Twitch wanders into X-DREAM world REFORMULATED!(sponsored)

  1. Twitch wanders into X-DREAM world REFORMULATED!(sponsored)

    WOOO! well i got a chance to try my first ever IBE product, X-Dream, the new version.
    If you been around awhile and seen my post you know i loves me some sleep aid. I came late to log chance thread but i got it in the nick of time.

    I planned to start this monday(today) but i was able to squeeze in 2 doses since i have had the bottle. I must say, i likey.
    Day 1 - I did one pill. I must say it was nice, but not enough for me at least.
    Day 2 - I went for 2 the next day. It was a hair more noticeable.

    When i dose i usually brush my teeth, drink half cup water, then take my night pills with the other half cup.

    I am not taking any other sleep aids during this, off days or not, none. I plan to go up to 4 pills eventually unless someone from IBE recomends not to, but i see no reason why i shouldnt.

    You dont really notice anything extreme when taking this, well i dont. You dont feel immense amount of drowsiness or such. All i can notice is my eyes begin to get heavy and i feel chilled out a bit.

    I would liek to thank IBE again and the group of guys who chose me.

  2. Last night was good. I had some intense dream but this wa not due to the X-Dream directly, maybe just from puttin me deeper into the REM cycle.

    I do like the product so far and have not noticed andy lack of effects after these uses.

    I will say though, although the product claims to take away groginess, i have a bit in the morn. Not an intense amount but enough where if i choose not to get out of bed ill be asleep within 30-45 minutes again for a bit.

    Like today i woke up a hlaf hour into Gremlins, then re awoke 10 minutes before the end.

    1-10 so far on product, 8. I would buy this.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MentalTwitch View Post
    You dont really notice anything extreme when taking this, well i dont. You dont feel immense amount of drowsiness or such. All i can notice is my eyes begin to get heavy and i feel chilled out a bit.
    I agree with this asessment. No immense amount of drowsiness, slightly chilled and relaxed, comfortable even.

  4. So my last dose, last night with X-Dreams was good. I did go up to 3 and couldnt tell much difference. So ill go to 1 the next 2 times then hit 3 again to compare.
    I still rate everything the same about, i really like how it can slowly feel tired and know its time to just close my eyes and go to sleep.

    So i still would recomend this to people and i still would buy a bottle.

    I may give my GF 1-2 caps to try. Sometimes she uses soem OTC stuff from walgreens but i never checked the ingredients and would rather her take something i know about like GABA, Melatonin, etc etc.

  5. Last night went great with X-dream as expectedonce again. I have no noticeable changes in effects. i dosed 1 cap so only thing was not quit as "strong" relaxing effects.
    I do feel a bit groggy when i wake up but itcould be from long days and such. I do notice its easier for me to go back to sleep if i wake up at 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am, etc etc.

  6. So i did 1 last night and still felt it kick. It was clear it wasnt as intense but i could tell. I had some dream of driving a motorcycle with my GF on the back and other crazy stuff.
    I have been using Fish Oil with it on my theory since it improves brain function it may increase dreams. Ill have to do some further testing after this log but so far, 2 out 2 times using the fish oil pre-bed with X-Dream gave me dreams, not nightmares. I almost always have nightmares.

    Tongiht i wont be dosing due to work in the AM early.

  7. Last night was great again! I really do like X-Dream alot. I have no comparison to the old one because i used to hear it fell short and didnt wanna try it.
    I think X-Dream does a better job at getting me relaxed and "drowzy" like i should turn off the TV and sleep compared to my kitchen sick stack i use.

    I still rate it the same and would still tell you guys, GET YOU SOME!!!!!

    Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

  8. The past couple days been great! I still love this stuff.
    So at this point i will break down my exact feeling of the product.

    - I would recomend this to people who want better fulfilling sleep.
    - It does a nice job of relaxation before i actually close my eyes, it gets me to feel like my eyes are heavy.
    - No adverse sides i noticed.(none were expected anyway)

    The things i notice from my personal sink stack to this product.

    - I dont feel the "GABA Rush/Flush" but of course the dose isnt very high.
    - I did not notice much recovery effects. Now let me clearify here, the sleep is great. I do feel better rested, but compared to my own stack i do not notice the feel in muscle recovery.
    The reason for this is prolly because my stack is more GH release focused than actual relaxation and sleep.

    As my first ever IBE product use, i liked/like it alot! I am purchasing Epistane during the New Year sale and i hope it proveds results just like X-Dream does, to the "T"

  9. So X-Dream has been providing me with still perfect sleep. I tried 1 -2 -3 -4 caps and they all provide great sleep. I did notice the difference between 1 and 3/4 but not from individual caps.

    I STILL recomend buying this to people and gave my girlfriend 2 caps to try cause sometimes she takes tylenol PM i think. So i figured if shes goin to take something i might as well try to get her to support the community.

    Thanks again to everyone at IBE for letting me run this. I have about 4 left i think.


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