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  1. Wassup fellas? What's goin' on in here?

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    Wassup fellas? What's goin' on in here?
    Hey U-Rep thanks for stopping by, to bad some things came up unexpectedly when I started this journal, been meaning to post it over here:

    I have had a hectic pass few months, that have non the less messed up my training. I lost a month do to a Military mission, but luckily finished my cycle of Test and a few more weeks of my 5x5 prior to the start of that mission. Will say the gains I saw both in meet on the bones, and weight added to lifts was great. However, I still have one can left, and will not use it until I am confirmed of not messing up the cycle schedule.

    Another few weeks were lost to me getting Lasik eye surgery. Monday was the first day I was able to lift since the procedure. I am currently in Oklahoma on another military mission, but I am making time to get into the gym daily.

    I am currently unable to dedicate the amount of time, and food dedicated to advancing using my 5x5, although the days per week of lifting are less then a normal hypertrophy workout, the fact that if I miss one day, it sets me back an entire week. Unlike with a hypertrophy type workout, I can bump that workout to the next day, or add it to the next time I can workout, end result is easier makeup.

    Do to me needing something flexible with my current schedule, I will not re-start my 5x5 that I was doing so well on, instead I am going into a 4 day hypertrophy split, that allows me makeup time. If and when my schedule cools off, I will return to a 5x5. As of now, I would much rather concentrate on just eating, and lifting with the flexibility I need.

    Either way, I am back, and plan to be posting off and on. It most likely won’t be daily, but I will update workouts in a new journey, and save this 5x5 journey for when I can dedicate myself to it.

    Link to new Journey: Taking Control of an Uncontrollable World

    I plan to return to this Journey as soon as I can confirm my schedule of a minimum of 8 weeks of no interruption, for a 5x5.



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