press
    40's x 50
    ab work

    sht i smoked it today! pump was insane! never felt tired for a second!

  2. That's the way to put a seal of approval on the log C. Stack showed to be a winner for sure. By the way, LG is having another 50% off sale right now. Code:50off08
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. overall grades for the LG products:
    Anadraulic State:
    taste-3/10 got tolerable after a few weeks
    energy/focus-10/10-better than any product i have used thus far (far better than nano-vapor, noexplode, or amped)
    pump-7/10-the creatine and carb blend did provide a nice pump at a higher dosage (1.5-2 scoops)

    taste-9.5/10-taste like sweet tarts!
    energy/focus-10/10-test spike, and thermogenesis rolled in to one
    stamina-10/10-makes you just wanna keep pounding the weight (or the box depending on what activities you take it prior to )

    Loved the products LG, youve got 2 winners on your hands. I will use this stack again as part of my PCT in the late summer!



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