Eric was kind enough to send me a couple of bottles of LipoBURN to try. Started using 23 October, and finished yesterday...

What is it?

* Decrease cellulite
* Burn subcutaneous fat, even at rest
* Lower cortisol
* Spot reduce fat loss

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LipoBurn is scientifically proven to reduce fat in the areas that you need targeted most. Rub it on and watch the pounds melt away and stubborn cellulite disappear. Not some gimmick, LipoBurn is formulated using proven scientific ingredients that actually reduce fat. Unlike other spot reducing creams which only dispel water, LipoBurn targets stored fat in focused areas, especially the hips, buttocks and thighs and may increase the fat burning power of each workout.

*product efficacy is dependent on proper diet and excercise

Feel: 7/10. LipoBURN is non-greasy to put on, but once on makes the skin feel a little like I've got sunscreen on. I certainly didn't feel anything like an 'icy wind' over my body, like I did with the Napalm.

Spreadability: 7/10. LipoBURN spreads over the skin and mixes into it very easily. However, the last few days of each bottle, it did NOT rub IN very well, but left a white residue that had to be rubbed vigorously with my body moistorizer to get it in properly.

Decrease Cellulite: 8/10. I don't have a lot of cellulite to lose. However, there WAS a noticeable difference in LOSS of it on my hamstrings over the period that I used LipoBURN.

Spot Reduce Fat Loss: 7/10. Over the time that I have been using LipoBURN, my chest, deltoids, arms, and midsection are the areas where fat loss is most NOTICEABLE on observation (Note that I didn't wash my hands between LipoBURN and moistorizer application, which may have had some effect on upper body). Skinfold measurements taken pre and post-LipoBURN indicate that I lost bodyfat (BF) from all over: Pre: body composition -12.8% BF, triceps - 10.3mm, subscapular - 7.8mm, biceps - 6.9mm, iliac crest - 20.2mm, supraspinale - 8.6mm, abdominal - 15.0mm, front thigh - 9.7mm, medial calf - 8.4mm; post: body composition - 10% BF (-2.8% BF), triceps - 6.0mm (-4.3mm), subscapular - 7.0mm (-0.8mm), biceps - 2.5mm (-4.4mm), iliac crest - 6.5mm (-13.7mm), supraspinale - 6.0mm (-6.6mm), abdominal - 10.5mm (-5.5mm), front thigh - 7.0mm (-2.7mm), medial calf - 5.0mm (-3.4mm); with the most fat loss occurring from my iliac crest (but it was also the area where I had the most BF to begin with). I also lost in total 3cm, 8cm, and 3cm, from my waist, hips/gluteals, and thighs (1 cm distal from the gluteal line) repectively, from beginning to end of my run of LipoBURN. These results cannot be solely attributed to the LipoBURN, though, as I was using both Hot-Rox Extreme and Lean Xtreme at the same time; all of which would have had a MULTIfactoral effect on my body composition.

Lower Cortisol: N/A. Midsection has gotten flatter since using this, but cannot attribute that solely to LipoBURN (as mentioned, I was also using Lean Xtreme).

Other Effects: Vascularity after using LipoBURN was awesome (the alcohol in it).

Overall: 7.5/10. "Product efficacy is dependent on proper diet and excercise." My diet is not always 100%, and training has been a struggle to get it done. However, given what my diet has been like, and what I consider to be lack of training, the LipoBURN actually did pretty well, with me losing on average 0.4% BF per week (0.1% BF less than one would EXPECT to lose with ONLY diet (but the CORRECT diet, and NOT binging as I do) and training) over the 7 weeks that the LipoBURN lasted.

Would I use it again? If I had only 1-2% bodyfat left to lose, and my DIET was absolutely 100% correct.

Would I recommend? Generally I would NOT recommend a topical fat loss product. I would recommend making sure that the key component to fat loss - DIET - was targeted at fat loss, and that training was structured appropriately, before I would even consider recommending a fat loss supplement/product (and unless you're relatively lean to begin with and just want to lose that last 1-2% BF, then I wouldn't recommend at all). But, in saying that, if diet and exercise are right, then just that little something extra can be recommended.

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