1. Thumbs up VyoTech

    17HD- Best supplement out there for energy. It just gets you pumped up to work out.

  2. i loved it, but once i built up a tolerance for it, it never was effective for me again, even with a 6month break

  3. I tried it a long time ago when it first came out. It was great energy and focus but I've read some sketchy reviews and it's ultra expensive. Mass Tabs by IDS is a clone,except half the price. Never used it though.

  4. Stuff did absolutly nothing for me after the first time I took it. Took it back for a refund. Wouldn't buy it again.

  5. The company I order my supps from mistakenly included it in my last order and didn't charge me for it. Read the reviews on another board and realized it's just caffeine and some herbs, not a prohormone or a test-booster.

    It's sitting in my cabinet... and will probably continue to do so.



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