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  1. am cardio

    40 minutes 15% 5.0-7.0

  2. got back from the gym after doing some back. mediocre workout overall

    rack pulls (8 sets) 405lbs
    bb rows (5 sets) 205lbs
    rope barn door (5 sets) 110lbs
    BTN pulldowns (5 sets) 150lbs
    Seated machine row (5 sets) 180lbs
    Cobra pulldowns (5 sets) 140lbs

    I weas able to work for a while, but the intensity was most certainly lacking today

  3. Talk about some high volume! Sheesh! Nice workout, Reaper!

  4. thanks man, trying to get as much volume as possible

  5. decided to change things up, specifically the order of body focus. So I went with chest and calves today.

    Standing calf rasies (10 sets) 150-200lbs
    Seated calf rasies (7 sets) 2 45's each side

    Incline BP (10 sets) 280lbs 3 reps (stunned)
    Low cable cross 1 arm (5 sets) 50-60lbs
    Flat Flys (5 sets) 55lbs
    Incline flys (6 sets) 3 sets 65lbs 10 reps (wow again)

    Very aggressive today, very in tune. Really liked switching it up, I was actually almost craving doing chest, so I figured why the hell not. We will see if it affects my shoulder routine tomorrow

  6. looking good bro!..sorry im late but subbed!
    board supporter

  7. welcome and thanks for joining B

  8. HEre is how saturday broke down

    Am cardio
    42 minutes 15% 5.0-7.0mph

    bike 20 minutes 6%

    BTN Press (9 sets) 175lbs 6 reps
    Lateral raises (16 sets) 4 giant sets 35,25,15,10lbs to failure
    BB Shrugs (8 sets) 405lbs
    Reverse peck deck (7 sets) pyramid from 105lbs down to failure (hell of a burn)
    Upright cable rows (5 sets) 190lbs

    I am beat, and feeling good.

  9. looking good reaper!
    board supporter

  10. whats a btn press? behind the neck?
    SFW and GFH

  11. yes behind the neck

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Reaper329 View Post
    yes behind the neck
    wow man great number there!
    SFW and GFH

  13. thanks man, really pushing it here

  14. lookin very good man! keep it up

  15. What's new reaper?
    SFW and GFH


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