Liftergym33's Review of LG Sciences New BC/EAA

  1. Liftergym33's Review of LG Sciences New BC/EAA

    Well First off I recieved my tubs today.. Of course like anyone I was anxious to open just one. all this rave and hoop la about the smell, taste, and how It mixes had me wondering. Was it due to people getting this free for a sponsered log? or the 50% Lg was so nice to offer the folks here at AM

    With that being said I felt I should post this I know many reviews have gone up, so heres mine

    Personal Review/First Impressions
    I am comparing this to Xtend

    LG's BC/EAA

    Taste- 9/10
    Smell- 10/10
    Mixabilty- 9/10
    Price- 10/10


    Taste- 7/10
    Smell- 7/10
    Mixabilty- 6/10
    Price- 7/10

    The smell Is what gets you, I had people who don't even lift walking over to me tonight saying.."What ya got there dam that smells good!" lol

    I thought it Mixed very very well compared to xtend, there was a little bubble on top , I guess IMO ID call it a small layer of foam, But nothing like the Heavy foam/particle build up I would get from Xtend. Wasnt long and it was gone

    The taste is not over powering, It was very good, not to strong and not to weak, almost liek a slight flavored water. and you dont get the slight acid tingle in your throat or belly that I would get from Xtend either, Never once did I get any Flavor burbs from this sence i used it today which was 3 servings in total, noon/preWO/PostWO

    This will be replacing my Xtend with out a second thought, for the price/profile you cant touch it...

    LG has made a great product once again..

  2. Hey thanks for the review man! I used to be a HUGE purple wraath fan, but this stuff has me for now. I love the flavour. Sometimes I sip it during the day just for the taste... I sent you a pm as well.

  3. Replyed to it..

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