SciFit's 200mg Caffeine - What's REALLY in it? DONT BUY

  1. Thumbs down SciFit's 200mg Caffeine - What's REALLY in it? DONT BUY

    I recently purchased 2 bottles (400 caps total) of SciFit's caffeine (200 mg per cap). I use 200mg of caffeine once or twice a week for a particularly hard work-out (usually legs) or when I'm partaking in an endurance based activity.

    For some reason I noticed no improvements or boost as a stand-alone product. I did notice a small something when stacked with ephendrine and/or a whole grapefruit, and some green tea caps.

    I sincerely think that this is a bogus product as I've never had this problem using other brand caffeine (200 mg). I am normally sensitive, and very responsive to caffeine.

    I fed one to my wife who fell asleep on the couch 10 minutes later watching TV before we were supposed to go to the gym. She had been off of stimulants for the past two months. She then agreed that it was indeed a bogus product.

    This morning, I opened one capsule and poured the white power on my tongue. It was barely bitter - I could swill a 20g scoop of this power in my mouth and not blink at all. It's my experience that caffeine is supposed to be quite bitter.

    Watch out for this product.


  2. Go with some caffeine tabs from Nutraplanet.

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