REVEIW::True Protein 20flavor pack

  1. REVEIW::True Protein 20flavor pack

    vanilla-decent taste, wouldnt order than 1pd at a time
    onrage cream- If you like ornage, you will love it, but i like shakes that taste good with PB tho
    ornage-yucky smell and werid taste
    mixed berry- funny smell, but its cool for shake while working out
    choc mint-great taste, im just not a flavor of choc mint, but if u loves those choc mint candies, u will love it

    kiwi straw-this be a great with some frozen berries in the blender or just as a mid workoutshake
    straw n creme-- taste like strawberries
    fruit punch-- taste nothing like fruit punch and has a funny smell
    chocolate-GREAT TASTE
    limade- decent, but a funny smell
    watermelon-GREAT.. i was shocked..
    cookies n cream-THE BEST
    straw bana-- taste good.

  2. Great review!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Great review!
    19 left to taste

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