MC's BetaA9/Intra-Aid Log - Nutriet Timing at its Best!! (Sponsored)

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  1. MC's BetaA9/Intra-Aid Log - Nutrient Timing at its Best!! (Sponsored) last, my absolutely BRUTAL finals are over, hopefully I passed both so I can be DONE with my Masters! But that is neither here nor there because its time to finally get this log up and running!!

    Universal Nutrition's


    No one doubts the importance of proper diet and nutrition to acheive ones physical goals regardless of whether it be to lose weight or to gain muscle. Over time I began to see how the timing of nutrition also goes a long way into achieving your physical goals. Personally, I have discovered how vital intra-workout nutrition/supplementation is. Post workout nutrition is crucial in the process of recovery. However, I find that intra-workout nutrition is the key to enhancing your performance for the time you do spend working out, allowing one to squeeze maximum effort into each and everyworkout. Intra-workout supplements have done wonders for my strength and endurance in the gym. I've cycled through numerous products in the past including Xtend, Purple Wraath, ICE, Intra-Bolic, and USPLabs Monster Shake. I've had nothing but positive experiences from each, thus it was no surprise how elated and appreciative I was when the gracious guys of UN & Hoomgar chose me to log their tantalizing combo of Intra-Aid/BetaA9.
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  2. Conclusion...

  3. Im hoping to get a nice workout in tonight guys...I am still kind of beat from 6 hours of finals last night, so if I don't get to start Intra-Aid/BetaA9 tonight, I promise my first day will be tomorrow night (Thursday). Lets just hope I have something left in the tank for tonight.

  4. Ok, lets do this. I'm in.

    Goodluck fellow sponsored logger.

  5. Thumbs up

    I'm in my man. Time to do this.

  6. What you getting your masters in?

    IMO, intra-workout is arguably the most important part of peri-workout nutrition, so I make the most of it. I thought Intra-aid was the best intra-workout product I've ever tried.
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  7. Masters of Taxation....don't ask me why.

  8. Wow. Good for you man. No way could I endure that.

    Heh. "Master's of Taxation" kinda sounds like a death metal band or something
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  9. Down for the ride. Someone edit this mans title

  10. I'm in big daddy!

  11. So last night was my first night at the gym with Intra-Aid. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to get to the gym after work, I forgot to crack open my bottle of BA9, I definitely wont forget next time! It has been a rough week and I CRASHED tonight when I got home, I'm glad I was able to get to the gym last night because I had nothing left in the tank to get to the gym tonight.

    Last night was Back/Tricep split. It was good to get to the gym last night, the stress gets put on the backburner while im there.

    I put one scoop of Intra-Aid into a shaker bottle prior to leaving the gym. Upon arriving, I filled it 3/4 of the way up with water. A few shakes and it mixed beautifully and to my surprise the taste was actually REALLY good. The closest product profile ive tried in the past would be Intrabolic Apple flavor, and while not bad, its flavor wasnt that great and would continually leave a bad aftertaste. The Blue Raspberry Intra-Aid was delicious. It had the perfect consistency and just the right amount of flavoring, not too sweet, not too whey tasting. I really liked it. I continued to sip on the shake throughout my workout and cardio.

    My workout consisted of:
    4x Hammer Strength Lateral Pull Downs
    3x T-Bar Row
    3x Reverse Tricep Cable Pull Down
    3x Tricep Rope Pulldown
    3x Hammer Strength Row
    4x Hammer Strength Tricep Pushdown

    25 minutes of Recumbant Bike

    Never felt weak or tired throughout the workout. So far my first night with Intra-Aid was a positive one. I can't wait to stack BA9 with it next time.

    Next update to come tomorrow on Leg Day!

  12. Ahh, leg day - the true test of any peri-workout product!

    When running a split (very rare for me) I prefer to stick back with tris and chest with bis too. Bis are always to tired from working back to really be able to work them. Same with tris and chest on the same day. Splitting it up like you have it is definitely the better option, IMO.
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  13. Nice work MC. Don't forget to load up on your BA9! LOL! Unlike the Intra-Aid you take the BA9 every day. Get it into your system and good things will happen.


  14. Ugggggggghh... guys I must have some sort of bug. This past 2 days has sucked big time. Feel deathly exhausted and major stomach issues. I did manage to get a workout it today & yesterday though. I pushed through because I had been so busy earlier in the week I was unable to get to the gym. I will update on these two workouts in a bit....

  15. Oh, ouch. Take it easy - I totally understand you wanting to keep working out, but watch yourself and don't over do it. Taking a couple days off if need be won't hurt you and you're log will still be here when you're feeling better.

    Feel better bro...
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  16. Get them zzzzzzzzs man!

  17. Oh man, I think I am FINALLY starting to feel slightly better, I still feel way off though. Saturday was leg day. I pretty much had the gym to myself which was really nice. I must have been slacking on legs recently or this illness really did hit me hard because I had a heck of a time throwing up the weight Im use to and I still have DOMS from hell!

    3x Squats
    4x Leg Press
    3x Seated Leg Curls
    3x Leg Extensions
    25 minutes high intensity recumbant bike

    I've been remembering to take my daily doses of BetaA9 and only on the first day did I get slight tingles in my hands. I haven't gotten tingles from BA in a while (maybe since the first time I tried Purple Wraath), and I sipped on my delicious intra-aid shake. I'm hoping I can get in some excellent workouts this week, especially since next week is Christmas and all. I gotta go hard this week!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    Nice work MC. Don't forget to load up on your BA9! LOL! Unlike the Intra-Aid you take the BA9 every day. Get it into your system and good things will happen.

    Yes, good things! i love it. Just knowing I have a huge bottle with you guys makes me smile!

    Get to feeling better!

  19. Good work considering how you have felt MC. Keep getting better man. Take care of yourself. Up the vitamin C intake!

  20. I'm baaaaaaaaack baby!!!

    Yes!!!!!!!! I am back to feeling good! I felt absolutley amazing tonight! I haven't had this much energy for quite sometime. I was at the gym what seemed like forever tonight and I could of stayed longer, I had to force myself to call it a night. Ahhhhh, I feel like a million bucks. Its so discouraging when you feel like poo and your workouts are subpar because of it.

    I dosed 3 BetaA9 tabs about 30 minutes prior to workout and I sipped on my Intra-Aid throughout the workout. I think I may have added a little too much water to it tonight because it tasted severly diluted, still good, but with a little less water it tastes great!

    I had an amazing Chest/Forearm Workout:

    3x BB Bench Press
    4x Cable X-Over
    3x Incline DB Press
    3x Incline DB Flyes
    2x DB Wrist Curls
    2x BB Wrist Curls
    2x Grip Master Hammer Strength

    25minutes/7 miles High Intensity Recumbant Bike
    (I could have gone forever on this, I was absolutely drenched but I had so much energy I didn't want to get off. I had so much stamina tonight it was amazing. Definite change of pace from my past 2 weeks of workouts.)

    Man, I am on cloud 9. I feel so good. If only I could replicate this everyday and not be tired. I am definitely liking Intra-Aid better than Intrabolic. Not to mention for $3 less, you get 5 more servings of Intra-Aid vs. Intrabolic. I'm finding the light Protein/Carb intra-workout beverage to be slightly superior to the straight BCAA intraworkout beverage also. I'm finding it does a little something extra for endurance during the workout. I know for myself personally, without consuming something intra-workout, I start feeling depleted during my workout. Maybe some people do not experience this, but I certainly do. This is why I love intra-workout products so much, it allows me to output the same intensity throughout my workout.

  21. I did wrist curls tonight too.

    they are a must for me

  22. Nice work! It's always a great feeling when you have workouts like that.

  23. I surely need to get my dang forearms in today. wrist curls i will do. Thanks Mr.C. way to do it up!

  24. I love working forearms, you get such an intense pump there, feels like they are going to explode!


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